Reiza confirms the first batch of additions through their IndieGoGo Campaign

We’re a bit late to the party on this one, but regardless, Reiza has announced the first batch of content confirmed to appear in future Game Stock Car Extreme updates from their crowdfunding campaign.

reizaThe most notable piece of new content announced would be the TotallyNotV8Supercars, an addition most long-time GSCX players knew was coming at some point, and I guess it’s 100% confirmed now.

I’m hyped. V8 Supercars are awesome and I’ll get my ass in a league for them at some point. It’s NASCAR with six gears.

04-24-13-V8-SupercarSpeaking of NASCAR, has any mod team ever thought of mirroring the Holden Commodore model, slapping Chevy SS stickers on it, and creating a left hand drive V8 Supercar? Because I’d totally be down for that.


7 thoughts on “Reiza confirms the first batch of additions through their IndieGoGo Campaign

  1. Dumb question, but the tire flex you see in the ‘announcement’ trailer with the F.Extreme, is that to be an ‘added’ feature, or is it in the game already ?


  2. Now what I want to see is Reiza got batshit crazy and call donators idiots and morons that dont deserve the games they make.

    Then once the campaign is finished ban everyone from their forums because reasons. and a double ban if you say anything remotely negative or criticize the games.

    After all that is how real devs make games right?

    I enjoy SCE and had no issue throwing money at them and cant wait to see what they do with the next installment.


  3. You will see people hating them .. like any other game, because there’s person who are spending their time just for this.
    So yes, unfortunately we will have “idiots” to ban… no matter what game it is.


  4. Fuck yeah Aussie V8’s, one of THEE best race series today, and teh historic version of these are fantastic, check out Peter Brock’s Torana…


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