Reader Submission #24 – NASCAR 15’s Free DLC isn’t actually Free

We received this hilarious tip today from reader Ben C., telling us about a new batch of DLC released for NASCAR 15, a game that we absolutely shat on when reviewed it a few months ago.

You have to see it to believe it.


We all know that the NASCAR games by Eutechnyx have been shambolic lumps of frozen piss for years, but I saw this on Steam and thought of you:

A free “Thank You!” skin pack DLC that is not, in fact, free. It doesn’t show up on the game’s main page; I only saw it because it came up in the new releases section. I thought at least you could get a quick laugh out of it, if nothing else.

Holy shit this is real.

are you seriousEven worse, the few NASCAR 15 players in the Steam forums are reporting problems with the “free” DLC:

free lolI’ve said it in our review, and I’ll say it again: NASCAR needs to get their act together and not let this continue; what was once a fantastic line of games is now an embarrassment to the brand’s public image.

3 thoughts on “Reader Submission #24 – NASCAR 15’s Free DLC isn’t actually Free

  1. Well, that’s a new one.. Free DLC that is accessed by paying money!

    Your last sentence is spot on. Even though I generally avoid oval racing (simply to avoid the current SRD types, specifically), I really am itching for a modern, high-quality oval sim. iRacing isn’t a reasonable option for me, as I sometimes go for months without touching my wheel. I need a one-time fee (plus or minus DLC) quality title that doesn’t make me go ‘oh shit, I haven’t run this game in months and my subscription is wasting away’.

    It’s an entirely different discipline with plenty of room for competition if someone just makes a decent effort.


    1. It’s not so much that we need a good modern oval racing sim, even something like the EA Thunder games of old would suffice. There was just so fucking much to see and do within those games that you almost didn’t care about the highly dumbed down physics.


    2. Just hope RF2 come through, although not really interested in oval either, well made “Nascars” in rf2 with its tyre model etc gets me excited.



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