Old Dudes try to justify spending $1200 on Toy Steering Wheels – Part II

Barry Rowland has put together an 80-minute (!) review comparing the numerous Direct Drive toy steering wheels available for driving game enthusiasts.

The line at 40:10 says it all in regards to the kinds of people pushing these extremely expensive peripherals:

“I’ve been Sim Racing for 10 years and still can’t catch a slide because it’s all muscle memory, now I can!”

You’ve got bigger problems than the wheel you’re using if you’ve gone a whole decade without making any noticeable improvements in your driving skill. These wheels won’t make you faster and are the sim racing equivalent to MLG Pro Controllers, they just cost a whole lot more.


7 thoughts on “Old Dudes try to justify spending $1200 on Toy Steering Wheels – Part II

  1. You should read the iRacing forum on this comparison lot of pissed accuforce owners not happy their over hyped wheel got destroyed by DYI wheel. Its pure comedy how butthurt accuforce owners are. The hype they built on this wheel made project cars look like legit sim game.


  2. I watched that video, my first thoughts they looked pretty amatuer drivers to be judging those wheels. All the gear and no idea.

    Great site by the way, what wheels do you boys run?


  3. if you are all out for immersion maybe this wheels can deliver more than a Logitech,but if you are all about speed any wheel will do, practice is the key of simracing!


  4. This is no different than the track day guys who do 4 events, and then go out and drop $6500 on a set of dual adjustable, remote resevoir coilovers and shocks and another 2k for tires. Having the best stuff is a mental advantage, whether it truly adds to that final tenth or not.


  5. I just wish it wasn’t always focused on PERFORMANCE!!
    Cant we just have these crazy things for the fact that its fun and adds to the immersion?
    It doesn’t have to make you faster, just enhance the fun!
    While some may enjoy sitting down at a rickety old ply wood desk and squint at a 15inch crt monitor whilst grinding away on a Mad Catz steering wheel found on the side of the road,
    Others choose to sink their cash into these things which is fine by me.
    There’s plenty of worse things to spend your money on.


  6. Well, we know the alien crowd running plasticky logitechs opinion on those expensive wheels already and now we know the opinions of some others (who actually have used and the cheap and the expensive ones).

    Lifes not black & white – maybe someone just want’s to have the most immersive experience? Not everybody has the urge to win pretended championships stratched to an old chair in front of their desk. And if they have enough money to throw at the topic, the better for them.

    But I guess if someone offered the author of this article a direct drive wheel for free he’d change his mind – from the look of things he likes getting everything for free.


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