Reader Submission #17 – Some dude put his Waifu in Project CARS

One of today’s glorious reader submissions comes from NikoB08, displaying the lighter side of WMD members as some weeaboo slid the name of his waifu into Project CARS as an AI driver.

We all know what Project CARS is. An over-hyped racing sim which was a buggy mess. But I’m not talking about that today. I recently found a nice discovery. This evening, a friend from Facebook suddenly tagged me in a photo. My friend discovered this during a random race:

​In case you don’t know, Asuna Yuuki is a girl from a cheeky fantasy chinese cartoon called Sword Art Online. I’m not a weeaboo and I don’t care about chinese cartoons, but what the point here is that WMD moderators are seemingly either didn’t care or too lazy to sort the random opponent drivers that are derived from investors to make sure there isn’t any fake names.
Normally, fake names like Tommy Vercetti or Son Goku wouldn’t be allowed to be used as random opponent drivers. I think WMD moderators didn’t care or know much about Japanese culture (quite obvious given how there’s only one Japanese car in PCARS), so this name passed through the censors.
If I’m going to spend money on pCars 2 and buy a dinner dinner with Ian Bell, I would name my driver Quattro Bajeena, scripted to use a gold car that would be three times faster than normal cars.

Why are waifus even a thing?

As for the best pCars driver names, nothing will beat Paul Walker:

12 thoughts on “Reader Submission #17 – Some dude put his Waifu in Project CARS

  1. I’ve found the reason you should run J-List ads here now. (cue Adon SFA3 laugh)

    It’s even funnier in GT6. Even though it is only a initial and a last name, the combination possibilities are endless. Just read this:

    I even got two really lewd names (don’t ask) and even got AKB48’s Jurina once.

    This has been a thing since GT5, where you can sort of name your B-spec drivers (from a random name generator) – I had R. Maldonado once as my B-spec driver, and I called him “Romain Maldonado” after F1 2012-2013’s top crashers.


  2. Yes, like any developer out there or a normal person in general knows about Asuna Yuuki (that could be a normal Japanese name, unless you’re an otaku!).
    I can’t believe someone have wrote an “article” on this as evidence of a developer mistake… there’s tons of “odd” names in GT6 in example!

    And for your knowledge Paul Walker is a common name, there’s thousands only in the States.. and he’s not alone, we have tons of Justin Bieber or Michael Schumacher… believe it or not! πŸ™‚


      1. If you mean I’ve studied the Japanese names etymology, I did not, but I can understand the meaning of those names. Yuuki is a Japanese name, and not that rare, since it means “courage” (not literally, but I don’t find a better word in English).
        I don’t see what’s wrong with having a real person with that name? It’s like having someone called John Smith … what’s wrong with it?
        I don’t even understand the meaning of this article to be honest… but nowadays people are used to write about the discovery of the fresh water, so I’m not surprised. πŸ™‚


      2. We must live in a masochist world then, because if anyone know it is broken, this same persons are constantly buying it, week after week! πŸ™‚ ….or the truth must be: it isn’t that broken in the end. πŸ˜‰


    1. Then games could put only names of famous people/race drivers. For sure any of those name combinations will exist more in the country where he’s from.
      What stops developers from using famous names in their games (first and surname).


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