This isn’t the way to compete with DiRT Rally

Nobody was prepared for the surprise launch of DiRT Rally this spring, and we here at were originally getting ourselves hyped up for a vicious fight between Milestone’s Sebastien Loeb Rally Evo and BigBen Interactive’s WRC 5  for the title of “The Modern Rally Game We’re Obligated to Talk About”, as it’s not like either company had been previously known for quality releases.

DiRT Rally’s launch totally blew these games off the map, with killer physics, wonderfully reproduced tracks, and a content list that promised the most complete rally simulation to date that didn’t require you to learn basic french and download gigabytes worth of mods for Richard Burns Rally from a certain European-based website.

042488Milestone already intends to nickel and dime customers, offering not one but two pre-order bonuses, and of course there’s a day one edition that combines both packs exclusive to one specific retailer.

Meanwhile, WRC 5 looks pretty awful. The car is sluggish and exhibits an insane amount of body roll, two characteristics that are the exact opposite of how a modern WRC car handles. Also, the stage width is out of this world:

It looks nice, but it drives like a goddamn Mini-Clip game. This is apparently next-generation gaming.


15 thoughts on “This isn’t the way to compete with DiRT Rally

  1. Wait, the actual Pikes Peak track is DLC from launch?! I believe it comes as standard in DiRT Rally, so you’re quite right, this certainly “isn’t the way to compete with DiRT Rally”.

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  2. No surprises in there. Milestone have the WRC license for ages and yet, they have to show any game less than despicable with that license. And again, no surprises, since Milestone is the “thinking head” behind Evolution GT and a series of awful racing games.

    They are a bit like commies: “They don’t learn anything and they don’t forget anything”.


      1. Looks like their engine though. Same one used for ‘ride’. Ride seems much better than the WRC series has been.

        I’ve seen promise from the many WRC titles, the last one was finally getting somewhat acceptable. I was hoping to see more this year.

        I might be getting the developer’s name wrong or something.


  3. Milestone have lost the rights to World Superbikes, MotoGP and now the WRC.

    MotoGP 2015 is reported to be their last GP game and I can understand why; their best release was SBK 2001!

    If you buy a Milestone made game, expect a shitload of issues and one or two patches before they fuck off to botch the next game. Look on the Steam forums for plenty of unhappy customers with broken software.

    The Leob Rally game looks like another turd shat from the anus of a third rate developer.

    As for WRC5, the lead is the same guy who made the original release of RaceRoom a ‘simcade’ complete with those awful coloured corner markers. Who enjoyed that mess? As soon as his arse left the lead developers seat, RaceRoom completely changed for the better (shite Rvp currency aside).

    One of the physics guys left Sector 3 (you saw him in the IMSA Audi video) but I don’t see any evidence of his handiwork in the video.


  4. >that didn’t require you to learn basic french and download gigabytes worth of mods for Richard Burns Rally from a certain European-based website.

    Old news James, now we have to learn Italian.


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