Reader Submission #15 – NASCAR 2003’s Modding Community Is Perfectly Fine With Stalking You

tbirdredAbout a week ago, we ran a lengthy article about and some of their interesting extra-curricular antics that have little to do with modding NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. The post merely scratched the surface of what’s become a serious problem in the remnants of the NASCAR 2003 community, and is so batshit insane that it becomes increasingly obvious as to why the game is on its last legs. Supported only by boomers with a diminishing social life, and teens with computers that can’t handle modern video games, the community surrounding NASCAR 2003 is essentially one giant melting pot of various spectrum disorders – and a few talented people who have chosen to slowly distance themselves away from it all.

To summarize the 2500+ word post, one guy with graphic design experience made high resolution painting templates better than what an entire dedicated mod team could produce. The mod team’s response was to dox the guy, dox some girl he hung out with, figure out his daily routine, file fraudulent DMCA complaints on anything he released for NASCAR 2003 in order to abuse the “remove first, ask questions later” policies of most web hosting companies, threaten various lawsuits, write songs about him, and maintain a 43-page thread dedicated to accusing the dude of being schizophrenic, all while claiming that they were the good guys and everyone was out to destroy This isn’t exactly taking things out of context, they even made this nice little graphic for us.


My first introduction to this drama was in the Spring of 2014. As I’ve said in the original article, I’d compiled my extensive collection of NASCAR 2003 mod backups and uploaded them as a gift to the community. Instead of being thanked for uploading mods and carsets that hadn’t seen the light of day in years, I was accused of being someone named Todd from Portland and told I was ruining the community with my schizophrenic behavior. After opening up my wallet and consulting both my Driver’s License and MasterCard, I was able to confirm that I was indeed not somebody named Todd, and did not reside in Portland.

Today’s Reader Submission comes from the victim of all this garbage, a guy who’d prefer to go by the name of not toad but Todd. Despite all of this ridiculous drama, the remaining members of the NASCAR 2003 community not influenced by SimRacingDesign have allowed Todd to take over as a moderator of the NASCAR Racing 2003 Subreddit.

James, wondering your thoughts on this. I essentially posted the entire situation in the Reddit sticky.

Minutes after doing that, I received the following private message from Danny Coral, the guy who initially sent the fraudulent DMCA in order to dox my information back in 2013 (at the time he messed up and came away with someone else’s info). He’s now somehow doxxed me to learn my actual name. He’s trying to threaten me over a DUI from 1998 – which I was never even convicted of because it was a case of mistaken identity and dropped. I have no criminal record whatsoever or even been convicted of anything beyond a speeding ticket (my last ticket even was 12 years ago).

Here’s his PM with my name taken out:

Those dudes totally obsessed with me over NASCAR 2003 and it’s fucking creepy. At this point I’m leaning towards a face to face with a rep at my local FBI office (which is minutes away). If that gets nowhere, I would guess a cease and desist?

What it amounts to is that they are fearful of the multi-year stalking campaign targeting me and others being exposed to a broader audience. They want it to remain strictly contained within the nr2003 community (preferably the SRD message board) where they can participate in 86-page threads in a controlled environment revolved around photoshopping both me and my friends personal pictures in addition to the cyber-stalking and the rest of the lunacy.

I never disclose my actual name online, so how he became privy to that I have no idea.

I just renewed my site for a year using my credit card (perhaps that way), or perhaps some other means, like stalking friends of mine through Facebook. I’m not sure what the point of that PM even is, I’ll be 38 in October, he’s doxing up a DUI from 1998 on me, of which I wasn’t even convicted (I wasn’t even arrested behind the wheel of a car for the alleged DUI), and that’s public record too.

Furthermore, I was under 21 at the time. The other instances are minor domestic violence charges that were also dropped because a girl I was seeing liked to dial 911. Like I said, I have never been convicted of a felony charge in my life and none of that stuff is even on my record outside of an online mugshot search. I’m not sure what he’s even threatening me with, yet more cyber-stalking threads/sites and picture photoshopping?

Notice too the ridiculous inflated ego over NASCAR 2003 modding, signing off on that PM with ‘Bodacious-Bull’. Here is a 44 year old guy obsessively stalking me for years on end already, in addition to filing numerous fraudulent DMCA complaints to kickstart all that, and then informing me of how much of a social life he supposedly has. I’m including another screen shot from the 86 page ‘musings of a madman’ thread also posted by this guy. This was the same week that he filed the DMCA against my site in order to dox me for personal information, boasting about comparing pictures of ‘life achievements’ and other nonsense:

And here’s the initial post on Reddit that set Danny Coral off:


Couple things to address here, and given that this is a public response, I unfortunately have to dance around some things. We’ll give it a shot, anyways. Hopefully others can chime in with their advice, since a lot of people seem to hang around here.

First, it’s clear to readers of PRC judging by the comments on the last article, from a diverse group of individuals all from many different backgrounds and ideologies, that you haven’t done anything wrong and this is pretty batshit insane. As I said in the opener, you literally made some nice ass car templates and SRD’s response was not to create an even better template, but to chase you around the internet and accuse you of being schizophrenic while writing songs about you. And then file bullshit DMCA complaints so all your shit would get taken down. One of the main reasons I air this drama here is because it allows the unbiased third party to see it for what it is – insanity, and that’ll help in the long run. As Mr. C has taught me, if one person says you’re drunk, you’re probably not drunk, but if ten people say you’re drunk, it’s probably time to leave the bar. Ditto for this mess. More people calling out the insanity than SRD has active members, and shit will change.

Second, online harassment is an interesting legal gray area. I’m not defending SRD, but actually getting something done about online harassment is next to impossible. As Tyler the Creator wrote:

This doesn’t change as you get older, and the gang at SRD can unfortunately weasel their way out of some shit if this were to be pursued legally. Is all your information easily obtainable online? Well there’s your first problem, because lawyers will ask why you allow that to happen. Is the information about the mistaken identity DUI available online? Well then they’re not really spreading misinformation then, as libel is only an issue if what a person claims is demonstrably false. Are the domestic violence incidents on record? Well regardless of what actually happened (I believe you, 92% of women lie, hence why all Cell Phones have a “sound recording” app), what they could spread isn’t really libel since the info is readily out there and anybody can check it out if they’re bored. Even if you look at extreme harassment cases like Jessica Slaughter Leonhardt and Rehtaeh Parsons, online harassment is basically ignored.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have a case because everyone and their dog can see how weird this shit is, but..

Third, good luck explaining the in’s and out’s of an obscure video game modding community to people who usually sort out issues with psychotic ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends showing up at 3am on their partners doorstep, or sending lengthy obsessive messages long after the relationship has ended. I mean, when it comes to stalking/harassment laws, that’s the kind of people those laws are intended for so it’ll be tough to get anywhere just with “hey these guys from this old NASCAR game are like, making photoshopped pictures of me, posting where I live, and getting my website taken offline.” The internet is basically the new Wild West and there’s all sorts of crazy shit that happens, just spend a few minutes on 4Chan to see what I mean.

And even if you jump through all hoops necessary to pursue this legally, SRD can all hide behind the glorious excuse of “there’s no way to prove I was the one who posted all of that weird stalkerish garbage.” In Canada, this is your get out of jail free card. Even pedophiles literally walk free up here because of “nope you can’t prove I was the one who uploaded all that child porn even though it was on my computer in my house lololol get #rekt n00bs.” If you’re lucky like myself, an RCMP officer will explain how technology evolves too quickly for laws to keep up, and they’ll at least see things on the same level you do and get in contact with your fan club to let them know that what they’re doing isn’t cool.

The best way to get all this to stop is to basically just embarrass these guys. Talk about the issue, share the screencaps, put it all out in the open as we’re doing now. Eventually one of their own will clue in that this is all weird as fuck, and they can’t kick everybody out of their little group otherwise it would definitely look suspicious as hell that they’re being creeps and maybe Todd wasn’t the bad guy they all said he was.



210 thoughts on “Reader Submission #15 – NASCAR 2003’s Modding Community Is Perfectly Fine With Stalking You

  1. As a Journalist, this article is revolting.

    I love how you didn’t get the other sides version of this. This is completely biased, and a kick in the face to actual journalists, bloggers, etc. Currently this is a bash article. Regardless of what happened. Articles such reflect badly upon your site and your followers.

    The real article would’ve shown both sides, both reasons. Then you would chime in with your personal standpoint. This article has none of that; It’s just your opinion on the matter slathered over it as fact. I see no points from the guys you are accusing, no questioning on them. Just incoherent whining without much organization.

    I also love how you Advocate further Harassment and bullying, to stop the current harassment and bullying. What are we? Children in pre-school? I thought we were adults here. Apparently not and we all must whine to our mothers and fathers to solve our petty issues. This case being we are whining to the people whom do not know of this issue.

    I will screenshot this comment to see if it gets removed, or If I get IP banned. Since this is a Constructive Criticism of what went wrong here. I’d love to see my freedom of speech get thrown out because I did not circle-jerk with you, and claim You’re right and they’re wrong without any stories from the other side of the issue at hand.
    Then Claim I’m takings sides despite my claim of just being a journalist putting in his 2 cents.

    ~Yours truly
    A Concerned Journalist.


      1. This article also really doesn’t support the tagline of being Sarcastic.
        Since it really gives off the Serious Vibe through the whole article.

        Just claiming everything here is sarcastic doesn’t really mean everything is sarcastic.
        I’ve re-read it a couple times already to catch the sarcastic point of the post.
        However I just cannot for the life of me find where this article is being sarcastic.

        If it’s on the line that it ended then that’s a poor way of showing the articles sarcasm.
        That would be as if I was claiming that I was a minority and everything I say and do is free from judgement, and scrutiny.

        I would’ve brushed this off as a sarcastic post if this was a one time article on the matter.
        However there’s more than one article on the subject. Within such a short time frame.
        It’s as if you’re just adding more fuel to the fire than is necessary.


        1. If you are that concerned, you are free to sign up for, ask multiple questions regarding this story, and use the Submit button on here to publish your findings. Pretty much the only thing I do with user submissions are correct spelling and grammatical errors.

          If links to 43-page harassment threads, screenshots of dedicated websites with Google street view pictures, weird gay anon Tumblr submissions, and creepy (albeit very good) blues songs somehow “don’t tell the full story,” I’m curious to know what does in your mind.

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    1. His previous article on this subject outlined the “other sides” arguments in some detail. But I bet you wouldn’t know that mr. “Concerned” journalist

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      1. If so then why did he not do the same for this Article? Seems a bit lazy.
        if it’s a matter of re-post, than isn’t this article mostly a re-post of the last article?
        Also nice snarky comment. This isn’t call of duty mind you.


    2. My bullshit detector is going off the charts….I have a sneaking suspicion that you are not ‘a concerned journalists’ but actually one of the SRD nutcases.

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    3. Are you implying game review sites are “journalism?” Or implying opinion articles are ever “journalism?” James ain’t no journalist and I’m betting you aren’t either.


  2. @James
    Harassment goes both ways.

    From what I see Todd is Harrasing People @SRD, and SRD is harassing Todd.
    Both are also guilty of stalking. However SRD is only guilty of wielding DMCA as a weapon in this issue. Go ahead prove me wrong.

    Claiming one side does it more does not equalize the other being the good guy. Or the victim.
    If both sides participate both are guilty in the endeavor. However your articles make it seem as if Todd hasn’t harassed anyone @SRD. That he has never done this.

    Both are currently guilty. No one here is innocent.That’s like saying 1 murder is innocent of a murder because he murdered less people than the other murderer. Which is what your article is saying. You’re here to throw fuel on the fire and watch it burn/ get worse.

    This article would’ve been fine if it was 1 party harassing the other. In this case as you claim SRD harrasing Todd. Just like I said earlier, just because SRD does it more does not make Todd the innocent one here.


    1. What are you talking about? I don’t even participate at SRD. On the other hand, members from SRD are routinley spamming the sub reddit with photoshopped pictures of a friend of mine who has been stalked relentlessly for years now. Must I open up the moderation lof to demonstrate that? I’m removing that stupidity daily from the sub.

      And I’m not sure what kind of stalking you’re accusing me of, but I have never setup a dedicated stalking site to stalk a woman and her sister over a video game purely out of association with somebody. I have never posted street view shots of anybodies house in addition to that level of crazy either. I have never threatened anybody or commented in an 86 page thread of my desire to see anybody in “a pine box” such as was the case done to not only myself, but James as well. So no in fact, the level of batshit crazy targeting me and others courtesy of the SRD group (literally for years on end now) equates to nothing I nor anybody else has ever done.


      1. I have too witnessed you are also sending words of harassment towards SRD. As SRD is towards you. If you really want to have the mess stop, stop replying. Just literally go on with your business making templates or whatever. You’re onlynadding fuel to the fire making provocative posts that SRD replies to with provocative posts. You know very well what you are doing. You are a grown man. You also have the power and responsibility to end this.


  3. To ‘Concerned Journalist’ – What’s concerning here isn’t the convoluted back story in regard to past flame wars and modding team rivalries over an aging nascar sim (stuff like that is common place across communities)

    What isn’t however, is some guy in his 40s taking the time to draft up numerous fraud dmca complaints against people to acquire their personal information in order to dox and cyberstalk them for years on end on a sim paint message board. And the screen shots and proof of that are right in front of you up on the screen. Also, what is the point of setting up an entire website in addition to that with street view shots of a woman and her sisters house who has been cyberstalked and doxxed relentlessly for years now?

    No back story in regard to half decade old flame wars over modding a video game justifies that. And as James points out, it’s all simply just batshit insane, period. I don’t care if Danny (or anybody else) has a few misdemeanors dating back to the 1990s, so why is he so concerned about that in regard to me? Nor do I feel the need to (nor have I ever) filed any dmca complaints against anybody in my life over anything, let alone a nr2003 template. So again, why does Danny? And I sure as hell do not see the point in displaying street view shots of anybodies house on a website setup solely to stalk them, again what is the point?

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      1. Oh please; attacking me because I am not supporting either side 100%.
        Because I am an outsider looking in makes me an SRD Member?

        Literally I have nothing but valid points since I read what occurred on the other-side instead of basing my judgement on a clearly Biased TL:DR version of it.


      2. Also I love how James Likes any post that doesn’t question the article and supports him.
        Some Journalist.


    1. However; neither of you clarified what brought this on this time. Fancy that.

      So I went on the SRD forums and r/NR2003 reddit and checked the reliable thing, the time stamp.
      It shows who started the flame war up again.

      I checked the time stamp of the r/NR2003 post, and the new thread @SRD.
      Even the first post of the new thread about you shows you instigated this flame war this time around. Reddit changes the time stamp to last edited.

      You literally slandered SRD’s site, and expected NOTHING to come of it. Are you serious here?
      As an outsider looking in, it seems you’ve brought this on yourself. Of course this stuff is going to happen if you are going to create a post slandering another website. You complain about a 5 year-ish long flame war, but how can the flame war end if either side continues to instigate it further?
      There is literally no attempt to make peace, just more war.

      It seems I am being attacked as an Outsider looking in; because I am a outsider looking in.

      Final Conclusion
      1.) Both are guilty of Harassment
      2.) Both are guilty of Stalking
      3.) Both are guilty of Instigating and egging on the other to continue the “flame war”.
      4.) Only SRD is guilty of using DMCA as a weapon.

      5.) This whole issue can be resolve by Not mentioning each-other. Since this time you were the first to bring the torch to the dynamite shed. You cannot prove time stamps wrong.

      Here is a suggestion; just don’t mention SRD and vice versa.
      For people who seem to hate the site you seem to comment on it a lot.


      1. You think SRD will really let all this go? If Todd stops fighting for himself, it will only make SRD attack him even more


      2. 1) Todd never doxxed anyone

        2) he never uploaded pics of anyones house or girlfriend

        3) he doesn’t have an entire site dedicated to his alleged “stalking”

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      3. Umm, @Anon. It seems the issue was clear until recently.
        Did you even bother to look into the issue other than the TL;DR version?

        Literally up until a couple days ago in the r/NR2003 “new rules” post it was all fine. No one really cared about the other until SB70 brought it up again in a slanderous manner.


      4. No actually, I didn’t start a ‘flame war’, what I did was simply draw attention to the conspired cyberstalking campaign targeting me and others which is documented fact. And forget about me, where is the justification in cyberstalking a friend of mine and her sister who have nothing even to do with nr2003? Or the guy Brian that used to live at their house years ago? Me drawing attention to and objecting to a dedicated site setup to stalk them isn’t ‘starting a flame war’

        Wouldn’t it make a whole lot more sense at this point to delete the dedicated stalking sites, the multiple 50 page threads, and simply move on with your lives by now?


      5. @MB2
        1.) Where did I say he Dossd someone? Please find that quote.

        2.) there are attempts at finding locations from people who’s registered from what I’ve read.

        3.) Debatable when you look at #2


      6. @Sb70
        Drawing attention to something that hasn’t had attention in a while is beating a dead horse.
        Essentially starting a potential flame war depending on the outcome.

        SRD did NOT have to be mentioned or slandered at all. Yet here you are acting like you had to bring this up again. I have read both issues again as I have said instead of this Biased TL;DR version of what went on.

        BOTH ARE GUILTY. Stop acting like You HAD to do what you did this past couple days.
        You were not possesed by some evil demon that made you do it.


      7. 1) you act as if what did to them wasexactly what was happening to himself

        2) evrn if he had their personal info, he hasn’t uploaded any of it, and probably never will

        3) there is no debate because he hasn’t stooped to SRD’s level of harassment


  4. @MB2 I believe he did at one point, he posted pics of “danny” and some blue haired guy along with his residence. I think that is stooping to the same level.

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  5. No actually, that ‘blue haired’ guy posted his own pic on the SRD forum in the ‘show me your picture’ thread. As far as Danny, a community member who was blacklisted and banned out of SRD linked up his facebook to me a few months ago considering the years of cyberstalking being waged against me and others.


  6. Here’s a prime example of the batshit level of ithe nsane SRD web-stalking (and this is from almost 3 years ago already) This SRD member (actually moderator) screen capped one of my paints from my site to talk shit about in the epic 86 page stalk Todd and his friends thread.

    I clicked on the photobucket account he was linking my sim paint from on SRD only to discover along with a bunch of obsessive screen shots of my templates, he also had a screen shot saved to his photobucket of a map location to my friends house along with indicating who used to reside there. Information all gleaned from Danny serving a fraud dmca over a template. Needless to say I contacted photobucket and they terminated his account over doxxing.


    1. Well, I can tell from a quick glance that this ‘Wrangler88’ is an astoundingly worthless individual.

      Any community moderated by someone as emotionally out-of-control and childish as that will have

      serious problems.

      Also, he apparently isn’t intelligent enough to roughly calibrate his monitor for basic colour….

      Mobil isn’t even close to purple.

      What’s the deal with the ‘DMCA’ for his avatar? As in a DMCA takedown notice? Does he think DMCA does some sort of global good for the consumer or something?

      I fail to see the logic in pointing out these self-inflicted ‘errors’. It’s a direct indication that your work is indeed unique, therefore any DMCA notice filed against you was likely unlawful.

      Since Wrangler88 clearly has the indisputable definition for the term ‘artist’, I would love to see his work. I imagine his completely fucked up monitor or GPU driver settings would yield excellent colour accuracy for everyone else.

      I’m hoping to see severe penalties for DMCA abuse in the near future.


  7. So doing the same thing is ok? Seems like it’s just continuing the cycle, and the age old saying of two wrongs comes to mind.

    Personally, everyone is crazy it sounds like, and it seems like some high school drama act that is a couple guys v. a couple guys, and various community members are getting dragged into it.

    Dunno, not worth getting into the game if you and these guys are what makes up the community heads. Actually scares me reading this, because I’m pretty sure I’d be calling all sorts of people if I had that done to me, by either party.

    I actually not amazed that the story is one sided, from what I gather, each side is going to tell their version, and the truth is somewhere in between.


    1. @Corvetted
      Not here; here Todd’s apparently the angel in all of this despite his obvious wrong doings.


      1. Todd:
        >made car templates for a NASCAR game
        >traced the IP’s of a couple dudes trying to start shit on his site

        >found out where some girl he hangs out with lives
        >found out the bar he frequents
        >wrote a song about him (it was a really good song though, being serious here)
        >86 page stalking thread dedicated to Todd
        >filing false DMCA claims to find out where he lives
        >accusing others of being Todd just for uploading mods

        Yo like at what point do you realize you’ve got a problem?


      2. I honestly really don’t care either way, the whole thing is pretty sick, twisted, and disgusting on both ends, which is why I normally don’t even post or comment anywhere. Loons like this and the others is why I try and stay away, but I saw this posted and my curiosity got the better of me.


      3. Hey, KirbyFighter12 from SRD (aka ‘A Concerned Journalist’) I went ahead and re-banned you from my site along with your IP. I’m honestly surprised that at your age you have nothing better to do than troll to this extent for SRD.

        I honestly took your word for it a few months ago when you remarked that you were finished involving yourself in the SRD stalking towards me and towards James over a nr2003 wiki page. That’s too bad, because I was going to share whatever nr2003 stuff I’m working on with you. Also, I might have banned you from my personal site, but not from the r/nr2003 sub-reddit. I know you’ve been investing months (if not years) of your time by now on a sound pack, so I don’t want to deny you access to the redditt in case any users there might be interested in what you’re doing.

        Take care, Kirby.

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  8. Wow you yanks on the net are fucking bat shit juvenile crazy,I wonder why you shoot each other more than any other western nation, you cunts need to get laid more man, smoke a joint, head down to macca’s, but what ever issues either side has its clearly not about video games but some deep seated fucked up shit, kinda funny that yanks have the most head shrinks too.

    Nascar,therapy and guns.


    1. lol, well I won’t disagree about that.

      But fuck some ‘macca’s’!

      That’s part of our problem, do not become enchanted by their particularly addictive cheese like the

      majority are here in the US. Gotta get their fix of cheese-opiates 😉

      Good luck to my fellow colonials, where sim racers ‘put the pedal to the ceiling’, rather than the floor.


  9. Here’s what I gather from this whole site. And this topic.
    As a freelance graphic designer this is free of charge.

    {have to keep it safe for you kiddies}


      1. I’m not I’m just a casual freelance graphic designer who wanted to have a bit of fun.
        Dont know how you got that out of me since I posted nothing about it. :C
        Im reporting you to the NSA D:


      1. I’m honestly not surprised SRD members would respond like the iRacing-defenders from the ban-article, especially after those (hilarious) emails you got.

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  10. Well once again you have been so more than a fool to keep your old broken record story going. Look in the mirror Todd and say hello to “James & Oggy” for us will you? If everyone was was out to get you, you would have been gotten by now, trust me. This constant same ‘Ol story ,worn out it’s welcome about 4 years ago. Got anything new to bring up? Just so you know, Matt @ SRD is not out to control anything other than pushing your buttons as you are so easily letting them.

    Funny how this James or Oggy guy was NEVER heard of until a few years ago. Not you tend to talk to them all the time. Most of the Community is blocked from your site,that only shows images and rarely offers anything content to download that you claim to be more accurate than anything out there.

    Maybe the Community should take what you have altered/created/cut/copy/pasted and post it at numerous sites for others to download. How would you feel about that Todd/James/Oggy ? Would that sit well with you? By the amount of screen shots you continue to post, you are so overwhelmed by what else is going on in the NR2K3 world. You got a hot one for Om3ga, SRD and a few other sites. So super critical of their work, but again, you got no mod to show do you? Too many sites are working together to bring FREE NEW content to the game, and you are on the outside looking in. Do you ever regret that drunken out burst on the chat room now? See how it ruined what you had going? Now you are a sad shell of your former self with nothing to offer but a BROKEN RECORD.

    I can explain it to you, but I can not understand it for you…………………


    1. Is this guy seriously tptrying to say he think todd and james are the same person?
      All I have to say to that is no we’re not!


  11. Are we fucking 2 years old? For gods sake. A majority of you are probably 30+. How about we all grow the fuck up and quit acting like spoiled little brats.


  12. “This kind of stuff doesn’t help your case:”

    Not my song, good one, but not mine.

    Kind of hard, when it is not my case to begin with. I am not the only one who seems to think that this is getting old or just tired of the one sided claims Todd makes. Take down claims were not false, he edited someone Else’s files and posted them without permission. If that was not true, then why were they removed from tow different sites? He spends more time on being negative and giving his opinion than creating or sharing anything game related that he produced with the community – PERIOD !

    Until such a time he apologizes for past behavior and gets off the one sided rants, this type of thing will not go in his favor for the foreseeable future.


  13. “B. Americano
    July 5, 2015 at 10:57 PM

    Is this guy seriously tptrying to say he think todd and james are the same person?
    All I have to say to that is no we’re not!”

    Oh so now there are 4 of you?

    If not “JAMES/OGGY” then why do you care about a game you never used ,created,painted on?


  14. what a bunch of one sided crap. Then there are those who do have the maturity to make decent comments. Seems like the owner of this page encourages that type of behavior.


    1. “Then there are those who do have the maturity to make decent comments. Seems like the owner of this page encourages that type of behavior.”

      I agree, this site definitely encourages the posting of mature comments. BTW, if you were trying to pretend like you weren’t the same person as the SRD member who posted those earlier comments…you failed.


    2. “Then there are those who do have the maturity to make decent comments. Seems like the owner of this page encourages that type of behavior.”

      I agree, this site definitely encourages people to post mature comments! BTW, if you were trying to pretend like you weren’t the SRD member who posted the earlier comments…you failed.


    3. You need to stop speaking/typing immediately.

      This is an embarrassing display and completely unacceptable.

      End of line.



  15. It’s not even me the SRD weirdos take issue with, it’s sim paints/templates of mine that I display on the internet. That’s really what this is all about. I can invest hours on a template and it will literally throw these people into rage mode for days on end. They’ll accuse me (and you’ll hear this over and over from them) of being a ‘cut/copy/paster’ along with at the same time – we are ‘real’ graphic designers on the internet and you have no talent.

    That argument from the the SRD member ‘suck2bu’ – He rages on about me not sharing my nr2003 work, then just a few paragraphs later attempts to make the case that I am a ‘cut/copy/paster’ implying that he has no desire to download it anyway. It’s all just so ‘out there’ including the fact that he is still even commenting.


    1. This is the lack of logic I was talking about.

      If you’re cutting/copying/pasting, then what’s the deal with these unique ‘errors’? Just decided to randomly fuck with the colours of certain layers of the skin (are people sharing completed/finished .psd templates now or something?) and not others for fun I suppose?

      Should be able to find this ‘orange’ skin original with the ‘non-purple’ mobil logo. Let’s see it then, I’ll

      check back later for a link to the ‘original and correct’ skin.

      Anyways….You should start hiding shit in the skins just to fuck with them.

      Hmmm, wonder where I got that idea (since you and James are supposed to be the same person now, I suppose I got it from you….????)????


  16. “Oh so now there are 4 of you?”

    ‘suck2bu’ – B Americano’s comment of “no we’re not” is sarcasm in the face of your compulsive paranoia and obsessing over me.

    Also, your other comment to him –

    “If not “JAMES/OGGY” then why do you care about a game you never used ,created,painted on?”

    He doesn’t. This blog covers a wide range aside from just nr2003 and reaches a lot broader/diverse audience. He’s commenting over the batshit insane stalking/doxxing/dmca fraud SRD has been responsible for, not the game. Make sense?


  17. Yep. Escpecially in your case considering you’re one of the more dedicated and committed SRD members stalking both me and James across the internet for years on end now over essentially nothing. I’ve already had to ban you from the sub-reddit and hit block on you, yet as usual, there you are.

    You sign up to reddit ten months ago now simply to shadow mine and James’ comments…And after ten months already, your obsession is still in full swing. Yes, I’d call that ‘batshit insanity’ when factoring in all the rest of it.


  18. Hey buddy my dedication to SRD has nothing to do with the nonsense you started with me. As I remember it you, unprovoked attacked me at EU simply because I was a SRD member. Then made personal attacks about me without even knowing who I am and what I actually did in the NR2003 community. Then there is the fact of you being extremely disrespectful about a severely tragic event in someones life. That really was pretty messed up, and I have this thing called morals which you don’t. I don’t come on these sites to stalk you its only so people out of the loop can see there is more to you than what you post. I don’t care about your NR2003 work, I care about what a shitty person you have displayed yourself to me. All I ever do is post what I know to be true and you delete or block me. So for like the 100th time, man up.


    1. Lets for the sake of argument say that I am the worst person on earth, okay? Still (as another commenter here already pointed out), that does not justify doxxing and stalking a woman and her sister (and a guy that used to live at their house) to the point in where a dedicated site has been setup that revolves around that. Let alone the stalking of James in addition to it all, comments of wanting to see him “in a pine box” in addition to me. You’d think a guy like you with such upstanding morals would take issue with that, let alone dedicate yourself to defending it for years out of your life already.

      Me and James aren’t the only people who take issue with SRD in case you haven’t noticed by now. The more the same 4 to 5 SRD members chase people around the internet simply for calling out the batshit, the more obvious the batshit becomes.


  19. Lastly, in regard to ‘A Concerned Journalist’ (aka KirbyFighter12 from SRD) The following is a reddit pm (an apology) ‘Kirby’ sent to me over a year ago now after James first called attention to the cyberstalking and other craziness. He lost his nerve and withdrew all of his pro SRD comments on reddit, only to anonymously continue it all on over a year later as we have all seen here.


    1. Last Year my good sir. Let me state my reasoning. As they are very good and reasonable.

      I didn’t know who started it; I found myself caught up in the spur of the moment. I felt sorry for you last time because I was New to the community, I did not know anything about what happened and I just bandwagoned; Which I admit was Unfair of me to do.

      1.)This year, YOU clearly started this.
      This is what started the bullshit again.
      Check the TIME-STAMPS

      The Mega Stalk thread as You claim. was DEAD – Last post September 2 2014.
      (Check the Timestamp if you don’t belive me)

      No one really cared about what you did in such a Manner afterwards.
      Go ahead, the only one continuing this shit was you in a Reddit thread @Simracing

      Then your Friend started the shit up @This site.

      I have NO patience for people who start shit up for attention after the subject Matter is LONG DEAD.
      Then Cry and whine about how they are the victims.
      However you CLAIM innocence in this event recently. Despite Clear evidence proving you Provoked Sim Racing Design first, by slandering their name in your NR2003 Reddit Page.

      Go ahead, Prove me wrong.
      Time-stamps Cannot lie.


      Oh and BTW You are the “Pussy Punk” my good sir.
      For Cyberstalking information about me, without revealing who you were.
      Either you or one of your Cronies created a 1 time reddit account “johnny-wadd”.

      You will be reciving a PM on this @ Reddit.


  20. Well if it covers a wide range of sim racing games, then explain why you seem to post your one sided story all the time at numerous places? You act like you did nothing wrong to garner all this attention and everyone has it out for you. That does not match up with what can be read from over 5 years and running. You leave out some of the things you have done that caused this rift with others in the first place.

    You seem to have gone off the deep end of reality and will not for some reason admit you ever made any kind of error or mistake. So you do not like this SRD site, or people who go there – who cares ? Do not like it – do not go there. There are plenty of other sites and sim games to use and create things for.


  21. He claims the cyberstalking is all about him but he has the exact same info about the ones he claims that is stalking him pictures and all. He posted one guys wife’s picture online and even information about a tragic killing of one of the guys daughter and then rubs it in all over the place like salt in a wound. Why wouldnt someone strike back at a person that low?. So how is he any differant to them and why is he the victim instead of them?


  22. I say post the screen shot of me allegedly doing that including the header and all. In fact, and archived link would even be better. Funny that you guys took the time to create an entire website dedicated to stalking me in addition to an almost hundred page thread and left such damning details as that out of all of it, huh?

    Had I posted pics of anybodies wife or any shit like that, it would be screen capped all over srd and your dedicated stalking sites three years now ago already. This has gone from, yeah were doxing/stalking, copyfraud filing against Todd, here’s a bar he drinks at, here’s where some friends of his live, here’s a mugshot of his from almost 18 yrs ago, to all of a sudden, okay, he posted a pic of somebodies wife and information about some tragic killing (just take our word for it)

    No, you demonstrate I did anything like that with screen cap, header, and link (which you can’t) because you are simply full of shit.

    Liked by 1 person

  23. “If every story someone tells you revolves around how great they are and how they’re always the victim in situations they’re most likely full of shit.”


  24. Except the screen shots and full header bars don’t lie. Either do the hundred page doxxing/stalking threads (those don’t lie either) Nor do the dedicated stalking sites, maps/street views of a woman’s house posted from google earth to the dedicated stalking sites, nor does the fact that you’re still here trolling to justify the cyberstalking/doxxing in the first place.


  25. I am not here to justify anyone’s actions, haven’t you figured that out yet? You started shit with me and then tried to publicly poke fun at me, Which did you no good in ever having a good standing with me. You don’t like me calling out your bullshit everywhere? Cause that is, what it is Todd, and if your bullshit don’t stick you resort to childish name calling. I don’t like cowards and people who hide behind keyboards to be a bad ass. Playing the victim card cause your an asshole is even more of a bitch move. You want me to stop hassling you, its easy. Stop being a douche and man up.


  26. Somebody said mean things to me online over a racing game years ago. So I’m going to join a bunch of other guys and cyberstalk that person long distance from behind a computer for years on end, including up to stalking friends of theirs, because like I said, they said mean things to me online and even worse, they can create car templates (which I can’t) and paint up pretend race cars better than I can.

    (that’s your entire position)

    And before you call anybody a coward, you have all my info, yet you hide behind a computer cyberstalking me daily for years on end already over a racing game without revealing your own personal info (not even your first name for that matter) So who’s the coward again?


  27. umm you are. lol whats wrong, you upset your identity got out in the open? I am not a hard person to find, I don’t hide shit, I use the same screen name everywhere. Sorry I don’t put my full name up on internet forums, cause apparently that is what everyone does? Now that we all know you are Todd Weaver, you act like you were always open about your identity. You hide yourself like Osama BinLaden, so its hilarious you want to say other people are not being forthcoming. I have to harass you online cause your bitch ass would never be man enough to handle talking to me in reality. Oh your little snide attack about you doing templates better than me was so fucking weak. I don’t give a fuck what you think you do.


  28. Again, you fail to grasp – I don’t care anything whatsoever about you. Which is why (unlike you) I don’t follow you around to all corners of the net over a racing game for years on end like you do me. As far as my identity goes? So what? I’m not embarrassed of who I am whatsoever, what’s the point? Why are you making my life so relevant in your own?

    And as far as the all important nr2003 contributions, list or link up all the shit you’ve contributed (where’s your templates and other work?) Fact of the matter is, your trolling and cyberstalking from the srd board has largely been your only contribution to nr2003 for years running now.


      1. Because you’re not releasing your own nr2003 templates that might (just might) surpass those in the srd circle-jerk in both quality and popularity. That’s what this entire autistic drama has been about for years running now – Lets drive this Todd guy out of the community by any possible means so that his templates do not regularly wind up being displayed by community painters on srd and generating praise in front of the antisocial site owner, his hand picked little moderator force, and the teens/pre-teens that frequent that site.


      1. So you’ve managed to splice together some spotter packs from audio that you’ve collected from youtube in between your years of committed cyberstalking. Well played.

        Not sure about the ‘pure entertainment’ remark. Trouble seems to be, cyberstalking me and sim racing design seems to be your only form of entertainment for far too many years now. Maybe it’s time to get a life off of the computer by now.


  29. Actually they are all recorded race scanner audio. SPCC packs are massive projects, youtube audio wouldn’t remotely cover the audio needed for a successful pack. But nice try

    Don’t think I need more of a life. Its taken me years to get to the point where I live comfortable enough to spend my extra time calling lying bitch’s on the internet out. Trust me if you visited any of the places I frequent it would be more enjoyable to call you out in person.


  30. Actually, I don’t give a shit about your fine spotter pack work. And why would I frequent any places you visit, you’re stalking me, remember?


    1. I dont have to lie. You are the liar. You did this to a man that had just lost his daughter. You have no defense here. This is lower than anything most people have ever seen. So to all of you standing by his side you really dont know the whole story just what he cares to share to make him look like the victim. Here is the proof Todd.

      And to Todds bogus claims here is what ucoz had to say to him. His site wasnt taken down from dmca claims it was taken down for defamation for this guys daughter he had on his site.

      Todd you are the slime of the earth. Its really sad to because if you hadnt got drunk one night and spew your hate things probably wouldnt be as they are.

      James all you had to do was ask to post the files you wanted to include in your repository and most of the guys would have given their blessing. Thats it just asked. Ask yourself if Todd wasnt stalking all the guys that he says stalks him how did he know of your troubles? Stop and think about it. He sides with anyone that has the slightest problem just to get some kind of support. He uses you and if you ever disagree with him you will be the new demon. Its happened so many times its really sad. Stop and think why evryone he has ever dealt with in the nk23 community has parted ways with him. How can so many people be wrong and one guy be right? Its not just 5 or 6 guys its basically 90% of the community.


  31. I dont have to lie. You are the liar. You did this to a man that had just lost his daughter. You have no defense here. This is lower than anything most people have ever seen. So to all of you standing by his side you really dont know the whole story just what he cares to share to make him look like the victim. Here is the proof Todd.

    And to Todds bogus claims here is what ucoz had to say to him. His site wasnt taken down from dmca claims it was taken down for defamation for this guys daughter he had on his site.

    Todd you are the slime of the earth. Its really sad to because if you hadnt got drunk one night and spew your hate things probably wouldnt be as they are.

    James all you had to do was ask to post the files you wanted to include in your repository and most of the guys would have given their blessing. Thats it just asked. Ask yourself if Todd wasnt stalking all the guys that he says stalks him how did he know of your troubles? Stop and think about it. He sides with anyone that has the slightest problem just to get some kind of support. He uses you and if you ever disagree with him you will be the new demon. Its happened so many times its really sad. Stop and think why evryone he has ever dealt with in the nk23 community has parted ways with him. How can so many people be wrong and one guy be right? Its not just 5 or 6 guys its basically 90% of the community.


  32. He announced that tragedy all over the community (I didn’t comment) I thought maybe I would get a break from the constant trolling from him and the usual cast.

    Surprisingly, not even a week later it’s back to the same thing – constant trolling, dmca fraud, and fraud complaints to my site in attempt to shut it down. Those are the words of somebody pissed of with all the usual SRD shit 4 years ago.

    I’m not posting anybodies personal information there. I’m not posting up pics or even links to anything. Or am I following a person around to various sites trolling and filing complaints against them as was done to me for days on end before venting.

    Here’s one you forgot. Ucoz unblocking my site due to the fraud dmca complaints filed before that. I lost count of the number of fraud dmca complaints filed against me even before that drama. Do you expect me not to be pissed off at that point and call SmokeOR out on the fact that his priorities are screwed up considering the extent he was trolling me before I even wrote that? Then again, who gives a shit? It’s one side of an exchange of a 4 yr old flame war.

    Don’t leave out SmokeOR defending me when he was at war with SRD for years on end either –

    Or what others think about his crazy outbursts at other forums.


  33. yeah, that about sums up what a piece of shit Todd is. Glad somebody got a screen of that shit as he was notorious for posting shit and then taking it down. I have meet 12 year olds with more respect and tact.


  34. I’m sure you’ve met a lot of 12 year olds at SRD. Including the 12 yr old that was being stalked in addition to me and others, remember him? The pre-teen African-American kid, where one of the mods was displaying his picture at SRD and bullying the shit out of him.


  35. I don’t store pictures of 12 year olds on my computer for months at a stretch for any reason (I deleted that shit altogether), simply because I don’t want any part of it, whether SRD is stalking the kid or not. Although, drawing attention to that on reddit was one of the reasons why kirbyfighter deleted all of his pro SRD comments and issued me his secret back door apology.

    Quote me from 10 months ago –

    “SRD also (after a year) just yesterday hid away their 80 page stalker thread. By page 80 they had proceeded to cyberstalk and bully a 13 yr old kid by posting HIS picture in the exact same stalking thread. Just because you remove the thread doesn’t make it go away. Just 6 days ago and the shit-show known as SRD is stalking a 13 yr old”

    I’m done with your waste of time drama. Nobody cares about your endless excuses to justify the weird as shit cyberstalking of me and other people. The repeated dmca fraud in addition to the compulsive insanity over a video game is some lame and pathetic shit. End of story. Get a life already.


  36. 1-So I was a liar? Nope seems your busted Mr. Todd Ryan Weaver. Smoke never posted anything in open public about his daughter you did. You posted that information you liar. But just like always you try to spin it on someone else. The bottom line here guys is that Todd opened this pandora’s box and wants to cry foul on the guys that will never (because of what he did to Smoke) ever let him live it down. When someone stoops that low then I say whatever he gets is what he deserves.

    2-Todd looks like to me all he did was slam a layer or two of yours so you think it was ok to bring a deceased family member into this drama? No sir alot of people didnt see it that way only you.

    3-The crap slinging at that time from all the modders was going both ways. The big thing here is that everyone according to basically all the heavy hitters in modding made up Todd but wouldnt let you back into the fold so thats basically why YOU WENT BATSHIT CRAZY on them.

    4- That post Smoke made was way before all this crap started Todd when you both were on the DMR modding team I believe.

    Todd you brought this all on yourself. You can sit here and blame whomever you want but it wont change the fact you are indeed a no class clown and anyone that takes up with you or on your side is the same. I dont blame most of them though because you have lied to them over and over.


    1. Kirbyfighter, last time I’m gonna go over this shit –

      weeks of this now, starting with – we doxxed Todd to figure out he had been charged with some misdemeanors 17 years ago, to a hundred pages later, Todd said really mean things 4 years ago…

      You – Lets all troll this guy for months on end because he doesn’t conform to the SRD community standard. Since the trolling isn’t getting him to quit producing templates for mods SRD doesn’t support, lets up the trolling to include copyright fraud against him to various sites he’s uploading his work at…

      …And lets file a bunch of steady complaints to his site host and file host in attempt to get his entire body of work wiped clean off the internet..

      …Hold on, I’ve just had a horrific tradgedy occur in my personal life, lets stop trolling Todd for a minute and annouce my situation all over the community…

      (then not even a week later)

      Okay, lets troll Todd some more (yeah, we got his site taken down for 5 days over yet another copyfraud complaint) Lets all go over to SRD and rub that in his face while we call him ‘Toad’ and engage in a site to site flame war with him (and file more complaints)…

      What? The guys pissed off and calling me out over the fact that I should have better things to do than troll him over nr2003 considering such a profound tradegedy has just occured in my life? Lets doxx him and friends of his, lets setup a dedicated stalking site revolved around stalking them all, save irrelevant screen shots for years on end for trolling ammo while we troll him non stop across the internet, and file copyfraud complaints against anybody we feel…

      That’s the situation.

      But even if you remove me from the equation altogether. Before I was even in the nr2003 community, ‘Smoke’ was at war with over a truck mod. He wormed his way into DMR and that war evolved into being ‘at war’ with SRD over a cup and nationwide mod. Face it, SRD and smoke have been in a constant flux of drama and war with just about everybody in the community. In the case of SRD, even warring between their own mods and site members when the external community wars die down. ‘Smoke’ and SRD are drama, period. And I’m not the only one in the community who sees it like that.

      Again, remove me from the equation…

      You and SRD trolled James in the exact same way as me (fraud dmca complaints included) 50 comments to his tumblr in-box per hour courtesy of yourself ‘kirbyfighter’, aka ‘a concerned Journalist’, aka ‘concerned’ (and retarded geek shit like “how long does poop stay in your ass” or uploading gay porn vlips to the ovg wiki.

      You need to get a life, Kirby. I didn’t bring up Smoke or that irrelevant drama after 100 pages already (you did) You should take your own advice and stop involving yourself in shit that doesn’t even concern you. I am not seeking you or anybody else out on the net, trolling sites that you frequent, or having anything to do with any of you whatsoever. And the pathetic trolling is not going to get me to quit making pretend race cars (sorry about that) Time to stop trying to involve me in your daily lives and drama. I’m done with it.


  37. Same tired old words you keep using. YOU brought this all on yourself. Now everyone can see you for what you really are. Have you even listened? How long has it been since you had a dmca? This isnt about a a video game Todd Ryan Weaver. Nobody cares about a template or a mip file. They care about you being the douche you really are and will never let you infect another community without at the least letting the members there know what they are dealing with. You have been exposed. You cant run from it. They know now Todd Ryan Weaver. But you will try and turn it all around like you are the sad little victim and say it just isnt true what the bad guys are saying about me and I didnt have a DUI because it was a case of mistaken identity and I didnt have a conviction on 2 other charges one being on violence itself. Those werent you either were they Todd Ryan Weaver. You didnt do it and it was all somebody elses fault. You need to view your own life (meaningless as it is) and discover that the facts dont lie.
    Theres no way anyone can say that you are the only one that has done wrong here but the fact remains YOU need to take ownership of what you have done. Until then I suppose you will continue to get what you deserve.


  38. Hey toad your arrest was first, a seat belt (you said it) but it was for drunk/drugs driving. The domestic violence was the victims fault. You’re just like every ex-con, always innocent no matter what they do.

    What an asshole you are. We all got your booking numbers. ROFLMAO


  39. Todd Ryan Weaver is not fit to be a human being, he has elevated common dirt to being more valuable than his contributions made his entire life. He is dead to the rest of the world. Never have I seen the behavior of something (that’s right- ‘something’) so despicable, it’s pushing for a loss for words. You fit right in with KIm Jong Un as the most hated person alive.

    That’s your life accomplishment.

    Good on ya, asshole


  40. And really thats all you people have to say is all this still going on? Not wow we didnt know he was a sick twisted idividual that at the least deserves half the crap he has had thrown at him? Did you read what he posted about those two deceased people? How could you not be disturbed by that?


    1. Hm, maybe because he has a perfectly valid point that this ‘smoke’ person (child) should have been doing everything in his power to get that POS away from his daughter, who had clearly been in danger for years, instead running around the forum talking shit right after it happened with his gun-related avatar?

      Sounds like he was really broken up about it… NOT. Maybe because he’s a bumpkin POS himself, too methed out to even realize.

      “Concerned”? You sound concerned that this Todd guy was able to strike back so effectively against you useless people, all through public record.

      I don’t even consider it eye-for-an-eye, more like a justified response.

      “LMAO” and ‘I bet he wishes he could do that’ are the sort of phrases used by those that are suffering from grief, eh?

      Frankly, nothing you’ve said has changed my opinion. You’ve merely confirmed my suspicion and the information James presented. Good work.

      Just in case you’re wondering, your type is the exact reason I never get involved with racing sims that focus on oval. I’ve dealt with more than enough ‘diehard nascar fan’ types in my time to realize that more often than not, I would rather put you on your gelatinous ass than listen to 5 seconds of your uneducated bullshit.


    1. Never met or talked to the guy, never had interest in anything you guys do, never visited SRD for more than a general glance and I was completely unaware of your idiotic behavior until I saw it on here.

      I actually found it funny how similar my last paragraph is to what Todd said in one of your little screencaps… Apparently, we have similar opinions.

      I didn’t even read that last paragraph until after I made the comment.

      Also, I’ve only ever posted under this name, aside from once as ‘anon’ by accident.

      As far as I know, this Todd guy only posts under one name.

      As for you? Seems like we’ve seen three names; Concerned Journalist, Kirbytweaker and now just ‘Concerned’.

      Do you now realize how foolish you appear, using multiple accounts to agree with yourself? That’s just how weak your representation is.


      1. Todd Stark, Todd Tomiak,Todd Ryan Facebook accounts dating pre 2011. SO, “fairly new to Facebook” is just as much bullshit as your entire existence in the nr2003 community. You are well documented exploiting, and attempting to embarrass folks on every single wad of shit websites you’ve had. Rioux, hodge, Heavy, burnout, iceman, wrangler, O’Reilly, Coral, Bill Anderson, Harkenloder, bowtie, Raybee, Rogue, Smoke, kingDA, Hoosierdaddy, highjinxtatoo just to name a few. You’ve made videos, Photoshop’d peoples personal pics you collected all attempting to defame, slander and embarrass people. Well, like James’s suggestion “embarrass them”. I guess it’s your turn now Mr. Weaver. Your heart hurt brad374 definitely showcases your own doxxing, cyberstalking activity. YOU are one sick fuck, and deserve evrything these folks throw at your worthless woman beater ass. Lastly sb70-e123, you were the who bragged numerous times how these stupid fuckers didn’t even know your real name. Hide and seek ain’t so fun anymore is it? You weirdo.


      2. Duplicate spam… I’m not going to copy and past my reply. Repetition does not give your opinion any more weight.

        If you’re interested in reading (instead of running your mouth/displaying angst and ignorance), look near the bottom of the comments section.

        Don’t reply to me with more spam, fool. Address what I’ve been saying or move on.


  41. Do you realize you are talking out of your ass? So just like Todd make things up as you go? I dont know a concerned journalist nor a kirbytweaker. Seems they have thier own opinion of Todd just Like I do. You have yours and thats ok to but your dead wrong about some of the events that took place. Forget the ordeal with Smoke. What about this girl he has now took to beating down? Is that ok to? Do you not see a pattern? Are you to blind to see what he does? What did she do to deserve what he said? Did she turn Todd down when he made a drunken pass at her one night or what? He has a hard on for her now and it certainly hasnt been 3 years. Explain that e123. I really dont know how much more evidence you people need to see how big of a douche he is.

    You wont find any info like this on the guys he has blasted but he cant say the same now can he. And you just wait he has an explanation so called clearing himself of these to.

    I did what I came here for to show the real evidence. Take it as you want to but this guy is a douche. Theres no where in my posts that says Smoke isnt an asshole. He is a self proclaimed one but unlike Weaver boy he has owned his. Say what you want but facts are facts. Weaver said in an earlier post screen caps couldnt be posted and were. Who is the liar?


    1. I’m absolutely confident that I could easily dig up misdemeanors and unspecified ‘DUII’ on the vast majority of SRD members. Particularly for those who have been breaking the law in an attempt to suppressed this guys content.

      Forgive me for confusing you guys, you all seem to have similar problems with grammatical errors.

      What’s your legal full name again? You know, just for the ‘record’.

      Idk what girl your talking about. Maybe I missed it, as I saw little point to reading further after your first presentation of his ‘horrible’ behavior.

      I generally assume people will put their strongest piece of evidence first when attempting to be persuasive. Considering you do not put this ‘legend of some girl/Todd’ as the primary form of evidence, I doubt you have all that much to present.


    1. March 27, 2013 2:22 pm

      QUEENSBURY — An employee of the Wal-Mart store off Quaker Road was arrested early Wednesday after he was caught stealing items from the store, and police believe he stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of merchandise over the last few months.

      Kevin M. Talley, 20, of Fort Edward was charged with third-degree grand larceny, a felony, after an investigation by State Police and Wal-Mart security, authorities said.

      Police believe he stole electronics, DVDs and video games while working at the store. He was caught leaving the store with more than $3,000 worth of purloined items Tuesday night alone, authorities said.

      Some of the merchandise was recovered after he was confronted by security officials and police late Tuesday.

      Police believe he had been selling the items online.

      State Police were continuing to investigate the allegations on Wednesday. The loss totaled at least $10,000 and could approach $50,000, authorities said.

      Talley was arraigned and sent to Warren County Jail for lack of bail.

      I’m too lazy to even begin double-checking or log into facebook. Either way, close enough to piss off the little pony and momentarily disrupt his land of ‘friendship’ and ‘magic’.

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  42. e123 you sound just like Todd. Perhaps you are? Since you only read what you want therefore your opinon cannot be considered viable at all. But just for giggles heres the link again. No legend asshole facts.

    Mod Edit: Link removed.


    1. “No legend, asshole ‘facts’.”

      When you don’t know how to write correctly, your statements are really up for interpretation…

      So you do think I’m ‘Todd’, along with James, B. Americano and a few others?
      I knew you were going to say that eventually, haha!
      So far, you SRD people have decided that nearly every commenter posting in disagreement with your version/interpretation of events must be ‘Todd’.
      If it wasn’t you making those accusations early on, then I suppose there’s some sort of psychological profile waiting to be developed for SRD members in general.

      Also, my mistake confusing you for ‘Concerned Journalist’ specifically. Clearly, you are not the same person, even though you have similar usernames.
      No sarcasm there, either. Totally different writing styles and English levels.

      Looks like the link got snipped. If I get bored later, I’ll entertain your paranoia and dig through the comments again to see what you’re all worked up about.


  43. Yup notice Toad wont reply but all of a sudden 123 is here posting shit out his ass, defending him? Toad has an MO after all, he is a repeat offender criminal, and an online cyber, doxing, bully. Hiding his name for years. Toad (Todd Ryan Weaver) is a cowardly piece of shit.

    He picks on little girls, and hits them then says it was their fault. He is an ex con who begs to plea bargained arrests. Multiple times!!

    He gets a DUI and says it was mistaken identity. Says it was a seat belt violation LOL. A pathetic stupid liar. Now he’s caught AGAIN!

    Look at his booking pictures. A face of a guilty asshole pissed at getting caught, again and again. He is always innocent.

    Every post he made over the years blames everyone else for his mental state. The whole community hates him, for his slander, and laughs at the psycho clown at the same time.

    An artist? He draws dicks on prison and toilet walls. Dreams of them, probing his ass and mouth, over and over.

    Todd Ryan Weaver “This is YOUR Life”


    1. lol, you sound very angry…. Excellent! Another ‘everyone who disagrees is Todd!’ claim, too!

      Several (if not all) of the ‘points’ you repeat have been addressed by ‘toad’ early on. I find his explanations and behavior to be far more supportive of his side of the story. Meanwhile, you continue to dissolve any faith I may have had in your opinion. You should really work on suppressing that bat-shit insane streak. Also, try to present your arguments in a format that is at least slightly above elementary school level.

      You and ‘Concerned’ also have a very similar level of ‘english’…..

      Are you absolutely sure you aren’t agreeing with yourself, maybe due to some inexplicable freak occurrence?

      Frankly, you sound unbalanced and I’m slightly concerned that my ability to get you frothing at the mouth will result in some sort of insane outlash against this Todd guy.

      On one hand, that would make me feel pretty guilty and sad. On the other hand… I really enjoy the level of crazy you project.

      You don’t have a goddamn clue who I am and you’ve probably never seen me on any website/forum you visit. Certainly not at SimRacingDicks…

      …Did you do any screaming while you typed that?


  44. Yep toad’s alter ego. You can tell by the shit for brains comments spewing from his mouth. TOAD er Todd Ryan Weaver criminal LOLOLOL


    1. Well, I have to go to work, so I will resume this later today and read the link spam you’ve been posting for days.

      Just something that jumped out at me immediately….. you made a .pdf out of a jpeg screenshot?
      What purpose do you think that serves?


    1. Thank you for providing that link!
      You are claiming that ‘Todd’ wrote the post you linked to, yes?

      Since you seem to lack any tangible ability with relation to reading comprehension, let me explain what I just read:

      Someone (‘Todd’, apparently) lost a first cousin and presented very compelling evidence that his wife was attempting to run a sympathy scam, along with several damning pieces of evidence both the wife and her ex-husband may have been involved in his death.

      I’ve dealt with several manipulative outright bitches and even my own brother fell pray to one. The account on that blog rings incredibly true based on my own real-life experiences. No one has died (yet), but all the details align perfectly.

      If Todd did write that post, then allow me to inform you that he definitely does not have a ‘hard on’ for this ‘poor girl’, just as I have nothing but contempt for my brother’s POS ex.

      EVERYTHING I just read (and I read all of it) directly supported my initial impressions.

      I’ve held off on voicing my honest opinion of you, until now.

      You are an uneducated, cock-sucking piece of shit who sympathizes with con artists, irresponsible fathers and low-life scum of the worst sort.

      Thank you for providing this last piece of evidence, I now have zero doubts about your real character.


  45. Fact=Spam? Wow.

    And no I made a pdf out of a cached webpage that your buddy deleted so people couldn’t see it because he loves to cry show me a screen cap.

    He definitely has found the right crowd to hang out with. If you can’t see what a douche he is by now you never will. Goodbye madam/sir.


    1. I have set up a server for you to upload to directly, avoiding any chance of data interception.

      Please provide me with your glorious .pdf asap, thank you.

      Link for direct upload available upon reply.


      1. Ready to upload? Traceroute is waiting!

        I think ‘todd/toad’ is tired of this confrontation. I, however, am not.

        I’ve suddenly become very interested in figuring out exactly who you are and researching your criminal history.

        Unlike you, I have access to the same database that is used by LE when they run your tags, pull your ass over and check you license. I don’t rely on shit-tier sites that directly benefit from posting the least accurate information possible in an attempt to extort takedown fees from their victims.

        Expunged your record yet? Doesn’t matter, all the data is still available.

        Have fun while you’re waiting, bitchass.


    2. ‘A pdf out of a cached webpage’…

      Yeah, thanks for verifying that you are indeed a clueless idiot.

      I confident that you’re not smart enough to even utilize a VPN correctly, so you might as well just reveal your legal name right here.

      I’ll give you some time to think about this situation you’ve engineered, as it’s going to take very little effort on my part to find the information I require.

      I have resources you’ll never be capable of accessing and no horse in this race. Aside from increasing levels of sympathy for the target of your idiotic campaign, it’s all entertainment for me.

      If you really, honestly believe I’m in any way affiliated with your arch enemy, you’re more incompetent than I ever imagined.

      Please continue creating .pdfs and spamming links to archived pages (yes, 4 links to the same data is considered spam in anyone’s book), as they do NOT support your position at all.

      Goddamn astounding display if I’ve ever seen one.


      1. Oh but you are affiliated. And you know it. That’s why you hide, just like the toad lol Toad’s MO over and over the community hates you and will be glad when your extinct.

        You are asshole buddies ROFLMAOAY


      2. I was really hoping you would fire back with a decent reply.

        I like to have my impressions challenged and I gave you multiple chances to put your best arguments forward.

        Now that your ‘evidence’ has been studied, you’re defaulting back to the same ‘arguments’ you originally made, except now I’m just his affiliate. I thought I WAS todd? Did you finally realize that we don’t have the same writing style?
        My compulsive line breaks should have tipped you off weeks ago.

        Do you really think you’re persuading anyone with these tactics?


  46. Todd Stark, Todd Tomiak,Todd Ryan Facebook accounts dating pre 2011. SO, “fairly new to Facebook” is just as much bullshit as your entire existence in the nr2003 community. You are well documented exploiting, and attempting to embarrass folks on every single wad of shit websites you’ve had. Rioux, hodge, Heavy, burnout, iceman, wrangler, O’Reilly, Coral, Bill Anderson, Harkenloder, bowtie, Raybee, Rogue, Smoke, kingDA, Hoosierdaddy, highjinxtatoo just to name a few. You’ve made videos, Photoshop’d peoples personal pics you collected all attempting to defame, slander and embarrass people. Well, like James’s suggestion “embarrass them”. I guess it’s your turn now Mr. Weaver. Your heart hurt brad374 definitely showcases your own doxxing, cyberstalking activity. YOU are one sick fuck, and deserve evrything these folks throw at your worthless woman beater ass. Lastly sb70-e123, you were the who bragged numerous times how these stupid fuckers didn’t even know your real name. Hide and seek ain’t so fun anymore is it? You weirdo


    1. Still can’t figure it out?

      You’ve never talked to me before outside of here and you certainly don’t know who I am. Again….never been involved with SRD and definitely don’t want to be part of your ignorant little group who makes a huge deal out of a ‘workflow’ not unknown to 10 year old kids.

      Again, your buddy ‘smoke’ sat by while his daughter was beaten multiple times.

      I’ll go with the guy who might be telling the truth about false charges, rather than the guy who let his daughter get killed.

      Enjoy your false position of ‘morality’.


  47. The best stance on morality would be, to maybe just leave the the horrible tragedy out of an internet debate. It has no place but to dig at someones misfortune with painful situation most people could never understand. I am all for bashing someone but damn there has to be a line.


      1. You know what, I don’t know jack shit about Todd and his family. I always keep my fun with him relative to what has transpired in our conversations. He gets those insults from others cause of his past actions, I don’t see the need in that type of behaviour, so I try to stay away from it. I don’t think the loss of family members should ever be ammo. Everything else is pretty open game though lol


  48. I’ve also never posted pictures of him as he has of me. Which I could care less about but the fact remains, he has done all the things he cries foul about done to him.


    1. Actually, I think you’ve been pretty reasonable compared to the rest of the SRD representatives and your last point is at least mostly true.

      I don’t know the timeline and knowing exactly who did what first wouldn’t invalidate your point, either.

      If you really didn’t engage in the whole ‘dox everyone related’ nonsense, then good for you.

      “I’ve also never posted pictures of him as he has of me.”

      If that’s true, good for you for staying on the high ground.

      I think you may have legitimate personal complaints about his behavior, while the rest simply sound hypocritical at best.


  49. 1. Todd never doxxed anybody. Hijinxtattoo (who won’t reveal his actual name) posted up his own pics at SRD years ago.

    2. Todd never posted up pics of anybodies girlfriends, their home residences, or dedicated an entire website to webstalk.

    3. Todd never filed a string of fraudulent copyright complaints against anybody.

    4. Todd doesn’t follow Hijinxtattoo around on the internet daily non stop for years on end like he does Todd.


      1. But you in fact do follow him around the net. Evident your participation here in addition to signing up to reddit a year ago simply to engage him.

        And here’s another convoluted story to justify your Todd obsesssion. Over 3 years ago since this was written, yet you nor anybody else mention anything about Todd doxxing or posting up anbodies pics. In fact, the exact same trollling identities like ‘fed up’ are showing up there like they have been here. Coincidence? I think not.


      2. You failed to mention the fact that you posted your picture willingly on the same forum.

        That’s a pretty important aspect that you failed to mention.

        I’m ashamed that I thought you might be credible…


  50. Don’t have to justify anything. I am not a bad guy and give two fuck what anyone thinks. Nr2003 is a small community, we will always run in to each other. Happy coincidence not stalking. That dude is garbage and I have no problem sharing it. I think it’s only fair, he gets a space to slander, someone should say what they know.


    1. Hijinxtattoo, your reddit activity isn’t you accidentally running into Todd by “happy” coincidence. You purposely signed up to engage him and for no other reason. That’s called net-stalking. Same as you are doing here. 100 percent of your comments and attention on this blog are also devoted to Todd and nothing else. For a guy you supposedly think is ‘garbage’, you sure spend an awful lot of your time following him around the net.


      1. lol, ok i wont deny if i see Todd on any website that I jump around to in the community. i always call that fucker out as a lying shitty excuse of a breathing bag of useless flesh. You got me. Seriously, come on.


      2. check and see when I signed up a redddit. better yet, see when i was a member of “house of hardtops”. I was a supporter of that dipshit till he dicked some friends around, Then attacked me. at the EU website, because I held mebership at SRD. Well all that followed was an amazing display of pure human garbage. Like the stuff at the bottom of an abortion clinic dumpster.


  51. lol, e123. “posted your picture willingly on the same forum.” that little bitch searched threw my old post, (that one linked was 2013) to find flame material on me. I didn’t go threw that nonsense, I just called him out and said “man up” so, what more are you missing?


    1. What’s impossible not to miss is that you’re raging over pointless video game drama on a friday night during the height of summer. Which in addition to your lame as shit stalking obsession confirms that your life really must suck.


      1. the height of summer? Are you fucking twelve? I was actually pretty thrashed last night and a lot of these comments are new to me. My stance is still the same though and you must be pretty ignorant for trying to defend any of Todd’s actions. But hey that is your business man, and I don’t give a shit honestly.


  52. 94 days in the season. We are 42 days in. So we are pretty well in the middle. So yeah technically, it is the height of summer. Plus, the guy you’re stalking hasn’t done anything that could be deemed illegal or even wrong. But impersonating copyright ownership against him and others is in fact illegal to do.


    1. What does any of that have to do with me? Seriously, he just bashes anyone associated with SRD and the dude is cancer to every site he goes to. He starts telling his bullshit stories and claims to be a victim of SRD without giving all the details. THEN it attracts the attention of people like me and we come to call him out, that is not stalking. That is doing a public service to keep people from associating with a manipulative jack ass. lol

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Drawing attention to years of repeated copyright fraud, doxing, lengthy stalking threads at SRD, members there harassing some girl along with publishing pictures of her house on a dedicated site along with photoshopped pictures of both her and Todd isn’t ‘bashing’

        I’ve seen a lot of others complaining about SRD too (not just Todd) Including those on reddit actually thanking him for removing a few SRD trolls (including you) who have nothing better to do with their lives it seems. E123 is correct, you people are trash and flat out stupid morons on top of matters.

        Like your SRD trolling partner on this blog, who is on probation for ripping off walmart to the point in where police actually raided his home. I wonder how many stolen items were fenced to SRD members considering he doesn’t seem to have a life outside of there? In fact, I should contact his parole officer and inform them of the years of online cyberstalking and fraud he’s helped engage in with others from SRD over a video game. Kevin Michael Talley, Warren County New York (now that would be a public service)

        “Talley agreed to a plea deal in Warren County Court that places him on interim probation for a year. If he does well, he faces 5 years on probation. If not, he faces incarceration of up to 7 years in state prison.”

        Liked by 1 person

  53. Like I said, there’s more to the story than the bullshit you keep repeating, but hey, live life as blinded as you want. I am not changing my views cause you like sucking his dick.


    1. Yet you’ve had weeks to tell ‘your side’ of the story which amounts to you hiding behind a computer screen for years stalking a guy and anybody you can possibly associate with him over some shitty video game. You’d think by now you’d take it to the guys face instead of stalking him around the net and digging into his past like some kind of scorned bitch that got bent over and didn’t get called back the next day.


  54. What these morons fail to realize is New York has severe penalties for cyberstalking beyond most states, next only to California. And factoring in using the DMCA act as leverage to engage in this type of shit, could only make matters worse. The original fraud DMCA that was served (along with an electronic signature which is as good as using his own John Hancock) was submitted by Danny Coral who also appears to reside in New York according to the ‘845’ prefix on the complaint:

    What you have is not only an electronic trail of fraud with premeditated intent to cyberstalk, harass, defame, libel, and slander others, but charges of conspiracy could also be brought considering the number of individuals involved.


  55. You guys are on crack, seriously. Your fucking stupidity is amazing, but fantastic entertainment, I will be here as long as you need to be told. Truth will prevail


  56. The truth is you’ve been hiding your identy for years while exploiting others for your own entertainment. Now the community knows that Todd Ryan Weaver aka sb70 was nothing more than a social recluse with a past of slapping his girlfriend around.. kind of hard to take anything you say serious you glue sniffing fruit loop.


  57. His identity and personal life is nobodies business but his own. Although I admit, I’m dying to see what the rest of this SRD group looks like at this point. Especially Danny, the guy responsible for the fraud considering his boasting about how forthcoming he is in regard to himself and so seemingly proud to post up his own pics in addition to things like his diploma lol.

    BTW this is for Todd or anybody looking to contact that bronies PO.

    Be sure to stress that Kevin Talley and his online buddies main agenda looks to be inciting violence against others online by disclosing their personal and private information in addition to spreading lies about them. I’m sure they’ll be more than interested.


    1. You know… There are legal grounds here, without a doubt.

      Best act right if you have PO, kids. It’s surprising how little most POs actually know about those they supervise, so I’m confident it would all be new information.

      Go to the thread with their pictures. Many of them fit pre-conceived notions.


  58. Dear Anonymous aka TODD RYAN WEAVER we have a ton of your RockyButte Pub’s names and Anonymous emails are ready to go out soon with your public record arrests information to all of them. Also some past posts are too. How does it feel? Bend over bitch.SLAP SLAP SLAP

    Yes we know Anonymous posting shit is you and you will never guess how. Who’s your daddy now, ex-con piece of shit bitch. HAHAHA


    1. You sound like you know what you’re talking about.

      I have a job available for someone with your talents… Let me know if you’re interested.


      1. Odd you mention employment involving yourself Todd, you should consider real work, instead of walking down to collect empties, and clean puke off the shit house walls of that dump you blow your welfare pay on.


      2. That’s funny. Again, I am not Todd, nor have I ever collected any sort of welfare.

        You likely commit welfare fraud regularly. Uneducated drunks don’t have many relevant skillsets.


  59. So, it is not all one sided at Mr. Weaver presents it is it now………………. this would have never happened if he was not drunk and had run off at the mouth……….


    1. Your character assassination of him is truly remarkable.

      Never mind that SRD members frequently mistake anyone opposed to them as “Toad”


  60. The only person who doesn’t know toad is a loser is toad. Even honey boo-boo knows. The evidence is in all the loser posts you made. You doxer,cyberstalker, vidya playa fucking moron. Notice if you are not behind bars, you are in one. HAHAHA


  61. The obvious difference between Kirby and Todd Ryan Weaver is that Weaver spent the past 5+ years dedicating himself and his crack house free sites to costant slander, stalking, defamation,obsessing, and trying to embarrass several members of the NR2003 community. Despite a blemished record, Kirby has contributed to and been a pretty friendly and helpful member. Weaver is the exact opposite. To top it off Todd Ryan Weaver has a documented past of slapping his then girlfriend around. The math is pretty simple IMO.


  62. Must live a sad life to scour the internet and take screen shots of what people are saying about you, then post them all the time. But then again it it is also quite strange some of the things said are same style wording and writing. You seem to only tell one side of the story. Makes one wonder if that time you were drunk and running off at the mouth , if any of this would have ever transpired.

    As one can tell, he has a thing for Om3Ga and makes up things about them. Just like how it is also rather odd that anyone who posts negative things are ALWAYS SRD members and get bashed by him and his aliases.

    Remember, at then end of the day, when you look in the mirror, you are the one to blame for putting yourself in this position. No one else to blame but yourself…………………


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