Launch Day for F1 2015 Didn’t Go So Well

Don’t really have anything intelligent to say to start this post, other than F1 2015 dropped for Europeans today, and people don’t seem to be too happy about it. A quick adventure to YouTube and some guys are already pointing out problems with the game, but I’ll let the videos do the talking.

Any PRC readers play it yet? Let us know how it is in the comments section below!


17 thoughts on “Launch Day for F1 2015 Didn’t Go So Well

  1. After how surprisingly fucking awesome Dirt Rally turned out, I actually had a small glimmer of hope for F1 2015.

    Must be two completely different teams that have zero interaction with each other working on these two titles is all I can think of, because it’s very obvious that none of what made Dirt Rally so good made it into F1 ’15…


  2. This launch is even worst than the one of pCARS. Steam reviews are embarrassing.
    It’s not “didn’t go so well”, this launch was total crap.


  3. The saddest thing of all is that this is a very rare case of Codemasters putting out a terrible PC port. The game, offline on consoles, is very good, though extremely lacking in features.


  4. Game doesn’t even have a career mode, which was the best feature in these games (quite possibly the only reason to play them). Even last year’s stopgag last-gen version had it, but not the fancy new one.


  5. Yesterday and today sales of Project CARS had a spike… people have realized what it really means releasing a quality product. With the peace of the few heaters… 🙂
    I’m laughing at those ones who said: “PCARS will be forgotten when F1 2015 will be out…” … ahah.


      1. Difference is we can get an accurate read through the reviews. There aren’t thousands of shills actively avoiding the negative aspects.


      2. It’s the best in the lot at the moment… so yes I would call it a quality product, prone to be improved and perfected, but it’s an amazing simulator. It has a 83 metacritic across the platforms, and has 77% of positive users reviews on Steam. In the moment i’m writing this message, there’s 2,000 players on Steam only playing it. If we look at all the competitors, none of them had (or have) the same success.
        Nor that they are bad, but Project CARS is the first simulator to have attracted back the mass to this genre from the GTR era.
        Perfect? Of course not… or there won’t be any need of making Project CARS 2. Quality product? Yes, absolutely.


    1. Project CARS is shit too though. Maybe not this bad but being “not the absolute worst racing game of 2015” is not a very good goal.


    2. No matter how good Project CARS may end up being, the behaviour of Ian Bell pretty much guarantees I’ll never support that title. Such treatment of customers is simply unacceptable.


  6. I hate PCARS with passion but F1 2015 was never going to be a match for it even if it worked perfectly. A game about single seaters where the grass has crazy grip and the curbs don´t upset the car is a waste of time.


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