Reader Submission #22 – We’re getting an FIA GT3 game from Polyphony Digital

Huge news for GT3 fans all over the world – we’re getting GTR 3, and it’s made by Polyphony Digital.

Gran Turismo 6

Originally, we received a Reader Submission today from reader Kurei informing us that the staff of are fully aware of the reasons why the Course Maker feature has been strangely absent from Gran Turismo 6, though they refuse to publish what’s kept the mode from the latest version of the world’s biggest racing sim franchise. He sources a comment on a news article where one well-informed user admits GTPlanet are afraid to release the details behind the absence of the feature because it would tarnish their relationship with Polyphony Digital.

GTPlanet is essentially the home of the Gran Turismo community, and officially endorsed by the Gran Turismo team. Leaking certain news would indirectly violate certain NDA’s and get members of the dev team fired – GTPlanet obviously get their info straight from Polyphony, and publishing the info about the track maker would mean someone at Polyphony violated an NDA and talked about something they shouldn’t have.

The comment also says that Polyphony Digital are very busy and don’t have time to support Gran Turismo 6 in a proper manner post-release, or supply meaningful, non-NDA violating pieces of news to GTPlanet – instead working on numerous projects at once, such as GT7, GT Sport, a standalone FIA GT game, and Tourist Trophy 2.

Wait, a standalone FIA GT game?

We don’t know about this.

GTR3This explains the FIA partnership announced last summer – obviously something has to come of this “long term agreement”, and it would only make sense that we’d see some sort of a game based around a large FIA series to kick things off. The classic Gran Turismo game is about car collecting, hardly something that would show off a license with the FIA.

I’m unsure as to what platform this’ll come out for, but given that it was mentioned alongside three other, very real projects in an effort to explain someone’s viewpoint on a completely different issue, and a Google search doesn’t warrant any previous results about a GT3 game from Polyphony Digital aside from the licensing partnership above, the cat’s out of the bag – prepare yourself for GTR 3.

Gran Turismo 6

28 thoughts on “Reader Submission #22 – We’re getting an FIA GT3 game from Polyphony Digital

  1. So who the fuck is the guy who said this stuff and how do you know he’s not talking out of his ass?


  2. Lol, the guy is not informed at all. Most people browsing Gtplanet’s forum knows that some mods knows why the course maker is out yet.

    When he is naming the games, he said “I guess” and he put an “or” not an “and”. That means he doesn’t know anything more than us. is a fucking joke. When you make an article, you should inform people, not misinform them. :/


    1. That’s what they all said when I claimed AC would be coming to consoles based on one Tweet a Kunos dev made about seeing a movie.


      1. But that’s not the same thing. You’re taking a citation from a normal member that doesn’t know more than anyone else.

        And do you think the staff of GTPlanet would let anyone revealed something that is yet to be revealed?


      2. This is a random user however who’s making these speculations, not a GTPlanet mod like Famine, Jordan or AJ.

        It’d be like if I were to say that “Polyphony are probably making a Gran Turismo 3 HD Remaster, which explains why we haven’t heard anything”.

        The Assetto Corsa news was good as you could tie something official to it (the PS4 dev kits), but this is just random forum speculation I’m afraid.


  3. You and Kurei are just over speculating some minuscule stuff, which the GT6 people on GTP do left and right (see the GT Sports thing, which came out from Croatian retailer from GT insider Amar).

    Also, be aware – GT folk are very rabid nowadays and many of them bitch in the circlejerk thread called the epic GT6 whining/crying thread, which has leaked to the entire GT6 forums.


    1. What I find odd, is this is a “reader submission”, yet other than some shitty screencap, I don’t see any sort of ‘submission’ from a ‘Kurei’, like doesn’t James usually just ‘fix typos and post the email’ ?

      Was all that was sent in just a screencap ?, we got one from him last time that showed his interaction with RD, and we got ‘the email’ as well. There’s also more than just this ‘comment’, but it’s like you said, rabid GT fans at each others neck.


      1. It was originally a user submission drawing attention to GTPlanet intentionally holding back news in order to play nice with Polyphony. However, a mention of a full game in development is much more important than a news site withholding info.

        I think I explained that in the actual article though.


  4. Interesting…

    I have been looking for a decent gt3 game for a while but I can never find one.

    I have been seeking here and seeking there but can never be found.


  5. My best guess for why the AC 1.2 update is taking so long is that their efforts have been diluted in Kunos offices , and they are planning an early release of AC2 , netBike 2.0 , and a standalone IndyCar game.

    Where is my article, Austin?


    1. You are wrong. They are planning to release AC 1.1.6 Patch. knows for sure form a screencap. LoL


    2. You’d for sure get an article if Kunos announced a “long-term partnership” with the Verizon IndyCar Series last summer and there’s been no word on it since.

      The writing is on the wall for a lot of different upcoming Polyphony projects and this one appears to be no different. Gran Turismo 7 is already in development, but everyone could have guessed that.

      Gran Turismo Sport got leaked by a retailer – Google searches reveal most GT fans believe it’ll be a spinoff title; a Forza Horizon or Driveclub type game. Kaz himself has also said in an interview with GamePrincess “we will not have to wait until 2017 to play the next Gran Turismo”, and was careful not to call it “Gran Turismo 7.” This dude has been doing interviews since the mid 1990’s, I’m sure that was intentional.

      Lastly, when it comes to Tourist Trophy 2, Kaz has said “can’t say it’s not happening.” Okay, that’s cryptic on it’s own, and then you add in the fact that the PD team was AT the Isle of Man TT event laser scanning the track – the most famous BIKE race in the world. When rumors popped up that PD was scanning Bathurst, we saw it in GT6 a short while later, and the Isle of Man has no place in a racing game focused on cars since it’s a BIKE event.

      As the Project CARS fanboys have said while defending the announcement of pCars 2, you have to have a continuous stream of work in the studio to give the devs something to do.

      That leaves the FIA “long-term partnership”, and an “official online championship.” Well, the WRC is locked up by a shovelware dev, Codemasters has the F1 license, Touring Cars went to R3E, and Le Mans kinda sorta went to Project CARS. You don’t do a huge announcement with a huge motorsports governing body like that unless you’ve got something big up your sleeve. They never did something like that for NASCAR, Super GT, or any other series partially represented within Gran Turismo 6. I don’t see pictures of Brian France and Kaz posing together for a “long-term partnership.”

      You’re left with the Blancpain Endurance Series as a marquee FIA racing series worthy of a video game, something that can be recreated easily in the GT engine and is already partially featured in GT6, and I’m sure when helping out with an online championship, the FIA is going to want their own individual title and not hidden behind 1200 other cars, 900 of which are shitty PS2 models, and a whole bunch of fantasy tracks.


      1. One of the Forza 6 screenshots shows Blancpain cars, so at the very least it won’t be an exclusive partnership.


      2. I agree on that part. I think what we’re going to see happen is a Polyphony Blancpain game come out, and the online championship will be that game’s equivalent of GT6’s “GT Academy” similar to how R3E does their online DTM championship.


      3. I’m not attacking you and have no idea of you’re right or wrong (but hope it’s wrong!), but I follow GT racing closely so just thought I’d clarify a couple of bits.

        The FIA ‘lost’ the connection with SRO over the Blancpain Series; they don’t sanction it any more. Ratel didn’t get the value he was looking for from having to pay and cede power so has gone about it in his own way (correctly IMO) and SRO have the rights now. Which they have sold to iRacing, although I know not if that’s exclusively or otherwise.

        The FIA have tried to keep their hand in GT racing with the establishing of the GT World Cup, which is at Macau this year. Though in a delicious twist, they’ve had to swallow pride and ask Stephane Ratel to help with because they couldn’t find entrants for, that despite Macau’s GT race being a fixture for years. But that’s the only thing resembling ‘FIA’ and ‘GT’ at the moment.

        Technically they own the basic GT3 rulebook, created in working with SRO, and set the baseline BoP. Unfortunately, they don’t have image rights for the manufacturers as some other homologating bodies do (ones where the series has a unique rulebook and a lot of marketing clout, like WRC, DTM, etc), hence they’re always licensed separately.

        I hope the iRacing license with SRO isn’t exclusive, as it would work perfectly in R3E (when they finish Silverstone and Spa they will have the full tracklist for BES), but I fear it might be, seeing as Sector 3 recently released they few liveries they had been previewing as individual cars (the teams retain rights to their own liveries).

        Speculation appreciated, but treat it with apprehension in this context. They may mean something else, such as Blancpain, GT World Cup or something else, but FIA GT series would be pre-2013.

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      4. Calling Blancpain a “marquee series” is kinda pushing it too, it’s mainly glorified playground for rich wannabe racers.


    1. Oh no… too bad PD actually can model and can model in great detail. What they’ll do with their artists? Perhaps lend some to SMS so Ian Bell team can finally produce cars that doesn’t look stretched and weird? (for instance, the weird AMG CLK GTR)

      Back to the topic, I would love to see a multi-platform racing game made by PD. They are really talented and have a great attention to detail.


      1. FYI CLK GTR was modeled by Ales Ogrinc, same guy who made URD cars and created some of models for AC


      2. Too bad they forgot how to make a good game like 10 years ago, GT5 and 6 were utter shit. Yes, they can model, but the truth is that the lazy imported PS2 models in 5 and 6 outnumber the actual PS3 models. And as for the SMS thing, why would you assume that someone who points out PD’s shortcomings is a shill for that garbage? Getting a little defensive now that even the GTPlanet hugbox has realized the latest GT games suck?


  6. Didn’t you get that all this blog posts are nothing that random stuff?
    They are here just to say: “we have a *news* today!”.
    Didn’t you noticed all the articles about project cars after the website owners said: “we wouldn’t talk about project cars anymore…”, until they realized that there wasn’t anything else to talk about, because they doesn’t have the man-power to write something interesting… so let’s troll, clicks are still clicks after all.


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