The Changelog for Assetto Corsa’s new 1.2 Patch has arrived!

Thanks to a few dedicated Assetto Corsa forum members, the changelog for the title’s upcoming Version 1.2 Patch has arrived! It’s a huge list of fixes and additions that I’m not informed enough to comment on, so I’ll leave the community to figure it all out in the comments section.



25 thoughts on “The Changelog for Assetto Corsa’s new 1.2 Patch has arrived!

    1. no because i can still play the game thats not the case of pcars where i wish i could drive a dvd case into ians skull because of how shit it is


    2. The old SMS drone trope of “look at this sim’s patch list; our sim isn’t so bad is it!?!”

      Take a look at the actual fixes, most of these fixes haven’t broken Assetto Corsa unlike the hundreds of issues that remain in all versions of pCARS which you can review here:




      Further, the latest pCARS patch did this:

      Finally, any bets on Stefano from Kunos will make a caustic post on his forums about the ongoing support? Of course not as the man has class, unlike the head of the studio at SMS who takes pot-shots at everyone, including Reiza Studios for copying his idea which was quite rightly shot down on this very blog.

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      1. “takes pot-shots at everyone, including Reiza Studios for copying his idea which was quite rightly shot down on this very blog”

        Unlike SMS, Reiza has respect from the community. I know where I was glad I spent my money.


  1. You’ve made plenty of articles shitting on AC in response to nothing, why not one on their decision to not laser-scan Zandvoort?

    I’ve defended pretty much everything Kunos have ever done, but I can’t do it this time. It was mentioned for the first time as an off-hand response in Stefano’s stream to a question nobody thought to ask, since it was assumed the upcoming free DLC would be the same quality as the paid DLC. Apparently not.

    I always excused the reasoning to go the paid DLC route with “but there will be free DLC as well”, but apparently the free DLC will consist entirely of road cars (such as the exciting Alfa Mito!) and non laser scanned tracks, despite Kunos and the community singing their virtues for years.

    And Stefano is actually calling everyone whiny and entitled on the forum for expecting Kunos to uphold the quality standard they have set for all content.

    I can’t fucking stand those forums anymore. Every single brown-nosing fanboy cunt with 1000+ comments suddenly doesn’t care about one of the best features of the sim, and anybody who does it an entitled baby. Fuck you Skybird, fuck you Michael Hornbuckle, fuck you Phen0m, fuck you richard thompson. Congratulations on driving out an actually valuable member of the community in Nyowa225.

    I’m not even him, I’m just another modder who really doesn’t want to make free shit for AC anymore.


    1. A track not being laser-scanned isn’t that big of a deal, like for real. Especially since it’s free, and there are already other tracks in the game that aren’t laser-scanned as well, such as Monza 66.

      At this point laser-scanning is just another fad, since 3D modelling has evolved into something of an art form, even scratch-built tracks like in R3E do the job just fine.

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    2. If a free track that isn’t laser scanned sends you to insane levels of emo-hood then fuck you too. If none of the items in the changelog impress you enough to get you over this feeling of deceit then take your mod, shove it up your ass and go find a fucking game that will allow you to get your goddamn happy on.

      It is sad that Nyhowa225 got butthurt enough after pestering Stefano for 15+ pages in a thread that he decided to take his toys and go home, and it will probably be sad if you do the same thing, but AC will still go on without you guys and sooner rather than later nobody will miss you a bit. And the same thing goes for me if they ever do something that pisses me off so bad I commit forum suicide, complete with note.

      TLDR: Fuck you, bye!

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    3. Show me the better version of Zandvoort you plan to race on…

      It will most likely be an excellent track, regardless of scanning. Kunos is still scanning tracks, calm the hell down.

      I really don’t know what you expect for the price you paid.

      It’s either this or a trash rip, deal with it.


  2. What is worth to mention is the support for server plugin implementation, which could allow to register driver’s events on track (position, contacts, spin offs, off tracks, etc.) . This information can be used to generate any kind of driver stats that could be used later for rating drivers. This would be very helpful for online leagues and wider simracing communities. Also, there will be the ability to allow or reject a driver to participate on a specific server programatically in realtime (based on a rating, or a public/shared blacklist, for example)


  3. I hope the AI is better after this patch. AC’s been an expensive hot lapper for me so far and it’s about time I got some use out of it.


  4. It’s very interesting that Kunos now also chooses to compromise the quality of the content. Bye bye old selling point of having only laser scanned tracks. Well I guess the casual console gamers won’t care too much, and every serious sim racer with respect for him/herself know that AC is better left alone.


  5. The list of fixes brings AC a little bit cleser to the finished product it ought to have been two years ago or so. But just a little, because I still don’t see the possibility to shift into 1st gear before the red lights go out; I don’t think AC will allow me to drive back into the pits after a race has finished….and there are many other shortcomings that sims 10+ years ago didn’t have.


  6. Here is a more official response from the devs (Aris):

    For who can’t read the forum, I’ll quote it:
    “Hello everybody, wow what a thread.
    I’ll be honest I didn’t had the time to read it all from start today. So please forgive me if I have missed any important posts from specific people, that might need a specific answer.

    So Zandvoort is not laser scanned. Why? Is this going to be the end of laser scanned tracks for AC? Why we didn’t tell you from the beginning?
    I’ll answer all this one by one. The answers are more straightforward than you might think and there are no side secrets. Here we go.

    It’s a simple experiment. The track is made by a modder with GPS and CAD data, although it was never released in public. Simone obviously made the necessary improvements and we tried to bring the track up to par, but without losing too much development time. Thus the release is free.
    As I said it is an experiment. We want to see your reaction, we want to see if it’s a yes or no. If the community thinks that a non laser scanned circuit made by modders is a good thing to have, then we might contact more modders and ask the license from the respective real tracks owners. Tracks like Donington or Paul Ricard could be great examples… but we’ll see.
    If you guys do not appreciate it, then the experiment is a failure and we won’t waste more time with things like that. So thank you for voicing your opinion on this.

    Is this going to be the end of laser scanned tracks for AC?
    You should already know the answer to this. Barcelona is being totally laser scanned and in various configurations. Simone is hard at work on this amazing track and I can assure you the result is impressive!
    Brands Hatch has been just laser scanned and boy what a track it is, I can’t wait to drive it in AC.
    More will follow.

    Why we didn’t tell you from the beginning?
    Why? Good question. Guilty as charged. We said from the beginning we need to communicate this as fast as possible and then one thing brings another, simple things like “don’t talk about that now, console announcement is more important, E3 is more important, wait Brands Hatch is happening now…” and things like that. We didn’t find the window and… well what can I say, we should have told you before, I’m sincerely sorry we didn’t.

    Ok ok ok but again, why offer something as official content when everybody can get it from free from a modder? What’s the point? Why go to all this trouble?
    I have the answer to this and it is much more simple than you think. AC has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and we are so grateful for this. While mods are very popular, in the “community” their download numbers are way too low in comparison to the total user base of AC. So buying a modder content and offering it as an official licensed content of AC is a win win situation for everybody.
    We get an extra content to convince more people to buy AC.
    Modder gets his work recognised and paid.
    Licensor gets his fair share for the content
    Thousands of people get a new content that would have never try before, especially for the future console users.

    So always remember, the AC user base, which is what brings future to AC for us and for all of you as the project is alive and healthy, is much much bigger than the hundred-ish people that are constantly active in this forum. It’s a much bigger world than what you think. Something that you feel is easy to get, is not so easy for the vast majority.

    Hope all of the above makes the situation more clear, again sorry for not writing all of this some weeks ago. I hope you all looking forward to the bonus pack which as usual will be everything discussed and then some more! Multi, AI, contents… everything updated and improved. Step by step we make AC better and better. Thank you all for your support and feedback.”


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