Rallycross, Stadium Super Trucks coming to Game Stock Car Extreme

rz1With five days left in Reiza’s summer crowdfunding campaign, it appears the Brazilian dev team will not reach their overall goal of $78,000 to both improve Game Stock Car Extreme and shift focus towards a new title. However, today Reiza has released a preview of what to expect with the flexible funding they plan to offer, as IndieGoGo allows Reiza to keep all funds donated, regardless of whether they’ve met their overall goal or not.

The campaign has currently hit 62% of the overall goal, and today Reiza has confirmed that unlicensed V8 Supercars and a rallycross variant of the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X will be headlining an array of new series coming to the popular Brazilian-centric racing sim.

If 70% of the overall funding goal is met (translates to $54,000), which I’m sure is very likely given some Sim Racers might give a little extra to help make it there, Stadium Super Trucks and V10 Formula One cars will also be brought to the sim which is largely regarded as the spiritual successor to rFactor due to rFactor 2’s lack of popularity among the greater sim racing userbase.

Most Game Stock Car Extreme owners are jacked for the upcoming content, as the game is seen by outsiders as difficult to get into due to the content which is very heavily centered around Brazilian and greater South American road racing series, with little available to appeal to international drivers. The inclusion of V8 Supercars, Stadium Super Trucks, and Modern Rallycross will catapult this title into must-have territory very quickly.


7 thoughts on “Rallycross, Stadium Super Trucks coming to Game Stock Car Extreme

  1. “the sim which is largely regarded as the spiritual successor to rFactor due to rFactor 2’s lack of popularity among the greater sim racing userbase.”

    Uh oh… I sense an income individual that may be associated in a particular way. 😉


    1. What, because he’s the only one on the entire web that’ll stick up for rF2 when mud is being thrown at it? Lol.

      The only successor to rFactor is rFactor 2. Not AC. Not SCE. People need to get their heads straight and stop listening to those YouTube hipsters, fishing for views with their oh so fancy catchphrases. People should try to form an opinion themselves instead.

      I love how some people will try to make it sound factual that rF2 isn’t popular. It’s nonsense. People with a proper sense of quality is adore rFactor 2 for obvious reasons.

      Then there are the GFX whiners, the insta-gratification junkies, the casuals, with the attention span of a child, who can’t grasp that rF2 is the future of sim racing. You can’t drive like a gamer in rF2. You need to drive properly. You have to abide by the actual laws of physics. The track doesn’t have infinite grip. It’s punishing. Deal with it or go home, but don’t blame the sim of your own shortcomings.

      I guess the reason rF2 is hated by some is the fact that the sim does weed out the men from the boys. Steep learning curve (like irl) will scare a lot of folks away, who in turn (because of vanity) will try to put the sim down. Very sad.

      Quite a rant, I know, but damn.. The disrespect against ISI and rF2 is quite sickening. Sim racing would be nowhere near where it is today without ISI. A lot of younger (and a few very obnoxious) racers tend to forget that.


      1. “How to miss the point 101”, and the winner is you. No one said rFactor 2 is a bad (or unrealistic) game. However the fact remains that barely anyone plays it, especially online.

        Also, you can’t drive like a gamer in GSCE or AC. You need to drive properly in GSCE or AC. You have to abide by the actual laws of physics. The tracks don’t have inifinite grip (unless you chose “optimal” track grip in AC, el oh el).


  2. It’ll be fantastic if Reiza make it to 70% and it’s achievable; the average pledge has been just under $70 USD.

    80% would be incredible as GSC would get the Copa Montana, Renault Fluence (Marcas);
    cars, Interlagos updated to 2015 spec, VR support, tyre damage & dirt pickup as well as dynamic track conditions.

    In any case, we consumers win so it’s all good.


  3. I don’t have a lot of spare time for simracing anymore and consider myself semi-retired, but jesus tapdancing christ if this gets SST and it turns out to be good I’ll probably injure myself trying to get to the computer to buy GSCE.


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