Assetto Corsa Opening the Door for Modders to Implement iRacing-like Ranking Systems

Stefano Casillo of Kunos Simulations has gained a small but loyal following over the past few weeks, livestreaming various Assetto Corsa coding sessions on YouTube to give hardcore fans some insight as to what goes into developing a modern racing simulation.

In the fourth installment of “Look What the Cat Hacked In”, Stefano spends some of his time on the stream coding in functionality for Collision Reports and Race Reports for the game’s multiplayer component. Essentially, after the end of each online race, a future version of the game will generate a log file that intricately breaks down each on-track incident during the course of the race.

The file is intended to be used by large mod teams like RSRLiveTiming who are interested in implementing a tangible XP aspect for their online servers to mirror the iRating feature found in iRacing. With some work by third party modders, it’s entirely possible we could see a community based around organized online racing with scheduled start times and a progressive skill rating system – all within Assetto Corsa.


7 thoughts on “Assetto Corsa Opening the Door for Modders to Implement iRacing-like Ranking Systems

    1. What worries me is that (possible future matchmaking service for AC) is going to be paid. Wouldn’t it work better with ads? More people would join, giving a bigger base to their system.


      1. I was kind of expecting it to be paid. The racing sim community is used to paying for everything, especially when it comes to online racing (iRacing’s service, rFactor 2’s inexplicable MP license, R3E’s paid content) so I doubt anybody would bat an eye to this being some kind of subscription based service.

        Which is a shame, because what the genre really needs is a free, easy to use, and reliable alternative to iRacing.


  1. Server farms cost money; coders and programmers cost money; even live admins can cost money…a free iracing would be nice, but not very realistic….a much, much cheaper iracing type service could absolutely become a reality though, mainly because of not needing to buy content at 10+ dollars each.


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