Project CARS “Insider Info” to be leaked in the following days

Things are not looking good for Slightly Mad Studios as the comments section of our post detailing the issues surrounding the PS4 version of Project CARS, set to release in a few days, is blowing up with some interesting posts, some of which come from studio lead Ian Bell himself:

lolwutOne nameless user points to the blog, who promises to reveal a bunch of insider information about the community assisted racing simulation in the following days. While I personally am wondering what’s left to reveal, as we seem to have done a pretty good job covering the ridiculous amount of delays and problems with Project CARS, I am definitely an outsider – I haven’t followed the development of the game, haven’t been active in the forums, and admittedly didn’t fill my role as a WMD member.

On top of this drama, the anonymous user confirms his review copy of the PS4 version suffers from the noticeable graphics problems we drew attention to on the weekend, and his identity will be confirmed once the reviews of Project CARS are published on launch day.


4 thoughts on “Project CARS “Insider Info” to be leaked in the following days

    1. Ah, that page nicely links back to a wayback machine:

      “@HasbullahIdris7: @slightlymadteam Admit that you guys make AWESOME racing games. Wondering when is PCars coming out?” <- Thanksgiving 2013"


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