What’s Stefano from Kunos doing in Los Angeles?

asdasdasdasdA cryptic tweet today as Stefano Casillo from Kunos Simulazioni reveals he’ll be traveling to Los Angeles shortly. While on the outset this trip may seem insignificant, E3, the world’s largest consumer video game expo, will take place in the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 16th to June 18th. I’m unsure how Kunos would participate in this year’s convention directly – Assetto Corsa has already been released to PC driving game fans worldwide via Steam, and the team is hard at work building new cars, tracks, and updates to support the game well into the future.

One theory I have is that the game may be formally announced and even demonstrated for the Sony PlayStation 4, but so far there is almost zero talk of a console release on the official forums, aside from rumblings we’ve already reported on, findings that don’t indicate any serious work has been done on bringing the popular racing sim to Sony’s new console other than a “proof of concept” experiment.

nqhSSOz10258223_10202046649641751_7530986638163255551_oI also struggle to comprehend how Assetto Corsa would look on the PS4, as the game is geared towards sim racers and sim racers only. There is no fancy career mode or “game element” like in Project CARS and the Gran Turismo series, things that are pretty much required in a console title at this point.

Another theory I have is that the game will be used to demonstrate the new Logitech G29 toy steering wheel.


Regardless, Assetto Corsa fans should start getting excited for E3 2015 because these guys don’t just fly halfway around the world for no reason.


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