Reader Submission #15 – NASCAR 2003’s Modding Community Is Perfectly Fine With Stalking You

tbirdredAbout a week ago, we ran a lengthy article about and some of their interesting extra-curricular antics that have little to do with modding NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. The post merely scratched the surface of what’s become a serious problem in the remnants of the NASCAR 2003 community, and is so batshit insane that it becomes increasingly obvious as to why the game is on its last legs. Supported only by boomers with a diminishing social life, and teens with computers that can’t handle modern video games, the community surrounding NASCAR 2003 is essentially – and a few talented people who have chosen to slowly distance themselves away from it all.

To summarize the 2500+ word post, one guy with graphic design experience made high resolution painting templates better than what an entire dedicated mod team could produce. The mod team’s response was to dox the guy, dox some girl he hung out with, figure out his daily routine, , threaten various lawsuits, write songs about him, and maintain a 43-page thread dedicated to accusing the dude of being schizophrenic, all while claiming that they were the good guys and everyone was out to destroy This isn’t exactly taking things out of context, they even made this nice little graphic for us.


My first introduction to this drama was in the Spring of 2014. As I’ve said in the original article, I’d compiled my extensive collection of NASCAR 2003 mod backups and uploaded them as a gift to the community. Instead of being thanked for uploading mods and carsets that hadn’t seen the light of day in years, I was accused of being someone named Todd from Portland and told I was ruining the community with my schizophrenic behavior. After opening up my wallet and consulting both my Driver’s License and MasterCard, I was able to confirm that I was indeed not somebody named Todd, and did not reside in Portland.

Today’s Reader Submission comes from the victim of all this garbage, a guy who’d prefer to go by the name of not toad but Todd. Despite all of this ridiculous drama, the remaining members of the NASCAR 2003 community not influenced by SimRacingDesign have allowed Todd to take over as a moderator of the NASCAR Racing 2003 Subreddit.

James, wondering your thoughts on this. I essentially posted the entire situation in the Reddit sticky.

Minutes after doing that, I received the following private message from Danny Coral, the guy who initially sent the fraudulent DMCA in order to dox my information back in 2013 (at the time he messed up and came away with someone else’s info). He’s now somehow doxxed me to learn my actual name. He’s trying to threaten me over a DUI from 1998 – which I was never even convicted of because it was a case of mistaken identity and dropped. I have no criminal record whatsoever or even been convicted of anything beyond a speeding ticket (my last ticket even was 12 years ago).

Here’s his PM with my name taken out:

Those dudes totally obsessed with me over NASCAR 2003 and it’s fucking creepy. At this point I’m leaning towards a face to face with a rep at my local FBI office (which is minutes away). If that gets nowhere, I would guess a cease and desist?

What it amounts to is that they are fearful of the multi-year stalking campaign targeting me and others being exposed to a broader audience. They want it to remain strictly contained within the nr2003 community (preferably the SRD message board) where they can participate in 86-page threads in a controlled environment revolved around photoshopping both me and my friends personal pictures in addition to the cyber-stalking and the rest of the lunacy.

I never disclose my actual name online, so how he became privy to that I have no idea.

I just renewed my site for a year using my credit card (perhaps that way), or perhaps some other means, like stalking friends of mine through Facebook. I’m not sure what the point of that PM even is, I’ll be 38 in October, he’s doxing up a DUI from 1998 on me, of which I wasn’t even convicted (I wasn’t even arrested behind the wheel of a car for the alleged DUI), and that’s public record too.

Furthermore, I was under 21 at the time. The other instances are minor domestic violence charges that were also dropped because a girl I was seeing liked to dial 911. Like I said, I have never been convicted of a felony charge in my life and none of that stuff is even on my record outside of an online mugshot search. I’m not sure what he’s even threatening me with, yet more cyber-stalking threads/sites and picture photoshopping?

Notice too the ridiculous inflated ego over NASCAR 2003 modding, signing off on that PM with ‘Bodacious-Bull’. Here is a 44 year old guy obsessively stalking me for years on end already, in addition to filing numerous fraudulent DMCA complaints to kickstart all that, and then informing me of how much of a social life he supposedly has. I’m including another screen shot from the 86 page ‘musings of a madman’ thread also posted by this guy. This was the same week that he filed the DMCA against my site in order to dox me for personal information, boasting about comparing pictures of ‘life achievements’ and other nonsense:

And here’s the initial post on Reddit that set Danny Coral off:


Couple things to address here, and given that this is a public response, I unfortunately have to dance around some things. We’ll give it a shot, anyways. Hopefully others can chime in with their advice, since a lot of people seem to hang around here.

First, it’s clear to readers of PRC judging by the comments on the last article, from a diverse group of individuals all from many different backgrounds and ideologies, that you haven’t done anything wrong and this is pretty batshit insane. As I said in the opener, you literally made some nice ass car templates and SRD’s response was not to create an even better template, but to chase you around the internet and accuse you of being schizophrenic while writing songs about you. And then file bullshit DMCA complaints so all your shit would get taken down. One of the main reasons I air this drama here is because it allows the unbiased third party to see it for what it is – insanity, and that’ll help in the long run. As Mr. C has taught me, if one person says you’re drunk, you’re probably not drunk, but if ten people say you’re drunk, it’s probably time to leave the bar. Ditto for this mess. More people calling out the insanity than SRD has active members, and shit will change.

Second, online harassment is an interesting legal gray area. I’m not defending SRD, but actually getting something done about online harassment is next to impossible. As Tyler the Creator wrote:

This doesn’t change as you get older, and the gang at SRD can unfortunately weasel their way out of some shit if this were to be pursued legally. Is all your information easily obtainable online? Well there’s your first problem, because lawyers will ask why you allow that to happen. Is the information about the mistaken identity DUI available online? Well then they’re not really spreading misinformation then, as libel is only an issue if what a person claims is demonstrably false. Are the domestic violence incidents on record? Well regardless of what actually happened (I believe you, 92% of women lie, hence why all Cell Phones have a “sound recording” app), what they could spread isn’t really libel since the info is readily out there and anybody can check it out if they’re bored. Even if you look at extreme harassment cases like Jessica Slaughter Leonhardt and Rehtaeh Parsons, online harassment is basically ignored.

That doesn’t mean you don’t have a case because everyone and their dog can see how weird this shit is, but..

Third, good luck explaining the in’s and out’s of an obscure video game modding community to people who usually sort out issues with psychotic ex-girlfriends/ex-boyfriends showing up at 3am on their partners doorstep, or sending lengthy obsessive messages long after the relationship has ended. I mean, when it comes to stalking/harassment laws, that’s the kind of people those laws are intended for so it’ll be tough to get anywhere just with “hey these guys from this old NASCAR game are like, making photoshopped pictures of me, posting where I live, and getting my website taken offline.” The internet is basically the new Wild West and there’s all sorts of crazy shit that happens, just spend a few minutes on 4Chan to see what I mean.

And even if you jump through all hoops necessary to pursue this legally, SRD can all hide behind the glorious excuse of “there’s no way to prove I was the one who posted all of that weird stalkerish garbage.” In Canada, this is your get out of jail free card. Even pedophiles literally walk free up here because of “nope you can’t prove I was the one who uploaded all that child porn even though it was on my computer in my house lololol get #rekt n00bs.” If you’re lucky like myself, an RCMP officer will explain how technology evolves too quickly for laws to keep up, and they’ll at least see things on the same level you do and get in contact with your fan club to let them know that what they’re doing isn’t cool.

The best way to get all this to stop is to basically just embarrass these guys. Talk about the issue, share the screencaps, put it all out in the open as we’re doing now. Eventually one of their own will clue in that this is all weird as fuck, and they can’t kick everybody out of their little group otherwise it would definitely look suspicious as hell that they’re being creeps and maybe Todd wasn’t the bad guy they all said he was.


81 thoughts on “Reader Submission #15 – NASCAR 2003’s Modding Community Is Perfectly Fine With Stalking You

  1. As a Journalist, this article is revolting.

    I love how you didn’t get the other sides version of this. This is completely biased, and a kick in the face to actual journalists, bloggers, etc. Currently this is a bash article. Regardless of what happened. Articles such reflect badly upon your site and your followers.

    The real article would’ve shown both sides, both reasons. Then you would chime in with your personal standpoint. This article has none of that; It’s just your opinion on the matter slathered over it as fact. I see no points from the guys you are accusing, no questioning on them. Just incoherent whining without much organization.

    I also love how you Advocate further Harassment and bullying, to stop the current harassment and bullying. What are we? Children in pre-school? I thought we were adults here. Apparently not and we all must whine to our mothers and fathers to solve our petty issues. This case being we are whining to the people whom do not know of this issue.

    I will screenshot this comment to see if it gets removed, or If I get IP banned. Since this is a Constructive Criticism of what went wrong here. I’d love to see my freedom of speech get thrown out because I did not circle-jerk with you, and claim You’re right and they’re wrong without any stories from the other side of the issue at hand.
    Then Claim I’m takings sides despite my claim of just being a journalist putting in his 2 cents.

    ~Yours truly
    A Concerned Journalist.


    1. Welcome to! “The worst site you could possibly visit for Sim Racing news” lives up to the tagline once again!


      1. This article also really doesn’t support the tagline of being Sarcastic.
        Since it really gives off the Serious Vibe through the whole article.

        Just claiming everything here is sarcastic doesn’t really mean everything is sarcastic.
        I’ve re-read it a couple times already to catch the sarcastic point of the post.
        However I just cannot for the life of me find where this article is being sarcastic.

        If it’s on the line that it ended then that’s a poor way of showing the articles sarcasm.
        That would be as if I was claiming that I was a minority and everything I say and do is free from judgement, and scrutiny.

        I would’ve brushed this off as a sarcastic post if this was a one time article on the matter.
        However there’s more than one article on the subject. Within such a short time frame.
        It’s as if you’re just adding more fuel to the fire than is necessary.


      2. If you are that concerned, you are free to sign up for, ask multiple questions regarding this story, and use the Submit button on here to publish your findings. Pretty much the only thing I do with user submissions are correct spelling and grammatical errors.

        If links to 43-page harassment threads, screenshots of dedicated websites with Google street view pictures, weird gay anon Tumblr submissions, and creepy (albeit very good) blues songs somehow “don’t tell the full story,” I’m curious to know what does in your mind.


    2. His previous article on this subject outlined the “other sides” arguments in some detail. But I bet you wouldn’t know that mr. “Concerned” journalist

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      1. If so then why did he not do the same for this Article? Seems a bit lazy.
        if it’s a matter of re-post, than isn’t this article mostly a re-post of the last article?
        Also nice snarky comment. This isn’t call of duty mind you.


    3. My bullshit detector is going off the charts….I have a sneaking suspicion that you are not ‘a concerned journalists’ but actually one of the SRD nutcases.

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    4. Are you implying game review sites are “journalism?” Or implying opinion articles are ever “journalism?” James ain’t no journalist and I’m betting you aren’t either.


  2. @James
    Harassment goes both ways.

    From what I see Todd is Harrasing People @SRD, and SRD is harassing Todd.
    Both are also guilty of stalking. However SRD is only guilty of wielding DMCA as a weapon in this issue. Go ahead prove me wrong.

    Claiming one side does it more does not equalize the other being the good guy. Or the victim.
    If both sides participate both are guilty in the endeavor. However your articles make it seem as if Todd hasn’t harassed anyone @SRD. That he has never done this.

    Both are currently guilty. No one here is innocent.That’s like saying 1 murder is innocent of a murder because he murdered less people than the other murderer. Which is what your article is saying. You’re here to throw fuel on the fire and watch it burn/ get worse.

    This article would’ve been fine if it was 1 party harassing the other. In this case as you claim SRD harrasing Todd. Just like I said earlier, just because SRD does it more does not make Todd the innocent one here.


    1. What are you talking about? I don’t even participate at SRD. On the other hand, members from SRD are routinley spamming the sub reddit with photoshopped pictures of a friend of mine who has been stalked relentlessly for years now. Must I open up the moderation lof to demonstrate that? I’m removing that stupidity daily from the sub.

      And I’m not sure what kind of stalking you’re accusing me of, but I have never setup a dedicated stalking site to stalk a woman and her sister over a video game purely out of association with somebody. I have never posted street view shots of anybodies house in addition to that level of crazy either. I have never threatened anybody or commented in an 86 page thread of my desire to see anybody in “a pine box” such as was the case done to not only myself, but James as well. So no in fact, the level of batshit crazy targeting me and others courtesy of the SRD group (literally for years on end now) equates to nothing I nor anybody else has ever done.


      1. I have too witnessed you are also sending words of harassment towards SRD. As SRD is towards you. If you really want to have the mess stop, stop replying. Just literally go on with your business making templates or whatever. You’re onlynadding fuel to the fire making provocative posts that SRD replies to with provocative posts. You know very well what you are doing. You are a grown man. You also have the power and responsibility to end this.


  3. To ‘Concerned Journalist’ – What’s concerning here isn’t the convoluted back story in regard to past flame wars and modding team rivalries over an aging nascar sim (stuff like that is common place across communities)

    What isn’t however, is some guy in his 40s taking the time to draft up numerous fraud dmca complaints against people to acquire their personal information in order to dox and cyberstalk them for years on end on a sim paint message board. And the screen shots and proof of that are right in front of you up on the screen. Also, what is the point of setting up an entire website in addition to that with street view shots of a woman and her sisters house who has been cyberstalked and doxxed relentlessly for years now?

    No back story in regard to half decade old flame wars over modding a video game justifies that. And as James points out, it’s all simply just batshit insane, period. I don’t care if Danny (or anybody else) has a few misdemeanors dating back to the 1990s, so why is he so concerned about that in regard to me? Nor do I feel the need to (nor have I ever) filed any dmca complaints against anybody in my life over anything, let alone a nr2003 template. So again, why does Danny? And I sure as hell do not see the point in displaying street view shots of anybodies house on a website setup solely to stalk them, again what is the point?

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      1. Oh please; attacking me because I am not supporting either side 100%.
        Because I am an outsider looking in makes me an SRD Member?

        Literally I have nothing but valid points since I read what occurred on the other-side instead of basing my judgement on a clearly Biased TL:DR version of it.


      2. Also I love how James Likes any post that doesn’t question the article and supports him.
        Some Journalist.


    1. However; neither of you clarified what brought this on this time. Fancy that.

      So I went on the SRD forums and r/NR2003 reddit and checked the reliable thing, the time stamp.
      It shows who started the flame war up again.

      I checked the time stamp of the r/NR2003 post, and the new thread @SRD.
      Even the first post of the new thread about you shows you instigated this flame war this time around. Reddit changes the time stamp to last edited.

      You literally slandered SRD’s site, and expected NOTHING to come of it. Are you serious here?
      As an outsider looking in, it seems you’ve brought this on yourself. Of course this stuff is going to happen if you are going to create a post slandering another website. You complain about a 5 year-ish long flame war, but how can the flame war end if either side continues to instigate it further?
      There is literally no attempt to make peace, just more war.

      It seems I am being attacked as an Outsider looking in; because I am a outsider looking in.

      Final Conclusion
      1.) Both are guilty of Harassment
      2.) Both are guilty of Stalking
      3.) Both are guilty of Instigating and egging on the other to continue the “flame war”.
      4.) Only SRD is guilty of using DMCA as a weapon.

      5.) This whole issue can be resolve by Not mentioning each-other. Since this time you were the first to bring the torch to the dynamite shed. You cannot prove time stamps wrong.

      Here is a suggestion; just don’t mention SRD and vice versa.
      For people who seem to hate the site you seem to comment on it a lot.


      1. You think SRD will really let all this go? If Todd stops fighting for himself, it will only make SRD attack him even more


      2. 1) Todd never doxxed anyone

        2) he never uploaded pics of anyones house or girlfriend

        3) he doesn’t have an entire site dedicated to his alleged “stalking”

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      3. Umm, @Anon. It seems the issue was clear until recently.
        Did you even bother to look into the issue other than the TL;DR version?

        Literally up until a couple days ago in the r/NR2003 “new rules” post it was all fine. No one really cared about the other until SB70 brought it up again in a slanderous manner.


      4. No actually, I didn’t start a ‘flame war’, what I did was simply draw attention to the conspired cyberstalking campaign targeting me and others which is documented fact. And forget about me, where is the justification in cyberstalking a friend of mine and her sister who have nothing even to do with nr2003? Or the guy Brian that used to live at their house years ago? Me drawing attention to and objecting to a dedicated site setup to stalk them isn’t ‘starting a flame war’

        Wouldn’t it make a whole lot more sense at this point to delete the dedicated stalking sites, the multiple 50 page threads, and simply move on with your lives by now?


      5. @MB2
        1.) Where did I say he Dossd someone? Please find that quote.

        2.) there are attempts at finding locations from people who’s registered from what I’ve read.

        3.) Debatable when you look at #2


      6. @Sb70
        Drawing attention to something that hasn’t had attention in a while is beating a dead horse.
        Essentially starting a potential flame war depending on the outcome.

        SRD did NOT have to be mentioned or slandered at all. Yet here you are acting like you had to bring this up again. I have read both issues again as I have said instead of this Biased TL;DR version of what went on.

        BOTH ARE GUILTY. Stop acting like You HAD to do what you did this past couple days.
        You were not possesed by some evil demon that made you do it.


      7. 1) you act as if what did to them wasexactly what was happening to himself

        2) evrn if he had their personal info, he hasn’t uploaded any of it, and probably never will

        3) there is no debate because he hasn’t stooped to SRD’s level of harassment


  4. @MB2 I believe he did at one point, he posted pics of “danny” and some blue haired guy along with his residence. I think that is stooping to the same level.


  5. No actually, that ‘blue haired’ guy posted his own pic on the SRD forum in the ‘show me your picture’ thread. As far as Danny, a community member who was blacklisted and banned out of SRD linked up his facebook to me a few months ago considering the years of cyberstalking being waged against me and others.


  6. Here’s a prime example of the batshit level of ithe nsane SRD web-stalking (and this is from almost 3 years ago already) This SRD member (actually moderator) screen capped one of my paints from my site to talk shit about in the epic 86 page stalk Todd and his friends thread.

    I clicked on the photobucket account he was linking my sim paint from on SRD only to discover along with a bunch of obsessive screen shots of my templates, he also had a screen shot saved to his photobucket of a map location to my friends house along with indicating who used to reside there. Information all gleaned from Danny serving a fraud dmca over a template. Needless to say I contacted photobucket and they terminated his account over doxxing.


    1. Well, I can tell from a quick glance that this ‘Wrangler88′ is an astoundingly worthless individual.

      Any community moderated by someone as emotionally out-of-control and childish as that will have

      serious problems.

      Also, he apparently isn’t intelligent enough to roughly calibrate his monitor for basic colour….

      Mobil isn’t even close to purple.

      What’s the deal with the ‘DMCA’ for his avatar? As in a DMCA takedown notice? Does he think DMCA does some sort of global good for the consumer or something?

      I fail to see the logic in pointing out these self-inflicted ‘errors’. It’s a direct indication that your work is indeed unique, therefore any DMCA notice filed against you was likely unlawful.

      Since Wrangler88 clearly has the indisputable definition for the term ‘artist’, I would love to see his work. I imagine his completely fucked up monitor or GPU driver settings would yield excellent colour accuracy for everyone else.

      I’m hoping to see severe penalties for DMCA abuse in the near future.


  7. So doing the same thing is ok? Seems like it’s just continuing the cycle, and the age old saying of two wrongs comes to mind.

    Personally, everyone is crazy it sounds like, and it seems like some high school drama act that is a couple guys v. a couple guys, and various community members are getting dragged into it.

    Dunno, not worth getting into the game if you and these guys are what makes up the community heads. Actually scares me reading this, because I’m pretty sure I’d be calling all sorts of people if I had that done to me, by either party.

    I actually not amazed that the story is one sided, from what I gather, each side is going to tell their version, and the truth is somewhere in between.


    1. @Corvetted
      Not here; here Todd’s apparently the angel in all of this despite his obvious wrong doings.


      1. Todd:
        >made car templates for a NASCAR game
        >traced the IP’s of a couple dudes trying to start shit on his site

        >found out where some girl he hangs out with lives
        >found out the bar he frequents
        >wrote a song about him (it was a really good song though, being serious here)
        >86 page stalking thread dedicated to Todd
        >filing false DMCA claims to find out where he lives
        >accusing others of being Todd just for uploading mods

        Yo like at what point do you realize you’ve got a problem?


      2. I honestly really don’t care either way, the whole thing is pretty sick, twisted, and disgusting on both ends, which is why I normally don’t even post or comment anywhere. Loons like this and the others is why I try and stay away, but I saw this posted and my curiosity got the better of me.


      3. Hey, KirbyFighter12 from SRD (aka ‘A Concerned Journalist’) I went ahead and re-banned you from my site along with your IP. I’m honestly surprised that at your age you have nothing better to do than troll to this extent for SRD.

        I honestly took your word for it a few months ago when you remarked that you were finished involving yourself in the SRD stalking towards me and towards James over a nr2003 wiki page. That’s too bad, because I was going to share whatever nr2003 stuff I’m working on with you. Also, I might have banned you from my personal site, but not from the r/nr2003 sub-reddit. I know you’ve been investing months (if not years) of your time by now on a sound pack, so I don’t want to deny you access to the redditt in case any users there might be interested in what you’re doing.

        Take care, Kirby.


  8. Wow you yanks on the net are fucking bat shit juvenile crazy,I wonder why you shoot each other more than any other western nation, you cunts need to get laid more man, smoke a joint, head down to macca’s, but what ever issues either side has its clearly not about video games but some deep seated fucked up shit, kinda funny that yanks have the most head shrinks too.

    Nascar,therapy and guns.


    1. lol, well I won’t disagree about that.

      But fuck some ‘macca’s’!

      That’s part of our problem, do not become enchanted by their particularly addictive cheese like the

      majority are here in the US. Gotta get their fix of cheese-opiates ;)

      Good luck to my fellow colonials, where sim racers ‘put the pedal to the ceiling’, rather than the floor.


  9. Here’s what I gather from this whole site. And this topic.
    As a freelance graphic designer this is free of charge.

    {have to keep it safe for you kiddies}


      1. I’m not I’m just a casual freelance graphic designer who wanted to have a bit of fun.
        Dont know how you got that out of me since I posted nothing about it. :C
        Im reporting you to the NSA D:


      2. @Barracos

        Well it just seemed that you thought calling out online stalkers counts as “whining”


    1. “as a freelance graphic designer”

      Yeah not gonna take your word for it considering the “concerned journalist” above is KirbyFighter12 from SRD.

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      1. I’m honestly not surprised SRD members would respond like the iRacing-defenders from the ban-article, especially after those (hilarious) emails you got.

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      2. How’d you find out who he was? Other than his completely baseless accusations


    2. I thought it was pretty funny. Honestly, if it was in reference to me/my website, I would use it.


      1. Yeah this isn’t the latest Call of Duty that’s causing all of this


  10. Well once again you have been so more than a fool to keep your old broken record story going. Look in the mirror Todd and say hello to “James & Oggy” for us will you? If everyone was was out to get you, you would have been gotten by now, trust me. This constant same ‘Ol story ,worn out it’s welcome about 4 years ago. Got anything new to bring up? Just so you know, Matt @ SRD is not out to control anything other than pushing your buttons as you are so easily letting them.

    Funny how this James or Oggy guy was NEVER heard of until a few years ago. Not you tend to talk to them all the time. Most of the Community is blocked from your site,that only shows images and rarely offers anything content to download that you claim to be more accurate than anything out there.

    Maybe the Community should take what you have altered/created/cut/copy/pasted and post it at numerous sites for others to download. How would you feel about that Todd/James/Oggy ? Would that sit well with you? By the amount of screen shots you continue to post, you are so overwhelmed by what else is going on in the NR2K3 world. You got a hot one for Om3ga, SRD and a few other sites. So super critical of their work, but again, you got no mod to show do you? Too many sites are working together to bring FREE NEW content to the game, and you are on the outside looking in. Do you ever regret that drunken out burst on the chat room now? See how it ruined what you had going? Now you are a sad shell of your former self with nothing to offer but a BROKEN RECORD.

    I can explain it to you, but I can not understand it for you…………………


    1. Is this guy seriously tptrying to say he think todd and james are the same person?
      All I have to say to that is no we’re not!


    2. This is some wild shit.

      I’m honestly concerned you might be dangerous to others.


  11. Are we fucking 2 years old? For gods sake. A majority of you are probably 30+. How about we all grow the fuck up and quit acting like spoiled little brats.


  12. “This kind of stuff doesn’t help your case:”

    Not my song, good one, but not mine.

    Kind of hard, when it is not my case to begin with. I am not the only one who seems to think that this is getting old or just tired of the one sided claims Todd makes. Take down claims were not false, he edited someone Else’s files and posted them without permission. If that was not true, then why were they removed from tow different sites? He spends more time on being negative and giving his opinion than creating or sharing anything game related that he produced with the community – PERIOD !

    Until such a time he apologizes for past behavior and gets off the one sided rants, this type of thing will not go in his favor for the foreseeable future.


  13. “B. Americano
    July 5, 2015 at 10:57 PM

    Is this guy seriously tptrying to say he think todd and james are the same person?
    All I have to say to that is no we’re not!”

    Oh so now there are 4 of you?

    If not “JAMES/OGGY” then why do you care about a game you never used ,created,painted on?


    1. Why did members on your site stalk a woman who never had anything to do with said game?


  14. what a bunch of one sided crap. Then there are those who do have the maturity to make decent comments. Seems like the owner of this page encourages that type of behavior.


    1. “Then there are those who do have the maturity to make decent comments. Seems like the owner of this page encourages that type of behavior.”

      I agree, this site definitely encourages the posting of mature comments. BTW, if you were trying to pretend like you weren’t the same person as the SRD member who posted those earlier comments…you failed.


      1. Yeah this guys so obviously a SRD member it pretty much dilutes anything he says


    2. “Then there are those who do have the maturity to make decent comments. Seems like the owner of this page encourages that type of behavior.”

      I agree, this site definitely encourages people to post mature comments! BTW, if you were trying to pretend like you weren’t the SRD member who posted the earlier comments…you failed.


    3. You need to stop speaking/typing immediately.

      This is an embarrassing display and completely unacceptable.

      End of line.



  15. It’s not even me the SRD weirdos take issue with, it’s sim paints/templates of mine that I display on the internet. That’s really what this is all about. I can invest hours on a template and it will literally throw these people into rage mode for days on end. They’ll accuse me (and you’ll hear this over and over from them) of being a ‘cut/copy/paster’ along with at the same time – we are ‘real’ graphic designers on the internet and you have no talent.

    That argument from the the SRD member ‘suck2bu’ – He rages on about me not sharing my nr2003 work, then just a few paragraphs later attempts to make the case that I am a ‘cut/copy/paster’ implying that he has no desire to download it anyway. It’s all just so ‘out there’ including the fact that he is still even commenting.


    1. This is the lack of logic I was talking about.

      If you’re cutting/copying/pasting, then what’s the deal with these unique ‘errors’? Just decided to randomly fuck with the colours of certain layers of the skin (are people sharing completed/finished .psd templates now or something?) and not others for fun I suppose?

      Should be able to find this ‘orange’ skin original with the ‘non-purple’ mobil logo. Let’s see it then, I’ll

      check back later for a link to the ‘original and correct’ skin.

      Anyways….You should start hiding shit in the skins just to fuck with them.

      Hmmm, wonder where I got that idea (since you and James are supposed to be the same person now, I suppose I got it from you….????)????


  16. “Oh so now there are 4 of you?”

    ‘suck2bu’ – B Americano’s comment of “no we’re not” is sarcasm in the face of your compulsive paranoia and obsessing over me.

    Also, your other comment to him –

    “If not “JAMES/OGGY” then why do you care about a game you never used ,created,painted on?”

    He doesn’t. This blog covers a wide range aside from just nr2003 and reaches a lot broader/diverse audience. He’s commenting over the batshit insane stalking/doxxing/dmca fraud SRD has been responsible for, not the game. Make sense?


  17. Yep. Escpecially in your case considering you’re one of the more dedicated and committed SRD members stalking both me and James across the internet for years on end now over essentially nothing. I’ve already had to ban you from the sub-reddit and hit block on you, yet as usual, there you are.

    You sign up to reddit ten months ago now simply to shadow mine and James’ comments…And after ten months already, your obsession is still in full swing. Yes, I’d call that ‘batshit insanity’ when factoring in all the rest of it.


  18. Hey buddy my dedication to SRD has nothing to do with the nonsense you started with me. As I remember it you, unprovoked attacked me at EU simply because I was a SRD member. Then made personal attacks about me without even knowing who I am and what I actually did in the NR2003 community. Then there is the fact of you being extremely disrespectful about a severely tragic event in someones life. That really was pretty messed up, and I have this thing called morals which you don’t. I don’t come on these sites to stalk you its only so people out of the loop can see there is more to you than what you post. I don’t care about your NR2003 work, I care about what a shitty person you have displayed yourself to me. All I ever do is post what I know to be true and you delete or block me. So for like the 100th time, man up.


  19. Lastly, in regard to ‘A Concerned Journalist’ (aka KirbyFighter12 from SRD) The following is a reddit pm (an apology) ‘Kirby’ sent to me over a year ago now after James first called attention to the cyberstalking and other craziness. He lost his nerve and withdrew all of his pro SRD comments on reddit, only to anonymously continue it all on over a year later as we have all seen here.


    1. Last Year my good sir. Let me state my reasoning. As they are very good and reasonable.

      I didn’t know who started it; I found myself caught up in the spur of the moment. I felt sorry for you last time because I was New to the community, I did not know anything about what happened and I just bandwagoned; Which I admit was Unfair of me to do.

      1.)This year, YOU clearly started this.
      This is what started the bullshit again.
      Check the TIME-STAMPS

      The Mega Stalk thread as You claim. was DEAD – Last post September 2 2014.
      (Check the Timestamp if you don’t belive me)

      No one really cared about what you did in such a Manner afterwards.
      Go ahead, the only one continuing this shit was you in a Reddit thread @Simracing

      Then your Friend started the shit up @This site.

      I have NO patience for people who start shit up for attention after the subject Matter is LONG DEAD.
      Then Cry and whine about how they are the victims.
      However you CLAIM innocence in this event recently. Despite Clear evidence proving you Provoked Sim Racing Design first, by slandering their name in your NR2003 Reddit Page.

      Go ahead, Prove me wrong.
      Time-stamps Cannot lie.


      Oh and BTW You are the “Pussy Punk” my good sir.
      For Cyberstalking information about me, without revealing who you were.
      Either you or one of your Cronies created a 1 time reddit account “johnny-wadd”.

      You will be reciving a PM on this @ Reddit.


  20. Well if it covers a wide range of sim racing games, then explain why you seem to post your one sided story all the time at numerous places? You act like you did nothing wrong to garner all this attention and everyone has it out for you. That does not match up with what can be read from over 5 years and running. You leave out some of the things you have done that caused this rift with others in the first place.

    You seem to have gone off the deep end of reality and will not for some reason admit you ever made any kind of error or mistake. So you do not like this SRD site, or people who go there – who cares ? Do not like it – do not go there. There are plenty of other sites and sim games to use and create things for.



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