WMD Community votes against modding capabilities, SMS outsources car models to mod teams

An interesting post on another website shows WMD member Markus Ott explaining why WMD users voted against modding capabilities for Project CARS during the early stages of development. In short, they believed that Project CARS would be of such a high quality, community mods would simply not be good enough to equal or surpass the game’s vanilla content, as is the case with rFactor where entire games like Stock Car Extreme and ARCA Sim Racing have been created from the already robust vanilla product.1431443271432

So, a “normal mod team can’t keep up the quality that Slightly Mad Studios can deliver.” Sounds understandable; this is a huge development team that at one point was in charge of the Need for Speed franchise. Yet the development of some cars in Project CARS were outsourced to MAK Corp, a “normal mod team” for rFactor 2 which hasn’t even released a finished version of a car for rFactor 2 or Assetto Corsa. They readily acknowledge their work with Slightly Mad Studios on their Facebook page.


Claim community mod teams can’t match the quality of what Slightly Mad Studios can produce, while outsourcing content to community mod teams. Man I can’t even.


7 thoughts on “WMD Community votes against modding capabilities, SMS outsources car models to mod teams

  1. Hi WMD, the DRM Revival Team, the Cart Factor/Extreme Team, the EnduRacers Team, The Power and the Glory Team, and the HistorX mod team say hello. All of them could easily take your steaming pile of shit and put out a winner if given the chance. rFactor was a fucking turd before they started modding it and GTR2 still has some life thanks to the Power and the Glory. Modding breathes new life into sims. Hell I’d love it if PC had some Ferraris as well as Mid Ohio, Red Bull Ring, and a few hundred other tracks. Apparently WMD means Witless Mindless Dumbfucks, cause thats what they are.


    1. Some of the guys that worked on the Power & Glory mod for GTR2 put out their own game a while back, it’s got this weird Italian name… You might have heard of it…


    2. Heck, could have worked for WMD then. Was part of HistorX team, modeled the Porsche 904 and the base for the DB5. We sure had some great talents there (not talking about me) in modeling, physics development (Neils was part of the team at some point), sounds and what not.

      By the way, loving this blog, site, whatever it is. Found about it in the comments of Virtual-WMDR blog. We sure needed someone able to call things by their right names. Really can’t stand zealots like Chris Wright and such at Virtualr that have nothing better to do than praise PCars and fight anyone else who have a slight different view.


  2. Mak Corp 3D are only making the full detailed 3d model (SMS are doing the rest of the LODs). All the physics are still made by SMS, which wouldn’t be the case with mods. And I believe Mak Corp 3D is a quite professional compagny (they are not doing crappy 3d model).

    You may want to inform yourself before spitting bullsh*t (as usual).


    1. It less BS then the line that mods cant beat original content, disabling ppls options and creativity in the name of quality is utter BS whos making you DL? if lots of ppl are using one mod then there’s a good reason, id love to meet the ppl voted against mods,are they console players?

      Now pcars is out we can also blow the whole “oh pyhsics are too complex, the plebs wont understand” BS too, what a weasel, the far more advanced rf2 or AC can manage mods no worries, guess we not as stupid as SMS think maybe?

      Modding could of saved Pcars from it being a very average game on PC at best to something worth working with especially considering the far from “perfect” release version after claims of “perfection”, what a utter croc of s**t, maybe we should blame the backers more for the shit stain that pcars is.


      1. And lets not forget the sequel announced day of pcars release, lmao maybe that had something to do with no mod support, but as normal despite announcing sequels on a title being not at all normal especially considering it was touted as a platform for future sim racing, WMD members are so brain washed they try to defend this too GG SMS and WMD Users.


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