When It Hurts To Watch…

It appears the Call of Duty children can afford to buy their own video games now.

God help us all.


25 thoughts on “When It Hurts To Watch…

  1. It would be difficult to choose which to bash in the face with a brick first between Blackpanthaa and Slaptrain. I have only seen one video from each of them because they are both so annoying, irritating and moronic.

    Please tell me they are not like that in real life.


    1. I’m not sure about the first two “guys” but the last vid with Barnacules is an accurate representation of how HE ACTUALLY ACTS IN PUBLIC!


  2. It’s the pewdiepie effect. The only gaming youtuber I found so far to be genuine is speirstheamazinghd (spelling it out: speirs the amazing hd).


    1. Yup, that Pewdiepie douche definitely deserves repeated and relentless blows to the face with a brick. Oh my god….that cockstain has 37 million subscribers!!! It never ceases to amaze me how retarded most people are.


  3. Far these guys seem less mature than the eggs my 7 year old watches, however they have the excuse of catering to 7year olds, who in the hell over the age of 13 watchs this shit, the BS might of been worth it if they could actually play the games to some degree, all of them looks like the first time ever tried.

    This is why you should never make your “sim” (pcars) for the main stream, you make the most hardcore game\sim you can and then proceed to show ppl like this what a waste of a orgasm they are.


  4. BlackPanthaa – drives the Z06, a left-hand-drive stick-shift, using a right-hand setup…

    I’ve already voiced my opinion on SlapTrain, and holy god I’ve never see a fat fuck move so fast as BN, thank god that seat was braced, lol


    1. I don’t understand, are you suggesting he should physically swap the gear stick over IRL to match whichever car he happens to be driving every time? If so, you have way too much time on your hands.

      Besides, he’s British so the default for him would be a right hand drive setup to match real life driving.


      1. If I’m ‘driving’ a RHD car, that isn’t paddle shift, I’d prefer the shifter be in the ‘correct’ orientation for some extra immersion.

        Some people prefer street cars to use street tires, and race cars to use race tires, we all have our preferences.

        Also explain him driving the P1 in Project CARS with the stick, rather than the paddles ?

        As for time, nigga look in the mirror, we all have some amount of freetime.


      2. If we’re talking about matching ‘real life driving’ in a sim, shouldn’t the position of wheel/pedal/shifter match that of the real car he’s driving ?

        You’re not going to get in the Escort in DiRT, and find the shifter is magically in the driver’s door, so why fake it as LHD ?


    2. Anotherchris – Your original comment was phrased as if not having the stick in the correct orientation was a black mark against his character. If you have the time and inclination to pay attention to such details then good luck to you, but not everyone cares either way, it’s a toy steering wheel attached to a desk to play a video game for fun.


  5. I’m pretty sure that Slaptrain has an IV of energy drinks constantly running into his veins, since he cant shut the fuck up for more than 1 minute.


  6. slap train is literally that obnoxious everywhere, he got banned on an assetto server because of all of his shitter fans coming in and fucking it up for anyone who actually wanted to do some driving and then throw the biggest bitch fit to the admins because he was youtube famous he could do what he wanted.


  7. Must be a sign of getting old when it’s hard to accept that talentless screeching retards are not only getting rich off Youtube videos, they have actual, no-bullshit FANS like they’re Hollywood celebrities or something. Goddamn.


    1. I understand why it happens. Like a children’s show, these YouTubers speak to the audience through the fourth wall and act as if there’s a personal connection between themselves and the viewer, and the lonely souls on YouTube who don’t have much away from the keyboard eat it up. Think of how a Mister Rogers or Barney episode would go – it’s the same approach, just appeals to a different group of people.


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