Slightly Mad Studios Confirm the PS4 Version of Project CARS is BUGGED AT LAUNCH

Thanks to Akuma for sending this one in and giving me a reason to wake up before noon.


The entire thread can be seen over on the PS4 subreddit, detailing what appears to be PS2-style “ghosting”. The graphical effect was used in older PS2 titles like Grand Theft Auto III as a substitute for motion blur, but in 2015, this effect is the sign of a rendering error.

The discussion originally took place on GT Planet (starting on page 509), with a user by the name of SMSRenderTeam confirming that this is indeed a genuine error with the game (skip to page 172 if it doesn’t re-direct properly).

A unique approach to per-object motion blur? Please don’t piss on me and tell me it’s raining.


11 thoughts on “Slightly Mad Studios Confirm the PS4 Version of Project CARS is BUGGED AT LAUNCH

  1. I have played the ps4 version and can confirm that the frames are “dirty”.

    Even in game, each frame presented is contaminated with the previous frame. It’s visible in game, and enhanced even further in some cases due to hardware used by the end user.

    You capture any frame from a PS4 and see the contamination. It’s not a small bug, it’s a huge rendering issue that could potentially impact the ps4 version considerably.

    SMSRenderTeam actually personally coded the DX11 version of the game and confirms this is not present in his code! This is an issue with the PS4 version only. Unfortunately, it’s their biggest pre order version!

    SMS must fix this bug even if it means serious rebuilds to the way the game is rendered and each frame is presented. It’s outrageous that the weaker console looks better than the PS4. This is a perfect example of SMS poorly implementation!

    They can’t blame EA this time!


    1. Ironically A 20yo TV would likely improve the situation as it would be a CRT.

      LCDs by their very nature natively display motion blur as an artefact of how they process/display video on their screen.

      Motion blur is not really needed on games that are displayed on an LCD as they themselves create blur. An LCD will only usually average about 300/500 lines of resolution when a moving image is displayed.

      This is why frame interpolation is needed to hold the resolution above that. With it enabled most TVs display 1080 lines of resolution in motion, but again more artefacts, I happen to review TVs for a UK based AV website and encounter this all day long.

      SMS have truly made a monumental cock up here, as the game looks (without being crude) fucking horrendous on PS4 when compared to XBO “when in motion”

      Looking at the feedback from the render team I don’t think it’s an easy fix either, and it WONT be fixed for launch. They stated that already.

      So it’s a fact that the game will be faulty on PS4 from launch.


    1. I am inviting you to come on the podcast to discuss your game Ian.

      I am particularly interested in discussing how pcars went from community influencing the game design to community viral marketing for you.

      Looking forward to speaking again soon

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  2. Ian have you seen that there is a new blog called “ProjectCunts” and it’s been dedicated specifically to you? I’m not being rude of offensive or anything like that, I’m genuinely just letting you know, it’s true, just search it.

    With that said, I have my my review copy of PS4 cars and can confirm my review WILL advise that the PS4 version is indeed bugged and blurry and it will go up at 9am Wednesday as promised.

    This is not going to a good for SMS, you really have dropped the ball, you didn’t listen, you just wanted to rush out a broken game and take even more people’s money!

    With you at the helm, I think PCars is going to be the Shit2 all over again!


  3. “Some say” it was set up by an ex WMD member and everything will be exposed in the coming months.

    Like I said, I’m not being rude, and it’s nothing to do with me. However over on a specific forum there is a few ex WMD members saying they have a lot to expose and it’s coming soon.

    I can’t blame thrm though, Ian comes across as one of the ugliest human-beings I’ve ever encountered.


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