R3E to receive ANOTHER Free Weekend

As if the first one wasn’t chaotic enough, Sector3 Studios are about to host another free weekend for their microtransaction-laden racing sim Race Room Racing Experience, and the next four weeks will see pretty heavy discounts on all the content the game has to offer.

1891615_1033585686660048_3684489833784124960_oAs someone who was beyond hyped for the game’s first free weekend a few months back, it was pretty disappointing to see the game populated with total n00bs who couldn’t drive. Be smart about this and stick to offline racing to test out all the content – and again, it’s like iRacing in that everything the game has to offer is installed on your PC by default, you’re only paying to have the right to drive it.

RRRE 2015-06-27 10-05-35-08While we’ve been lucky enough to have press access in order to cover the game’s mammoth updates, the cost of R3E can skyrocket if you’re not careful, and some content is totally ignored by the online userbase. Many people on various racing sim forums report that the smart way to go about purchasing content for R3E is to buy one car from each class and as many tracks as your budget will allow, although be prepared for some stuff to be phased out by the community.

I’ve noticed the ADAC 2014, DTM 1992, DTM 2013, Group 5, and WTCC 2014 cars get the most love online, so start your journey there if you’re going to bust out the wallet once the free weekend is over.

One thought on “R3E to receive ANOTHER Free Weekend

  1. e123 says:

    That last sentence is particularly helpful.

    I’ve got a few r3e cars that basically never get driven online. Would exchange them if I could.



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