iRacing arrives on Steam without knowing how Steam works


After much competition from Assetto Corsa, as well as the imminent release of Project Cars, iRacing has awkwardly found itself on Valve’s electronic distribution platform, despite iRacing’s own developers confused as to how to implement Steam functionality.

At launch, existing iRacers wanting to link their Steam accounts to their iRacing accounts were unable to do so – the functionality was only available for new members.

Several casual Steam gamers were put off by the game’s steep price tag: most were unaware that the $43.99 CDN would be going primarily to the subscription and the base content, which admittedly isn’t a whole lot. The Steam Store page does not list the individual costs of all content available for iRacing, despite the info describing “over 100 cars and tracks” and “over 40 official series.” What initially is a $43.99 purchase turns into almost double if you want to try out a few higher powered cars, and almost triple once a newbie learns how the licensing system works and that you can’t just jump in the Nationwide car when you want to.

Not to mention, transactions aren’t handled through Steam, you’re simply linked to iRacing’s  website and your credit card details are entered for you automatically from your Steam account.

Whoops. This totally isn’t an attempt to stay relevant to Assetto Corsa or anything.