F1 2015 continues to impress for all the wrong reasons

The ride never ends. F1 2015 shipped with a notorious amount of bugs and glitches causing people to debate whether Codemasters should lose the Formula One license once it expires in 2016. These people don’t have a “hate boner” for Codemasters, either – some of the gameplay footage available on YouTube shows much more than the “standard glitches and bugs” people have come to expect from video games over the past decade or so. This appears to be a title that is completely and utterly broken:


5 thoughts on “F1 2015 continues to impress for all the wrong reasons

  1. To be fair, pretty much the entirety of those 3 videos are about the online mode, and while that’s still a big feature, it just shows that the netcode is trash.

    Just like in the previous 5 games.

    People really shouldn’t be buying the CM F1 games for the online experience anymore.


  2. A notorious number of bugs, not “amount”. Bugs are countable, however many there could be of them. Phew! Pretendjournalists. I officially hereby hate you. Cheers! 🙂


  3. I’m surprised F1 by Codemasters have come as far as 2015. I never really liked any of these F1 games, even tho, now you may call me crazy, I think F1 2015 is their best outing so far. At least the car behaves more or less like car.

    But to be honest, last good official F1 game I’ve played was F1 Career Challenge in 2003. And the last good F1 something, any F1 mod by CTDP.


  4. Debating that Codies should lose the F1 licence?

    I think it’s more appropriate if they just lose the licence for making racing games altogether (unless DiRT Rally is a great title).


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