We may soon see Assetto Corsa land on the PS4

While sourcing a random fact for a completely different article, PretendRaceCars.net readers appear to have stumbled upon something… interesting… regarding Assetto Corsa’s future. On the second page of developer Giovanni Romagnolli’s linkedin account, he mentions Playstation 4 Assetto Corsa graphic engine conversion as one of his accomplishments during his time spent at Kunos.

nqhSSOzThe possibility of Assetto Corsa landing on Sony’s new console is only backed up by this picture posted a year ago by Marco Massarutto showing several PS4 devkits within the Kunos Simulazioni Vallelunga offices.

10258223_10202046649641751_7530986638163255551_oThe full discussion where this news originated can be viewed on the official Assetto Corsa forums, and I’m sure we will hear something concrete sooner rather than later given how active the developers are within the community. While I’m personally not excited at AC becoming a multi-platform game, it would be a smart business decision for Kunos to expand to the PS4, as they would capitalize on users who were disappointed by the disastrous launch of rival racing simulation Project CARS.


3 thoughts on “We may soon see Assetto Corsa land on the PS4

  1. They just want to start the whole Assetto Corsa versus Project Cars War on the PS4 as well. I think AC would sell amazing on the 4 simply because it takes one hell of a PC to run it. It’s beautiful, it has great tracks, it has all the licenses, but would it be out before GT7. Because GT7 will be king on PS4 (whether it’s better than AC or not)


  2. Not sure if this will turn out as expected because of the Ferrari-license-issues. It´s known that on consoles the exclusive licenses for Ferrari and Porsche are owned by some other companies and probably Kunos isn´t allowed to take the Ferrari- licenses from PC over to consoles.


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