Apparently we do DDoS attacks now…?


Always funny to see what people say about you. Today (or yesterday, rather) we got accused of executing DDoS attacks on both iRacing, as well as SimRacingPaddock. Seventeen people seemed to agree with this sentiment so I guess we’d better address this.

Sorry boys, wasn’t us. I can’t even install video card drivers without my Dad’s help, and Chris is too busy to coordinate something like a DDoS. I’m more of the “I’ll write an angry blog post about you” type.

I don’t even know why somebody would go after SimRacingPaddock; their piece on tire models was a really good read.


11 thoughts on “Apparently we do DDoS attacks now…?

  1. Well, that shows how bad your reputation is. You might want to work on that. However, making a hating blog isn’t a good way to start.


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    1. lol… Please be a troll and not Chris wright from virtualr’a comments.

      Sorry guys I work 10 hour days 4 days a week and have too much to do to ddos someone I didn’t even know existed.

      Besides ddosing iRacing would be dumb considering James and I both use the service.

      I guess you didn’t listen to to our podcast where I spend 45 minutes setting up GSC. I don’t know how that qualifies me to ddos people.


      1. This has nothing to do with pCARS. So, yes it is a troll and I don’t think it is actually Chris Wright, just a parody of him.


  3. Hey, this is Will of SRP here. There were a couple misconceptions that I thought that there was some grudge against me, but we cleared things up after this. Thanks for the shout-out for the tire models post 😀


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