NASCAR drivers Alex Bowman and Ryan Ellis slam iRacing on Twitter

Twitter can be a pretty crazy place, and the world of auto racing has found a home in the popular social media platform. Fans can often bombard their favorite drivers all sorts of casual questions as if they’re right with them in the autograph line, and sometimes those questions or comments bring driving games into the mix.

A few different Twitter users are discussing the Nationwide Xfinity race before Twitter user Mike Ellis switches the subject to iRacing.

nationwideBoth NASCAR Sprint Cup Series driver Alex Bowman, and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series driver Ryan Ellis, voice their pretty blunt thoughts on iRacing, thoughts that when we’ve shared them in the past, lead to an IP ban:

slamThese aren’t old farts on the grid who consider computers as nothing more than expensive Facebook machines, but young kids who are fully capable of setting up a racing sim properly in an effort to get the most out of it – and whaddya know? They’ve come to the same conclusion that we have.


Ryan Ellis, FDNY Racing Chevrolet and Scott Laggase Jr., NTS Motorsports Chevrolet

3 thoughts on “NASCAR drivers Alex Bowman and Ryan Ellis slam iRacing on Twitter

  1. Dave C says:

    …..waits for hornets to fly from nest. popcorn please!


  2. Anonymous says:

    NHMS has probably always been the best display of how hilariously far off the Cup cars are on iRacing at a given point in time.

    Look at this line. LOOK AT IT AND DESPAIR

    It’s probably gotten closer in the last two years but it’s a track where all the things iRacing’s tires can’t do are all of the things they need the real tires to do.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Hilarious. That line would have you in the wall in the real car.


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