Why Haven’t I Been On DiRT Rally Lately? The Answer is Simple…

Some of you may have noticed that the PretendRaceCars.net DiRT Rally League hasn’t been updated in quite a while. In fact, the tab at the top linking to information about the league has also mysteriously gone missing.

This is why:1435446038343

Steam says I’ve put 43 hours into DiRT Rally. That’s more than enough time to drive all seven stages to the point of exhaustion. Codemasters have done the classic Ridge Racer trick and chopped up each large stage into several smaller portions, giving the illusion of variety when in fact there is next to none.

While Codemasters have given routine updates on the development of the title and promised a steady stream of content throughout the Early Access period, aside from a Force Feedback update that seemed to receive unanimous praise and a Pikes Peak add-on that was basically three cars and one track, people like myself haven’t touched the game in a while.


14 thoughts on “Why Haven’t I Been On DiRT Rally Lately? The Answer is Simple…

  1. Yeah same here…I really hoped that they wouldn’t have used this trick. The Milestone WRC games used it and I hated that. I might be wrong but I don’t remember the old Evolution Studio WRC games for the PS2 doing this, and they had plenty of stages. Its a real shame because they have really got the stage designs down in Dirt rally…we just need more unique stages, lots more unique stages.


      1. The next pack, “Tarmac Terrors” will allegedly add five cars and Germany to the locations list. If Codemasters does the whole “two stages inflated to twelve” thing, it’ll get old in a hurry.

        The Pikes Peak was fun, but it’s one track, and out of the three cars, you’re going to pick your favorite and ignore the other ones.

        Just evolving too slow IMO.


      2. Normal tracks takes minimum a couple of months to make. A rally stage like they are doing probably takes even longer.
        How much tracks does Assetto Corsa have after many years of development? How many tracks did Forza 5 had after probably 3 years of development? Not much.

        Tracks take times to make, give them a chance, if they could do faster, they would.

        If tracks didn’t have variations, they would get boring much faster. Variations of the same track is good.


      3. If Codemasters have any sense, they’ll want to implement support for custom modded tracks. (Especially with that new Race Track Builder tool being in development at the moment.) Most people will probably tire of the stock content within a year or two, but as we’ve seen many, many times in the past, mods could extend the life of the game by a full decade or more.


  2. And what did you expect from an Early Acces game? It is the same thing for Wreckfest. That game is completly dead at the moment.

    That’s what pCars had good during it’s development, imo. With a new version nearly every day, it prevent the game from being “boring” to me. However, the trade-off was that all the versions were unstable


  3. Sorry, but the whole early-access excuse is becoming tired and old. I had the misfortune of buying Next Car Game a couple of days ago and it turned out to be an utter abomination. That was before I found out that the darn thing hasn’t been updated in eight months — a cursory examination of the steam discussion forum shows what looks like pure Stockholm syndrome in full effect.

    The BeamNG guys manages to pump out at least one update a month — granted, they aren’t massive, but in an alpha access game it is essential to demonstrate that the game is actually being developed. This they accomplish, and the updates almost always bring some positive upgrade to the game — along with the typical plethora of crash-to-desktop issues, though stuff like that really does not bother me if the game is fun.

    I can’t speak for Dirt Rally as I don’t own it, but I will say that frequent, if modest, updates do help a lot.


    1. BeamNG came on Steam Early Access quite late. We could buy the game way before that and there was a time where it didn’t update in like 6 months.

      Also, we’re talking about content here. After two years since we can buy it, BeamNG still doesn’t have a lot of content (without the mods).


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