The Organized Racing Scene in GTA 5 is Surprisingly Dedicated

Known for being a highly controversial murder simulation, allowing it’s large, pre-pubescent userbase to slaughter endless waves of law enforcement officers and innocent bystanders in high definition, Grand Theft Auto V also features a dedicated racing community within the sandbox environment of Los Santos.

An update a few years ago introduced the Content Creator to the latest installment of the multi-platform smash hit, allowing avid players to create their own online events within the game’s expansive world, and a huge number of players realized they could create legitimate street circuits among the fictionalized version of Los Angeles, California.

YouTube user GUN1T123 is one of the most notable members of GTA 5’s street racing community, uploading videos detailing his own adventures racing supercars online in a competitive format. Even the crash compilations are shown in a semi-serious manner that is totally unexpected given the relatively immature userbase of Grand Theft Auto online players.

5 thoughts on “The Organized Racing Scene in GTA 5 is Surprisingly Dedicated

  1. Amazing indeed. It’s a shame the driving physics are not exactly fun. At least this way there are less shitters ramming.


  2. Fantastic that you guys have picked up on this! I’ve been a part of this community for a while and its a blast! As far as arcade racing games go aswell, GTA is one of the best I’ve experienced. Ive raced with Shaggy aka Gun1t (that’s what he says at the start of his vids!) as well a whole host of really quick guys and the skill level is incredible to watch.

    There’s a ton of different “crews” that specialize in racing, whether its the non contact hot lapping to the ultra competitive contact stuff. We even began using the wrenches in the creator to create rudimental pitstops. Some of the prominent crew names and tags to look out for are Non Chalant Dominance (NODO), Sweat Buckets (YEAH), Apex Stalkers (APEX), Red Rum (RRR1), GTA Race Crew (RACE) and Cloud 9. Im an Apex member myself and have met some very good friends through it!

    Ive assisted in hosting & running the F1 Championship in one of above videos and without a doubt it was one of the most nerve wracking and adrenaline fueled gaming experience to date. The game allows constant, full throttle racing and any organised series or event tends to become pretty serious! Its also incredibly easy to get yourself started, just get a decent car in each class, join one of the crews, race clean and away you go! No searching around for perfect setups although I could go in depth about different tyre and suspension types assisting in gaining ‘rev boosts’ that make your car go quicker.

    For a game centered around killing, robbing and any other criminal activity, the racing scene has really grown into something quite special and carved out a real niche. Its something I’m immensely proud to be a part of and to have played a part in. Again, fantastic that you guys have featured this!

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  3. Where is the hate-boner here ?, I thought every article here was supposedly filled with hate-boners and agenda-influenced bias.

    Or is that just their excuse for having bought into the BS elsewhere ?

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  4. How the fuck can youre videos have 19k views when you have 300k subscribers??!?!??!?!?!?!?



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