YouTube Reviews of F1 2015 Aren’t Pretty

Unlike DiRT Rally, which was dropped on PC racing sim fans completely out of the blue to overwhelmingly positive reception and has an extremely bright future ahead as a spiritual successor to 2004’s Richard Burns Rally, F1 2015 has been absolutely shitcanned by everyone who’s touched the game.

Two YouTube personalities have condensed what you need to know about the atrocious Codemasters release into a combined fifteen minutes, and both videos completely slaughter the game for being an unfinished piece of shit.


27 thoughts on “YouTube Reviews of F1 2015 Aren’t Pretty

  1. They’re both pretty much spot on. As much as the absolute most basic part of the game is arguably better than PCars, everything else is just as disastrous, the biggest difference being the complete absence of PCars’ shills defending the game and the devs to the death.

    Hell, even the highly praised AI is extremely flawed (as a different reviewer pointed out – the AIs now stack up in the pits and sometimes make kinds of moves that you’d usually see in iRacing) and it only stands out because it’s at a higher level than the buggy and absurdly aggressive likes of GRID Autosport and PCars, which is in no way a big achievement considering even something like GP2 for DOS had, in many ways, a better and more realistic AI than this a whopping 20 years ago. And that’s without even mentioning anything about the restrictions FOM have imposed on the series

    If I wasn’t so godawful and inexperienced with my new G27 and deeply uninterested in the multiplayer side of things, I’d be looking at GSCE or other games right about now.


      1. You SMS shills are very funny. I enjoy reading the utter nonsense you guys and girls post here and elsewhere on the internet.

        The F1 car in Project Bugs is from 2011 and most of the current F1 tracks are missing. Read the comments on NeoGAF and then tell me how great F1 in your sim is. Having changeable weather is about the only decent aspect of pCARS.

        The best sim for F1 remains GP4 with mods. AC or SCE with add-on cars and tracks are also a viable alternatives presuming you don’t like wet weather driving.


    1. I’d give Game Stock Car Extreme a look. It’s got a ‘F1 car’ for the 70’s, late-80’s, mid-90’s, recent F1 and current F1. And we might see another for the V10 era if the fundraiser goes well.

      Plus it’s gMotor-based, so modding is abundant to an extent (usually just rF1 mods spruced up)

      If your looking for graphics & official licenses, it might not suite your interest though. If you want good FFB & AI, it’s pretty decent given the age.


      1. No… I play at 2160p native and I strongly suspect GSCE actually supports 3 screens properly.

        You also get the benefit of cleanly rendered distant objects and shadows.

        pcars produces better stills but GSCE is far more consistent in motion, to the point that simply seeing the beginning of a shadowed corner is vastly easier.

        Turns out pcars bloom is jacked up (I call it broken, they wouldn’t) with the addition of poorly utilized sharpening. Akin to the sort of behavior you see from people that have just gotten photoshop or premier pro and proceed to destroy as much native detail as possible.

        A thread has finally appeared on the pcars forum about this problem. I was wondering how long it would take for the selective blindness to subside.

        The fix? Run in overcast conditions or turn off bloom.


  2. Still, from what I’ve played from F1 2015, it’s not half as bad as people is saying it is. It’s better than Formula A from PCars, for example. The graphics are good if you have the rig to pull it and the physics are so-so. Better than PCars… but that’s not really a hard feat, right?

    People are being hard with this game but the others F1 from 2010 to 2014 are far worse for me. They are pretty much “undriveable”, with hardly any relation to reality in its physics. This game does resembles a car at least.

    Again, the game is not really that bad. Try for yourself before joining the band wagon criticizing it. And GamerMuscle, he have no credibility at all after being a cheerleader for Ian Bell since 2012. Or am I linking the name to the wrong person? Whatever anyway.


    1. This is the impression I’ve gotten. It sounds like 2015 is better than 2014 in terms of just putting in a lap.

      2014 felt terrible to me, mostly dead FFB.

      I’m fairly disinclined to ‘demo’ the game like I usually do when I’m considering a purchase. The truth is it would have to be a fantastic simulation of modern f1 for me to consider buying it. Modern f1 just isn’t something I want to race all that much.

      That said, I am curious. I really do not believe this game is as fundamentally broken as pcars. Still unacceptable condition for release, though.


    2. Don’t be silly, pcars formula A is tons and tons better. Read all the review please, they are taking pcars to compare F1 2015 to.. and the common conclusion is: “..there’s no reason to switch from Project Cars to F1 2015…”.
      They must be all wrong.. or it must be you?


      1. Project Cars Steam positive users reviews: 77%
        F1 2015 Steam positive users reviews: 33%

        Numbers. No more words are needed. 😉


      2. I don’t know why you decide to respond to me, but it’s good stuff.

        Besides the fact that pcars formula A is a bad joke, what tracks do you suggest I drive it on? 99.9% of them lack an appreciable surface detail. It’s like someone said ‘I remember some bumps in some corners on this track’ and that was it.

        I don’t know if i’m being strange about this, but it seems like the general quality of tracks in pcars isn’t discussed. Afaik, there’s only one laser-scanned track in the game. It’s the one that everyone suggest you use for FFB tuning. It DOES feel better, much better than the other tracks, though not enough to cure the inconsistent FFB and excessive grip by a long shot. I mean damn, just run horse thief aggressively and tell me the physics are not fundamentally broken. I don’t know why that track is included in this game. Just like shift 2, it seems designed to expose flaws.

        I really don’t think it has a whole lot to do with laser scanning specifically, either. I think it has to do with tracks being made by people who really enjoy and understand racing. For instance, GSCE. I don’t think their tracks are scanned, yet they are great tracks with tons of detail in the right areas.

        SMS tracks feel like they were made by content artists who don’t specifically care or know about racing. They feel like shift 2 tracks.


      3. The big issue with GSCE is the outdated ugly gfx engine. I can’t really stand to play that thing for more than 2 minutes, no matter how good could be the rest. It’s not 90’s anymore.


  3. It’s probably a little too realistic for the group of readers here, but the formula corsa mods for AC are pretty epic.


  4. What jokers you SMS shills are. What’s this shite: “Project Cars Steam positive users reviews: 77%
    F1 2015 Steam positive users reviews: 33%”

    How about percentage of Steam users who have left a positive review with a financial investment in F1 2015: 0%


    the percentage of Steam users who have left a positive review on Steam with a financial investment in pCARS: 100%

    Not hard to juke the stats at all. If SMS have shown us one thing, its been give people the illusion of investment and thus profit, and they’ll do anything to shill for ‘their’ game.


    1. While someone is posting true numbers.
      You are posting number who comes from the thin air?

      We wanna play with the numbers? Great let’s do this: pcars have sold 400k copies on Steam so far, but it has only 761 bad reviews, it means that out there there’s 399,239 happy customers (PC), that is the 99.98% of them all.

      Because like you assume (wrongly) that all the good reviews comes from WMD, anyone else can assume that the bad review are written only by those few who doesn’t really like the game, while who’s enjoying it, it’s not even taking time to write it on a forum.. coz he’s playing! 🙂

      You see how easy it is to distort the numbers by guessing it? That’s why you should never guess anything, because the same trick can be used the opposite way.

      I can tell you that 30k ppl (total of WMD members) cannot in any way influence the crowd of 1 million people, no matter how effort they could put into it… if the game was that bad, it would have the same scoring of F1 2015 …. but it’s not. Accept it as a fact, or continue with your blind hatred.


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