Crashing to Desktop and Unexplainable DNF’s highlight the Project CARS 2.5 Patch

While Xbox One and Playstation 4 owners have just received Patch 2.0 for Project CARS, with Xbox One owners late to the party due to a hiccup in Microsoft’s certification process, PC owners are already on Patch 2.5, which has brought a whole new roster of bugs for Slightly Mad Studios to fix, some of which prevent users from even playing the game.

Project CARS forum user zielinski1 describes an issue where grass has totally overrun the entire track, obviously not ideal for his driving experience:

attachment.phpAnother user, with the creative name of MetheadMan, writes that he was disqualified from a race just for finishing with barely any fuel in the tank.fuel1Other forum users try to claim that real racing series disqualify you if you cannot complete the cooldown lap, although this is incredibly false. In the most prominent example, NASCAR drivers are notorious for running out of gas during victory burnouts due to how many races come down to fuel mileage tactics, and several have run out of gas on the final lap. No drivers are ever penalized for running out of fuel on the final lap, or after crossing the finish line in North America’s biggest auto racing series, and this does not magically change when it comes to European road racing. This is simply damage control for a broken game mechanic, and throws a curveball into long races where fuel mileage comes into play, as there is no way to properly figure out how much fuel the AI needs to complete the cool down lap.

fuel2But the biggest issue brought to light with the newest version 2.5 patch is the inexplicable crashing that seems to have plauged a huge amount of people playing Project CARS on PC – over 100 pages and 1000 posts have been made in a topic dedicated to an Unhandled Exception Trapped error. This thread was originally started back when the game was first released, and although previous patches seemed to rectify the issue for the time being, it has now returned with the latest patch, and an entirely new thread has been created to sort out the new cases of the crippling error:

uhe2222It seems that even though the WMD portion of the program has ended, users are still being asked to troubleshoot and hunt for bugs long after the game’s landed on store shelves, instead of playing and enjoying the game.

EDIT: Forum user OctoberDusk06 writes that online pitstops are now fundamentally broken.



22 thoughts on “Crashing to Desktop and Unexplainable DNF’s highlight the Project CARS 2.5 Patch

  1. How much Ian Bell paid you for running this site? You are creating more buzz around PCARS than other simracing blogs, I bet you are undercover shill.


      1. I don’t think you understand how much this confuses me … these kids run around acting as if shills infect every single facet of modern video games, yet the moment you mention that pCARS has dedicated shills, you’re suddenly a “conspiracy theorist” and called insane.

        Like, uh…


    1. As along there’s people buying it, and the sales going well, I believe they won’t give a F about this (or any other) website.


      1. Of course they (sms) don’t care and that’s exactly why sites like this are needed to inform potential customers of how over the top bug riddled this game is and how incompetent the developers must be to release a game that is so much more fucked up than you average game and how douchey, sleazy, narcissistic and plain dickish the head of the company is.

        I wish I had known what a cock stain Ian Bellturd is before I gave him my money 3+ years ago.


  2. Is this an article about a video game that have crashed to the desktop? If so, we can fill the blog with millions of similar articles!


  3. The fuel thing has always happened, and it’s ok. In f1 you gotta make it back yourself AND provide a 1 liter sample. In other series it’s not the case, but it’s better for players the game stay consistent with this, having to keep in mind rules for a dozen classes would be stupid. However, there’s a bug where the AI does 2 inlaps and you get dq’ed. THAT is bs.

    The rest, spot on. Game is garbage.


    1. Actually not true in F1. People have parked their cars on the side of track many times after finishing without getting penalized, the only thing that matters is that you have enough fuel for the sample.


      1. Go read the rulebook mate. It´s been a good while since you´re required to come back to the pits on your own power unless something like a reliability problems forces you to stop.


      2. Yes, you can park the car and still be OK if you have enough fuel left for the sample. But if you don’t have enough fuel left (1 liter, right?), it doesn’t matter if you park or not. So this may actually be correct.


  4. I’m drunk as fuck and also i’m not speaking native english. So forgive please if i’m not contributing to this topic. But i think it is speaking for it self that 80 to 90 percent of all Comments on this blog are on the PCars articles. Man, i love to see some statistics from the prc-staff. Because I really love to read the posts about non Pcars-Stuff and the Comments on Pcars-Stuff. I never would believed this blog about the things wmd-members would do for their investments in pcars without this shitloads of comments on the pcars blogposts.

    tl;dr: Fuck you WMD Members! (only the ones, that are advertising all over the internetz)


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