A Better Version of the 2015 Ford Mustang for Assetto Corsa Can Be Found HERE

acs 2015-07-11 14-50-41-10Most Assetto Corsa players are aware of the controversial conversion side of the AC modding scene. While explicitly not allowed on the Assetto Corsa official forums, as well as RaceDepartment, a growing number of independent modders of Eastern European descent have provided a steady stream of sub-par content for the Italian racing simulation, otherwise known as Russian Conversions. A large majority of these mods are downright terrible, though some of the payware stuff can be quite good.

One of the first illegal conversions for Assetto Corsa was the 2015 Ford Mustang GT that you see above. Originally a payware release with shoddy physics, the car was traded rapidly amongst people willing to take a chance and give their credit card info to a sketchy site, and was improved by other AC players to work with future versions of Assetto Corsa, currently on build number 1.1.6. The default car is a bit crap; a drift-heavy machine that would be dangerous in the hands of an everyday driver taking it to work.

acs 2015-07-11 14-49-03-50We have some of these at work that we rent out to VIP customers, essentially a reward for long-term or returning customers as some sort of incentive to keep worshiping Enterprise as their almighty lord and savior. I got a chance to drive one longer than I’m normally allowed to the other day (don’t worry, it was cool) and found all the fancy buttons that change steering, suspension, and traction control modes. As a Chevy guy, this car is superior to the 2015 Camaro in nearly every way, from visibility, to steering wheel feel, to heads up display.

Anyways, I took what I learned messing around with the car IRL and made some quick adjustments to the newest version of the car I could find for Assetto Corsa. The Russian guys who worked on the car made it too light and tail happy, so I fudged some numbers to get it to align with my own experiences. Also, yes, with everything set to Race/Sport/Off, the rear tires break traction that easily, just not as easily as the Russian dudes made it seem. The car drives pretty nice now, although you can tell it’s a Russian rip from somewhere, and it’s obviously nowhere near close to the stuff Kunos puts out.

acs 2015-07-11 14-48-25-39You’re looking for a 1:28.4 on Magione. Change the Front Camber to -1.5 and the Rear Camber to -1.1 and it should be good. Drop the tire pressure to 33 PSI because that’s what the sticker on the inside of the door says to do.

Click HERE to Download PRC’s Revised 2015 Ford Mustang for Assetto Corsa.

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  1. Ditto, been wanting to try this since seeing a webm some time ago, and you just made it super easy to, thanks!



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