The EEC GT3 Mod for Game Stock Car Extreme Appears to be a Disaster

With Game Stock Car Extreme growing in popularity, several mod teams are now looking to use the Brazilian-centric racing sim as their new platform of choice; the game is essentially a modern revision of rFactor with all essential updates baked into the vanilla version of the title.

The European Endurance Center has been working on a huge GT3 mod for Game Stock Car Extreme that includes every noteworthy GT3 car from the past five years, set to release within a reasonable timeframe.

1436981612382Some avid racing sim fans who call 4Chan home have gotten their hands on a nearly-finished version of the mod, intending to use it for their upcoming GT3 league, and have instead been frustrated with the stunning lack of quality and plethora of issues surrounding what was supposed to be the most complete GT3 mod for Game Stock Car Extreme. Reports of crashing, performance issues, and balance issues appear to have thrown a curve ball for league organizers, whom are now scrambling to rectify a constant stream of problems and have put off starting the season until further notice.

People will scream “well duh, it’s because the mod isn’t finished!” – yet it looks to me like the EEC team has run into the exact same problems and basically just sort of stopped caring about the project, leaving scrubs from 4Chan to finish the job for their own league.

gt3 eecOops. That ain’t good.


11 thoughts on “The EEC GT3 Mod for Game Stock Car Extreme Appears to be a Disaster

  1. Why people are investing time for this? I mean, playing MAME is fun sometime… but it’s time to look at the future.


  2. I love your site and am finding it very refreshing, but I’ve got to say that’s quite harsh to write this mod off so quickly from a beta version.

    As a founder of EEC, I’m biased, but to rip into a WIP mod that is a labour of love for a few people in a similar level to that which you did for Codemasters’ bugged F1 release, a full-time work by hundreds of people over several years, is very harsh IMO.

    The pack was put online just recently as a first version for testing, entirely to try and find issues like those which have showed up. It’s part of the testing process, and the team now has a league’s worth of players helping to track down the issues in what could be a superb end product.

    As for the physics, the numbers may be fudged a little, but I don’t doubt it will be a great drive. It’s probably a legacy of GTR2, where to get a more real ‘feeling’ car, some of the numbers needed to be pretty far off the real ones, due to some shortcomings in the game’s engine. I could have misplaced faith in this instance, but we’ll see. All I will say is that if you’d tried some of the prototypes that the same guys did for GTR2, I don’t think you’d be disappointed.

    I hope the guys are able to work out the issues soon enough and you’ll get a chance to give it a try. For sure it has great potential.

    Anyway, back to business as usual 🙂

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    1. Thats perfectly reasonable. I can understand criticism for releasing a broken shit game that promises the moon, but taking shots at a WIP free mod? No one owes you jack shit; if you release a good mod then thats a great service to the community, if not then no big deal. (Also whats with the scrubs from 4chan remark, someone sounds bitter.) Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with any of these guys. Just callin em as I see em.

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    2. What did that commenter mean when he said the physics guy ‘has been dead’? Not literally dead, right?

      It basically sounds like it’s not ready for running a league to me, that’s the only conclusion I can draw.

      I wouldn’t expect it to be, just putting in the “it’s because the mod isn’t finished!” statement like James expects, hahaha


  3. Unless I’m missing something here, I don’t get what you’re whining about. You’re basically stating that an “unfinished mod is unfinished” which yeah. It is. That’s why it’s not released yet.

    You got your hands on an unfinished mod and then complain that it’s unfinished. I’m not sure what the point is here. I like PRC, but don’t let trashy and pointless articles like this become the majority.


    1. He didn’t try the mod, at least he didn’t mention such thing. He reported the reviews of people who were testing it. And this news is more about the EEC modding team, apparently James has knowledge about their history.
      Maybe it was a premature article about this alpha-wip mod.

      But maybe this mod is not in such a pre-alpha state.. if people are already using it for leagues. So maybe this article is about the modding team EEC slacking out on the mod pack, so James commented on their history about falling back on mods, and leaving it to league racers to patch it up.

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