Reiza Studios will probably hit their Crowdfunding goal!

When we last reported on Reiza Studios’ crowdfunding campaign, we were psyched to know that we were probably going to get Stadium Super Trucks for the Brazilian-centric racing sim.

A few days later, it appears the team will reach their full goal of $78,000 thanks to a last minute push once unlicensed V8 Supercars videos started hitting the internet:

goooooooalAgain, I’d say the mass influx of V8 Supercars videos is partially responsible for this; contributors were finally given beta keys to download a sampling of the upcoming content, and it was very well received by early adopters:

The full list of additional cars coming to Game Stock Car Extreme via the summer crowdfunding campaign are as follows:

  • 2014 V8 Supercars (unlicensed)
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Cup
  • Copa Montana  (Brazil’s version of Austrailian V8 Utes)
  • 2004 Formula One car (unlicensed)
  • Mitsubishi Evo X Rallycross
  • Robby Gordon’s Stadium Supertrucks (unlicensed)
  • Honda Civic & Renault Fluence added to Copa Petrobas de Marcas
  • Formula 3 Brazil
  • One bonus car voted on by the community

Huge additions to an already fantastic racing sim, Game Stock Car Extreme appears to be the all-inclusive racing sim many fans have been crossing their fingers for.

10 thoughts on “Reiza Studios will probably hit their Crowdfunding goal!

  1. Yeah good on ’em. I went from thinking no way they’d make it a few days ago to really having confidence after today’s bump. So much so I’m gonna throw down another fiddy on it after work tomorrow. Hope they make the t-shirts in an AMERICAN size XL. I’m no svelte Brazilian stud. We run a little large in the ‘ol US of A.

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  2. Damn good effort, they were sitting at around 85% this morning (about 5 hours ago).
    Fingers crossed they reach their goal. I pitched in as these guys put all other game developers to shame.


    1. Imagine what Reiza can do with all new software/game engines. Its not just good, its absolutely stunning what Rezia have pulled off with GSC using the older Gmotor engine.

      I’m most impressed with how they create the audio for the cars. The sounds are superb raw and gritty, not like iRacings/pcars real source audio capture that then gets cleaned up removing all the rawness. Reiza sample the gear changes up & down properly, and I love to hear that. So many other games have blippy, fake gearshift sounds, it drives me nuts.

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  3. My prediction: there will be a lot of disappointed chaps in the upcoming weeks.


    1. Why?

      Reiza always delivers a near bug free and largely sublime sim experience. SCE doesn’t look as great as pCARS, Assetto Corsa or R3E but it has sublime physics and FFB that just works out of the box for 99% of the userbase. The coming updates are fantastic.

      Their next sim will be DX12, use isiMotor 2 for the physics and will likely have a new graphics engine, doing away with gMotor as Sector 3 has done with R3E and SMS did with their NFS: Shift releases and TD: Ferrari.

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      1. For real? DX12??! If that’s true, this sim just got into my wishlist. Reiza stuff looks awesome on the modelling bits but the old gMotor can’t deliver anymore. People do forget, but DX9 was released in December 2002. It’s a venerable API, but it’s more than time to let it go.


      2. Yeah, I like how it’s the guys who are trying to scrape together ~80k USD (with some difficulty) that have decided to start talking about dx12 implementations.

        Kinda puts the whole value for dollar and relative skill levels in perspective.

        Because Reiza has engineers with necessary foresight, they understand that avoiding dx12 and sticking with dx11 or 9 is not a smart plan, especially if they end up with enough support for an eventual console release.

        Millions vs. <100k, one team looking forward, the other fucking up dx11 implementations with new levels of shoddy shader abuse, heavy draw call limitations and CPU bottlenecks.

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  4. It’s nice to have a V8 mod that works in SCE that you don’t have to fiddle with the force feedback for hours to get it to feel right. I hope they hit their goal as well as I’ve dropped a bit too for it.

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  5. The latest e-mail update from Reiza:

    “Update 10 – We made it!

    101% and still going strong!

    A very special thank you to everyone who has contributed (and may still contribute!) towards making this campaign successful. The incredible enthusiasm we have witnessed towards our work is as big a boost to our team as the funding itself.

    We assure you all there will be no efforts spared towards justifying your vote of confidence!”

    Congrats to Reiza Studios and the community who got behind the public funding drive.

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