8:10 Podcast Episode 9 – IP Banned

Chris and James of PretendRaceCars.net discuss the fallout of their iRacing Street Stock article, what the Kunos coding livestreams mean for the community, talk about Chris having to deal with the gMotor engine once the V8 Supercars are released for Game Stock Car Extreme, and elaborate on the future of the site.

5 thoughts on “8:10 Podcast Episode 9 – IP Banned

  1. Fan says:

    I am having a hard time trying to figure out what the issue is that some people and other sites are having with this one. This is my favourite site for sim racing news, gossip, reviews and other articles and is far more informative then the aggregate type sites that like Virtual R, BSim Racing and so forth which just spew the same developer press releases over and over again. Your podcasts are well spoken, informative and interesting to listen to.I caught up with them over the weekend and I was surprised how professional you two presented yourselves.

    Keep up the good work.

    I’m going to click on that Fantatec ad so you can earn some ad revenue now.

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  2. ooorickybobby says:

    Quote from Chris, “I’m not going to beg and ask you for money”
    Fuck that, I need an H pattern and I am broke, bitches……..please send cash

    Quote from James, “Our reputations can’t get any lower”
    Just wait until I decide to chime in on a podcast. You aint seen shit until you see all the people that hate me come out of woodworks….it seems that the combo platter of being an AC fanboy (with bitching big ass pom poms) along with being a voice of reason in a world full of stupid gets you on a lot of peoples shit lists….add to that the fact that I literally give no fucks and it ends up that I am hated on boards across the interwebz that I don’t even visit.

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    1. Chris says:

      did you just shill for your self in your own comment

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      1. ooorickybobby says:

        I am a fan of me, it is true.


    2. e123 says:

      I saw at least one shill saying something here recently. Seemed unreasonably pissed off. Can’t remember, the rest of the comment was clearly bs anyways.



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