Podcasts Have Returned!

Our Soundcloud overlords have not been kind to us, putting a cap on what we’re allowed to upload and forcing us to pay a mammoth amount to continue doing Podcasts on a site that isn’t even compatible with iTunes.

And a bunch of y’all complained about Soundcloud, so there’s that.


Anyways, 8:10 – The Official PretendRaceCars.net Podcast will return for a second season, and in the meantime, we’re in the process of

Beware that the image quality will look like ass. It’s a podcast. Find something else to cry about.


The 215K Hits Celebration Party – Opening The Floor to the Readers!

215I guess this is a thing that narcissistic YouTube girls do – they throw some sort of a party whenever they hit a “landmark” subscriber or view count number. Since it’s a slow news weekend and there’s literally nothing to report on, we’ll do what we can to keep this off-week interesting for PRC readers and haters alike.

Since starting PretendRaceCars.net in January 2015 almost as a joke, we’ve managed to get 215,000 hits among 81,400 unique visitors, and our terrible blog that nobody should ever trust managed to land on PC Gamer. And N4G. And PowerGamer. And Gameranx. EmptyBox has even though he doesn’t actually like us. We can monitor all of these instances in real time as well. WordPress is cool like that.

a12121At the moment, our numbers are slightly more successful than both Ke$ha’s recent university tour, and the Canadian leg of Lights’ Little Machines tour. More people visited PretendRaceCars.net on June 29th than attended IndyCar’s MAVTV 500 in Fontana! We’re moving on up!

So let’s do something crazy.

GSC 2015-04-13 23-13-35-51We’re going to open the floor to all readers, haters, and trolls of PRC. In the comments section below, ask us any question you’d like. Hell, ask multiple questions. Anything goes and no subject is off topic. Chris and I will answer as many as we can in an article on Sunday night after the Sprint Cup race at Daytona.

Go hard, and here’s to the future!

The Complete Coverage of Ian Bell’s Canada Day Meltdown

My phone blew up today with not one but four user submissions, all on the same topic. So before I begin, a word of thanks to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (names changed to protect their anonymity as requested) for sending this information in. Through your four emails, I’m able to cover this piece of news as accurately as possible.

iracing-2-0-adds-content-features_100358088_mWe’ve documented the buggy, underwhelming launch of crowdfunded racing sim Project CARS pretty extensively on this site, and a scroll through our Slightly Mad Studios category tells the epic tale of a hype train that derailed in catastrophic fashion. While the weekly patches failed to address the lengthy list of gamebreaking issues, head of studio Ian Bell personally took to various online message boards, including his own, to belittle customers who were clearly upset with the poor quality of the game.

And they had every right to be upset with Project CARS; a game which spent four years in development and tested by 80,000 paying users shipped with an enormous level of bugs that turned off all but the most diehard of fanboys and financial backers.

With the early patches failing to fix the game’s fundamental issues, and sometimes introducing new ones, Slightly Mad Studios announced both a commitment to fixing the original game, as well as revealed that the sequel was already in development. As the post-release drama continued to unfold, Ian Bell became increasingly agitated with the growing chorus of what he calls haters and trolls frequenting Project CARS message boards, voicing their displeasure with a game that even moderators admit shouldn’t have been released in its current state. Ian responded by having any users that voiced or agreed with criticism towards the crowdfunded title outright banned from any Slightly Mad Studios forum, not just the WMD member forums, the but post-release forum intended for fans of the game.

Ian’s periodic outbursts towards negative opinions of the next-gen racing sim are regarded as “cynical British humour” by Project CARS fans, with others dismissing his comments as uncalled for and outright rude. Regardless, even the most loyal Project CARS supporters will have difficulty supporting his newest tirade.


The latest patch for Project Cars, dubbed Project CARS 2.0, dropped recently, and appeared to have no noticeable improvements on the quality of the game. Triple screen support is still broken, Oculus Rift support is now broken when it was functional before, Force Feedback settings were completely changed, track boundaries are still problematic, and some users are reporting Career Mode isn’t even placing users in the proper racing series they’ve selected. Crashing, FPS issues, and AI shortcomings are still relatively unchanged despite the 1.4 GB download. In short, Project CARS is a mess you should avoid if you haven’t bought it already.

Yet, Ian’s response to customers upset at what’s clearly a disastrous product is to simply ban people who draw attention to the game’s numerous embarrassing problems.

project-cars-wallpapers-hd-1080p-1920x1080-desktop-04Why people tolerate this and claim it’s British Humor, I have no idea.

What we learned about rFactor 2’s Stock Cars from SimHQ’s New Interview

It’s an exciting time to be an oval racing fan, as rFactor 2’s Stock Cars are nearing release! SimHQ published an interview today with Tim Wheatley, talking extensively about the notNASCAR content coming to ISI’s flagship racing simulator later this year.

The full interview can be read here, although we’ve trimmed it down below to get to the good bits.


  • The car itself is slightly ahead of where it was, almost release ready now. It is really more the core that has been developed over that time for the car.
  • We have our generic manufacturers back again. The Centennial, the Titan, and the Edgar EVO. They are a Cup-level stock car.
  • The stock cars will naturally use all the latest developments in the rFactor 2 code base, chassis flex, special stock car chassis adjustments (truck arm height and ackermann setup options for example).
  • It has also forced us to look at existing things and optimize them even further, such as drafting. That is very important in all racing, but absolutely critical in stock car racing.
  • Indianapolis, notCharlotte, and notDaytona are three ISI oval tracks compatible with the new Stock Cars.
  • Modders are currently working on scratch-made versions of  notKentucky, notDarlington, and notRichmond.

While I wasn’t a fan of the notNASCAR series found in the original rFactor, advancements in the engine and ten years of working on rFactor will hopefully let ISI blow everybody away when these cars are finally released, and hopefully re-ignite interest in rFactor 2, which is practically a ghost town online at this point.

upgradesCurrently, the best place to drive stock cars in a virtual environment is in ARCA Sim Racing, a freeware title based on the original rFactor game engine.