V8 Supercars Alive and Well in Game Stock Car Extreme

Avid PRC.net reader Sam Smith linked us to this pretty epic post on RaceDepartment showing off the upcoming unlicensed V8 Supercars expansion for Game Stock Car Extreme.

Mount Panorama will also receive an official conversion for the sim, thanks to none other than Patrick Giranthon who will be bringing the ORSM version of Bathurst up to GSCX standards.

bathurst9I can’t wait to drive these in a league. V8 Supercars are incredible and there are already a significant amount of Australian tracks available for Game Stock Car Extreme to flesh out a proper online or offline season.


9 thoughts on “V8 Supercars Alive and Well in Game Stock Car Extreme

  1. Fuck yeah give it some jandal!

    So excited we are finally getting a quality V8 Supercar made. It’s just been awful rF1 mod after awful rF1 mod for so long, glad that’s finally changing


  2. Fantastic news, very natural fit for GSC.

    That last turn… Whincup shouldn’t have thought about blocking, he ended up turning in way too soon and over-cooked it on the way out, losing even more speed. Classic moment in racing, I suppose. Stability won out in the end with that one.

    Maybe his tires weren’t in a favorable condition?


  3. Great news.. but I would like to see (one day) something that doesn’t look like a C64 videogame.. physics, whatever, but hey.. it’s 2015! If we want to simulate, let’s simulate the whole experience, that includes the visual part, not just a portion of it.


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