The NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Physics Editor Can Be Found Here!

NR2003 2014-03-23 17-42-14-11It’s common knowledge to those in the Sim Racing modding scene that NASCAR Racing 2003 Season was not intended to be cracked open and modded. Despite the game being horrendously outdated and requiring several third party modifications to be brought up to 2015 standards, NR2003 has been the primary alternative for virtual oval racers unwilling to spend outrageous amounts on iRacing, or dislike how ISI’s engine handles stock car racing.

Previously, this was accomplished through modders messing with the track.ini files, giving the racing surface less friction, more grip, or in some cases, artificially adjusting the weather for the engines to make more horsepower. The end result was to keep the behavior of the cars relatively in-line with the rule changes NASCAR makes to its top three series each year. While it may seem tedious, NR2003 was unlike rFactor in that the source code and vehicle physics were not easily modified, leaving modders to think outside the box and hex edit the game’s executable file in order to change vehicle dynamics.

This package of files will you allow you to edit NR2003’s physics – something that several mod teams have tried over a decade ago but were shut down by the suits in Massachusetts. I’m not happy with the direction iRacing’s taken and feel their current selection of cars do not hold a candle to what else is available on the market – including rFactor mods made by small groups of individuals in their spare time.

However, the underlying physics engine is very good.

I don’t even know where to begin with this stuff, but hopefully others out there will try their hand at it. Documentation is included. 

Click HERE to download the NASCAR Racing 2003 Season Physics Editor.

Be warned that it is not as simple as opening a user-friendly program and changing a few numbers. Ideally, this is only to benefit large mod teams curious to try their hand at improving NASCAR Racing 2003 Season.

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