Latest iRacing update gives different weather conditions to each driver in a session

YamesiRacing’s newest patch, rolled out today, was intended to address a select few number of members who were having problems with the sim crashing – believed to be related to auto-joining official ranked race sessions.

However, an unforeseen bug popped up that gave every driver in the session individual weather conditions. While one driver could have a track temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit and gain mammoth amounts of grip from near optimal conditions, another driver in the exact same session could be dealing with a very slick track temperature of 73 degrees Fahrenheit.11651050_931407934342_1940509637_nSome iRacing members tried to lightheartedly joke about this and compare the random performance advantage to real world equipment quality discrepancies, but the reality is that dynamic weather, a feature that only recently found its way into iRacing, has now been disabled while the dev team works towards a fix.

Reader Submission #13 – pCars Moderators stop at nothing to silence criticism

Lots of pCars submissions have been coming in over the past few days, and it’s important to let all you contributors know that we’ve covered some stuff already. If you’re unsure about whether we’ve touched on a topic or not, scroll through the Slightly Mad Studios category. Yes, I’m aware there’s a lot to go through. This is what happens when a game is over-hyped to oblivion and lands in our hands as a buggy mess.

Today’s Reader Submission comes from Justin S., who points out the extreme lengths forum moderators will go to in order to silence criticism of Project CARS.

Hello there,

I have seen your site taking some shots at pCars, and I wanted to share what I found. A user made a post making a joke about people that flame pCars and then stated he “LOVED” the game… or did he? The thread was closed after being quoted by a mod. The mod’s quote for the reason of the topic being closed showed what the person actually posted. This to me calls into question the integrity of what is read on their forums posted by anyone. Its a new low. Here’s the link. See for yourself.

Untitled-2They aren’t even trying. But if you are looking for shots to fire the next time you guys decide to point out the crap wrong with them… Well this to me is a big one. You just can’t do that no matter how shitty you are of a person. Sorry for the language. I will say though that the 2.0 patch that has already hit PC has made the game feel better. I’ll give them that. It was so much of a difference it almost made me feel bad about all the smack i talked about them… and then i saw this and it reminded me that they are in fact garbage. 

Anyways I love the site, I love the integrity and the use of facts to back what you say to keep the idiots at bay. Need more media outlets, not just for things like sim racing that have that kind of intelligence. 

I’m running on Caffeine so this won’t be a quality reply.

I think it’s smart of you to draw attention to this quick editing job by a forum moderator. It reminds me of the Brown M&M’s Clause in Van Halen’s tour rider; a small, insignificant issue could hint at the larger problems surrounding how Slightly Mad Studios are handling the post-release drama surrounding Project CARS. If moderators are straight up editing people’s posts to praise the game, even if it’s a generic shitposting thread, what else is going on that we aren’t haven’t noticed yet? What decisions are being made about the direction of the game, away from the public’s eye, that’s effecting the quality of the title?

Are all of the Reddit members praising pCars and claiming they’ve “never encountered any bugs or glitches that other users are complaining about” simply SMS employees under temporary accounts trying to skew public perception? Are there legitimate in-house guidelines when it comes to third-party advertising and viral marketing for pCars? Better yet, why have these individuals bought into this blatant mantra of “criticism = trolling, no questions asked?”

It’s shady as hell, and hints at a deeper problem.

Is Ian Bell behind this shameful approach to negative feedback? Probably. I’ve used this analogy too many times to count, but it’s as if Ian’s some overprotective father, and Project CARS is his promiscuous teenage daughter. Whether your “child” is an actual person, or simply a product you’ve spent years of your life helping come to light, you can either chase around every last douchebag in an effort to shut them up, looking like a dumb motherfucker in the process when the glitch videos keep coming despite your best efforts, or you can use the ugly things people have said and uploaded as tools to help fix what the actual issues are.  Video Games are entertainment, entertainment is art, and art is open to criticism. Ian acts as if every miniscule knock against Project CARS, most of which are valid complaints since the game’s pretty goddamn buggy, is like a huge army of people are calling his daughter a whore and uploaded several shots of her tits to 4Chan.

In reality, they’re just pissed that the head of the whole studio sold the game as this:

arena football is godly

Yet when people got their hands on it, the game turned out like this:

Censoring criticism of your product to this degree, regardless of how you’re doing it, makes you look like a crazy dad. Sorry guys, I lurk both the WMD forums and the game’s post-release forums – Ian’s replies are hardly witty or sarcastic British Humor. The dude just wasn’t prepared for an outcome where Project CARS dropped oil all over the start line and sent a rod through the block, and it’s probably the narcissism, as I’ve said before, fueling the unacceptable relationship he has with the community members who don’t ride his dick.

I think he’s a genius for finding a way to willingly get people to pay copious amounts for the privilege of being a beta tester, but someone needs to pair him up with a “partner in crime” of sorts; one that can get the creative genius side of Ian out in a way that’ll benefit the next game, without subjecting the general public to his weaknesses. Once you accomplish that, the whole mentality that drives him to push for intense moderation on his forums, manipulating once-great publications into advertising for him, and extreme narcissism when faced with genuine criticism will evaporate because there’ll be someone else to tell him Ian, that’s fucking retarded. I’ve been given some insight as to what goes on in the SMS offices, but unfortunately I can’t share it because people need to put food on the table for their families. Take a random guess and you’ll be somewhere in the ballpark.

But the icing on the cake is how, a shitty blog owned by a kid who works for some rental car company and his pharmacist buddy on the other side of the continent, is run in comparison to a major video game developer’s official forums, as well as their third party affiliates. The head of a video game studio cannot take a single word of genuine criticism without launching into a tirade of childish insults, blame shifting, and in some cases, outright bribery; sometimes making headlines for the gross display of immaturity unmatched by anyone in the industry. Linking to is blocked on multiple message boards, and entire publications have been turned into advertising machines that also silence even the slightest implication of negativity when discussing Project CARS.

Meanwhile, over here, waves of fanboys from a multitude of different games will leave a flurry of  disruptive comments, starting wars about everything from my (admittedly) sub-par taste in women to a non-existent financial affiliation with Kunos Simulazioni, and on other sites you’ll see kids claiming I have a mental disorder and an “insane vendetta” against a game .

lylDespite our comments section routinely being all-out chaos and several personal attacks launched at me each week, we have a total of two censored words and bust out the popcorn when the new comment notification icon lights up. Ian Bell and the Project CARS moderators somehow can’t grasp this concept and damage their reputation in the process.

Playing the Spoiler at Infineon in ARCA Sim Racing

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-24-46-79Sev wanted to try out a proper NASCAR sim to understand what all the fuss is about, and with ARCA Sim Racing being totally free, we spent last night giving him an hour-long crash course in oval racing, which included stops at both Chicagoland and Salem Speedway. The floaty cars with fragile tires piqued his interest, and he wanted to try a proper online race tonight against a full grid of real people. ARCA Sim Racing may have a small community, but the game’s launcher does a really great job of displaying where and when the next scheduled online race would take place – sending us to Sonoma Raceway at what would be around 2am over in Germany.

Bad decisions make the best stories.

arcaI’m not going to go into too much detail on how an American Stock Car drives; we’ve done that already. But to bring you up to speed, they’re big, heavy, stiff race cars with four gears and minimal downforce. Five laps later, when the tires start to wear, you’re basically driving your Grandpa’s 80’s Oldsmobile, with 850 Horsepower being sent directly to the rear tires. Near the end of a fuel run, the car is actively doing everything in its power to kill you; like forcing Marshawn Lynch to play the NFC Championship Game in Skateboarding Shoes, traction is an afterthought and slowing the car down is a twelve step program.

In the quest for eternal glory, I selected the #36 Toyota Camry of InsideSimRacing Host Darin Gangi. Sev opted for the ultimate noob car and took Dale Earnhardt Jr’s #88 National Guard Monte Carlo. The free version of ARCA Sim Racing X features a mix of fictional liveries and the most popular ARCA drivers from 2008, while the full field of ARCA cars I’ve seen teased in screenshots appears to be lost in the sands of time.

Yet, the version of Infineon Raceway we’d be racing at was ripped directly from NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. The tracks that shipped with the boxed copy of ARCA were built from the ground up by The Sim Factory, but in the quest to make a complete oval racing sim, tracks not featured in the title were quickly converted by the community from a pile of much older NASCAR titles. There is no sugar coating how bad this version of Sears Point was, especially after having driven the obscure Brazilian masterpieces found in Game Stock Car Extreme by Reiza Studios. The overall layout and basic track mesh weren’t horrible, but after R3E and iRacing both offering shockingly accurate versions of Infineon, we were stepping into a time capsule to a period when AOL trial discs still regularly appeared in our mailboxes.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-26-18-33The picture of the starting grid obviously spoils the Qualifying results, but I’ll go through it anyways.

In practice, I clicked off a 1:15.077, which was almost a full second faster than the rest of the grid, and two seconds faster than Kyle Larson’s K&N Series track record of a 1:17. Sev was third on the practice leaderboard with a 1:16.2. I’m going to blame this huge discrepancy on the fact that we were racing on a track modeled when I was still in elementary school.

Qualifying was hectic. As it was a fixed setup server, where the steering lock reset after each session, both myself and Sev foolishly burned up one of our two timed laps by leaving the pits with eight degrees of steering lock instead of our traditional 540/18 setup. With one lap to score a decent spot on the grid, I clicked off a lap on cold tires only a tenth slower than polesitter Brett Horner, who placed at the top of the charts with a 1:15.4. Sev put the noob car in fifth with a 1:16.3.

It’s important to note that this wasn’t just a casual race night for a group of Teamspeak friends who’d jumped from game to game over a period of years – each race on ARCA Sim Racing X that you can access from the launcher is part of a points series, and both myself and Sev were effectively playing spoiler for a season that had already ran three races. The 21 drivers that made up Thursday night’s grid encouraged us to join their Teamspeak channel, and both of us were given an extremely warm and friendly welcome by a like-minded group of sim racers. It was almost as if we were in bizarro-world; today we learned the clean, respectful, courteous personalities that are advertised as being the norm in iRacing are instead found in ARCA Sim Racing. One guy even recognized our names and complimented us on the site. No little kids, nobody whining about being wrecked in practice, heck, we even got through the pace lap without an incident.

Brett Horner led the field to the green flag, I was a sitting duck on the outside, and points leader John Richards would start third in the #6 Valvoline Fusion.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-30-56-38I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking. We made it up the hill without anybody wrecking. Horner appeared to have the most composure on new tires, jumping out to an early lead. Richards immediately began working on me to try and steal second place away, because he had a championship to compete for. I was just there cause it was something to do after work and my buddy wanted to try NASCAR.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-31-53-40And the field retained its composure as we got into the more technical portions of Sonoma. Through the short chute, nobody killed the tire wall. Sev fudged the line a bit and dropped a few more spots after he was nudged by a competitor, but that’s to be expected. It’s crazy how rough and chaotic stock cars can be compared to traditional road racing series.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-32-50-03And then both myself and Horner blew the line into Turn 7, nearly ending both of our races mere seconds into the 35 lap affair. Thankfully, a combination of Horner braking late and me adjusting my line prevented us from making any meaningful contact.ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-33-23-27After this minor slip-up, we spent the first four laps with the top eight cars under a blanket. You couldn’t ask for better racing, and for Sev, you couldn’t ask for a better introduction to American Stock Cars.ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-34-55-64But then I lost a bit of my rhythm. John Richards stuck his nose under me in Turn 3A, and I fell back to third. He had a championship lead to defend.ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-35-59-78While the three-way fight for the lead began to heat up and I took second position away from the Valvoline car, Sev found a way to calm himself down and started a pretty impressive drive up through the field after his early struggles. Everyone was starting to feel the effects of tire degradation, and with our season spent in the ultra-twitchy Brazilian Stock Cars, Sev seemed to only get faster as we got deeper into the fuel run.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-36-55-68Other drivers couldn’t deal with the drastic change in performance. Polesitter Brett Horner, who had led every lap until this point, gave up the lead in Turn 4A when he looped his #25 Chevy Monte Carlo.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-42-14-24My overall skillset let me use the rest of the fuel run and a clear race track to pull away from John Richards, who struggled to get the most out of the car as the tires evaporated from beneath us. As I monitored the infamous rFactor black boxes, I noticed Sev had clawed his way up to third place. The race was on its way to being a monumental success for both of us – we each had a chance at a podium finish in a race we attempted out of boredom. Sev’s drive was even more impressive; he’d basically had less than 90 minutes of track time in ARCA Sim Racing, and today was the first time he’d ever run laps at Sears Point. It was also 3AM over in Europe.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-45-44-37

This impressive drive wouldn’t last forever though, as a combination of fatigue and inexperience saw Sev launch a daring attack on the #12 car in Turn 7 while battling for third place. It didn’t work.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-30-01-13Miraculously, all four cars in the flock following the battle completely missed Sev’s stationary car, parked at the exit of Turn 7.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-30-32-88While Sev’s race was effectively over, the insane battle for the lead was in its early stages. Richardson was the first to pit, while I stayed out an extra lap as my tires hadn’t completely nuked themselves yet. In a drastic effort to avoid a speeding penalty, knowing I was too used to Brazilian Stock Cars and their super fancy speed limiter, I purposely drove 5mph under the 45mph speed limit on pit lane once I finally came in for new tires and two cans of fuel.

This paranoia caused me to exit the pits right beside Richardson, and we had half the race left.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-48-28-82The #6 car spent a handful of laps in the lead, but as our tires lost their grip, I slowly started reeling him in. With Sonoma’s challenging layout and how awkward it is to drive an American Stock Car on something that isn’t an oval track, passing opportunities were few and far between. Most times I’d just ride John’s ass because it seemed like the right thing to do, and I was never able to get the huge runs that would allow me to fully pass him. We weren’t far enough into the fuel & tire run yet where there was a big discrepancy between our corner exit speeds.

And while this is all happening, we’re pretty deep into lapped traffic; all of which graciously pulled out of our way, most of the time without even asking them. I think the only time I got on the mic, I said “beep beep” like a retard to some Coors car, and the guy moved.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-50-26-97John and I were about even in the first sector, but I was much better on the back half of the track. With fixed setups, it was all about maximizing your momentum. John would drive in really hard in the esses and scrub off speed when he’d hammer the rumble strips. I tried a different approach that involved pointing the nose with the brakes, staying off the kerbs, and being really aggressive with the throttle on exit. It seemed to work, as I was now tagging John’s bumper a few times each lap.ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-52-18-40Each lap, it got a little more intense. With about ten to go, John started positioning his car based on where I was putting mine. Not entirely blocking, but I knew he was trying to make my life difficult and that we were going to have a killer race on our hands.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-54-34-59Our first major scare came from one of the backmarkers. Basically, there was one line coming out of Turn 10, and it’s right by the sand. John drove it in like he’d been doing all race and had to check up for the lapped car that was right where he needed to be. I cut down earlier to try and use the lapped car as a moving pick on John. He wasn’t in the mood for that and darted out of line right as I was shooting by him. The Valvoline car got real big.ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-56-34-48This put us side by side going into the hairpin. This is basically when the gloves came off.ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-58-35-72Richards retained the lead and I blew it big time in Turn 2. Took too much of the rumble strip and the rear end stepped out. A lot.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 20-59-36-15Embarrassed by my own incompetence, I took advantage of the space between us and obliterated the tires in an attempt to quickly catch the leader, as the laps were winding down. Having a few car lengths between myself and John during this period of time was a nice change of pace, as when you’re driving behind somebody, you can’t see shit. Like, for real, I was playing “guess where the Apex is”, a game that’s on the same level as “why is there a yellow flag in this sector” when it comes to determining the outcome of your race.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-01-30-66With five laps left, I noticed a trend in John’s line where he couldn’t take Turn 10 to save his life. On some occasions, he was downshifting to second gear and losing a whole bunch of speed, which meant the section of track in between the billboards and the NHRA tower would be the best place to launch an attack. By comparison, I was taking that section in third gear, almost flat out.

John saw the move coming from a while away and threw a fantastic block. I didn’t even have time to react, I plowed right into him.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-06-40-42

We almost died.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-05-34-40During our shared journey towards the tire wall, I vividly remember thinking to myself “I wonder how the tire wall’s collision detection is designed? Will it be jagged concrete like Lime Rock park tire wall in rFactor outside of the final corner, or will it act as a generic flat concrete wall?”

Neither of us got to find out, because we both pulled off saves of the millennium simultaneously. The weight transfer is insane in the live replay.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-08-22-86My save scrubbed off a little more speed than John’s and I lost some ground to him, but I wanted to win this race Goddamnit. ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-09-28-42I caught back up to John for like the third time in the past five minutes and launched a fake divebomb. I’m not sure why this move works, but anyways, you fake like you’re going to attempt the biggest retard move of the century, and the moment the guy flinches to defend, fall back into line. They will be so confused and so busy paying attention to their rear view mirror, contemplating why in the world you just faked a pass for absolutely no reason, that they’ll panic and completely blow the braking point.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-10-37-34It worked, but Richardson saved the car.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-12-03-36But this mistake allowed me to pull alongside the Valvoline car with two laps left. I was trying my best not to get pinched into the wall, which at this point was a very real possibility since Richardson demonstrated he clearly knew what he was doing behind the wheel, and all of the lapped cars behind us are just sort of shitting their pants watching this all unfold.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-12-47-55And this right here is the winning pass. The only move the #6 car could make was to pinch me into the wall. He missed by about a foot.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-14-05-50John tried to cross me over and give me a boost going up the hill. Didn’t work.ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-14-53-20And then he tried the exact same move again in the very next corner. Still didn’t work. You can counter the bump & run by laying on the throttle and centering the wheel earlier than you normally would. On offense, the move works best on corner entry, since the unexpected forward momentum overpowers the brakes.ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-15-25-48That final counter gave me the win.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-16-57-80We will eventually get a much better oval racing game, with tracks not from 2003 and a physics engine not from 2005, but ARCA Sim Racing X seems to be the overall best American Stock Car sim currently available. That’s now two races where I’ve jumped in a random league room because I’ve had nothing better to do, and been greeted by a friendly, respectful community centered around a game that doesn’t require any exploits or elder knowledge to be competitive.

There will be people who whine at the understandably awful graphics (for real, it’s like, brutal), but in 2015, we apparently can’t have our cake and eat it, too. NASCAR 15 is more or less shovelware, and iRacing can’t get anything right.

ARCA Sim Racing X appears to be the best place to get your oval racing fix, and you don’t even need to be at an oval for the game to shine. We went an entire article without complaining about tire wear, the aero model, grip levels, force feedback, or anything that hardcore racing sims get put under the microscope for. Why?

Because ASRX does everything well. It just looks like complete ass.

ARCA4GB 2015-06-25 21-20-11-49

Reader Submission #12 – Three Points About The Recent Project CARS 2 Announcement

Today’s Reader Submission comes to us from a user under the clever alias anonymous, drawing three important points of interest from a single post on the Project CARS forum.

Big fan of your work. Unlike Kotaku and other big gaming news sites, you actually do some journalist work. Congrats on that, this seems rare nowadays.

First of all, my english may be a bit confusing as it’s not my main language. I’m a console peasant and couldn’t be happier with my Xbox One. After getting bored of Forza 5 I pre-ordered Project Cars and got a big pile of buggy shit. You already know that whole story, I’m not telling you anything new. If only I knew PRC beforehand, I probably wouldn’t give a cent to those greedy fuckers but oh well.

Speaking of greedy fuckers, look what I found on the pCars forum:


They’re “allowing” people to join the development by asking a total of 7 million pounds and don’t even need it? Gee, they’re so nice to do that! Is it maybe to pay the profit margins of the PCars big crowdfund “investors?” Then to pay investors on the pCars 2, they start crowdfunding pCars 3 and so on? That would actually make sense for them as SMS doesn’t have to pay the profits back, they just ask for more money for the next pCars so it gets paid in a cycle (until no one falls for this shit anymore and it eventually ends). Are pCars fanboys the kind of idiots to fall for this? Or am I crazy to think of such “conspiracies?”

Why would he delete such a normal, coherent and behaved post by a forum member ? Is Ian Bell so used to censorship that everything that he doesn’t like automatically goes deleted? Is he afraid the fanboys massaging is massive ego on the forum open their eyes to such pertinent questions about the funding of Pile of Shit 2, a month after pCars had such a buggy mess of a launch? This is a big proof of the kind of censorship that goes on around there. It’s sad because people who bought the game have nowhere else to get their feedback from the bugs they’ve experienced. Sure, some trolling gets around but it’s mainly from the frustration of getting an incomplete game for full price.

Repeatedly and publicly calling idiots to people who bought his game must be a first for this industry, surely?  I mean, occasionally gamers get that message but it’s masked through PR talk. But this is terrible, why doesn’t anyone pick this shit up to make relevant news other than PRC? I’m sure Mr Bell would refrain talking like this ever again if his shitty atitude got mentioned on a “million-hits per day” news site. Or maybe not, he sounds like an arrogant prick who doesn’t give a shit about anything other than himself and his Veyron.

pCARS 2015-05-10 16-56-38-66

Alright I’ll try to go through these points one by one. But before we begin, it’s important to note that in the time between I received this submission, and got home from work eight hours later to post it, Ian Bell continued to make an ass of himself by stating “we really dislike Nintendo users.” Now, you’re a goddamned idiot if you bought a Wii U, and an even bigger idiot if you believed something like pCars could run on a system designed to capitalized on the popularity of iPads, but , and they sort of promised the game would be out on the Wii U without many compromises made to the game at all.

This dude from Reddit summed it up nicely:

wiiBut on with the three points:

First, Chris from PRC said the same thing you did in the comments section of VirtualR, later displayed on GamerMuscle’s comment analysis video:


It’s also important to note that pCars 2 won’t be any type of investment, but rather a traditional crowdfunded campaign where you won’t see a return. I will be surprised if pCars 2 comes out at all, because I’m sure people will figure out that they’re literally just throwing money at a random developer who couldn’t even get the first crowdfunded game right, or it won’t come anywhere close to the intended goal. Thank God it’s not my job to figure out how to deal with that inevitable trainwreck.

Second, we’ve had a few submissions, some of which we straight up couldn’t post, that describe Ian’s history in a bit more detail. It’s straight up narcissism. Narcissism refers to an egoistic mode of existing in the world. It is characterized by a number of behaviors — ranging from lack of self-awareness, to bragging, to shifting blame, to hypersensitivity, and more. These tendencies are ultimately destructive to the narcissist and the people around them. Sound familiar?


Lastly, this kind of narcissism isn’t picked up on because very few mainstream sites care about hardcore racing simulators, and every other noteworthy site with the exception of RaceDepartment were basically bought out by Slightly Mad Studios and heavily moderated by pCars shills in order to silence criticism. Hell, is a censored word on both the WMD forums and the standard pCars Official Forums.

Don’t believe me? Go try making a topic linking one of our articles and leave a comment describing your experience.

Reiza Studios Does Crowdfunding the RIGHT Way

Today, (or probably yesterday), Reiza Studios, developers of the criminally underrated Game Stock Car Extreme, announced their crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo. The video alone previews some crazy new content coming to the fantastic Brazilian-centric racing sim, including but not limited to:ti2xv4yckptmq7nblbhv


d29jvffea3d7kndyduc6This news comes right after crowdfunding for Project CARS 2 was announced, and although rumors of Reiza resorting to crowdfunding in order to finish up the unlicensed V8 Supercars DLC were rapidly circulating, nobody knew how far they were willing to take this new business model.

With rFactor 2 stuck in development hell, Game Stock Car Extreme is seen as the true successor to rFactor and is increasing in popularity with each passing week. After my time spent in RaceDepartment’s V8 Stock Car League, it’s safe to say that I’m eagerly anticipating the new selection of content, and will pursue a spot in whatever serious leagues open up. And I think it’s the right call for Reiza to go down this route. The entire list of planned DLC is epic and covers a broad range of worldwide motorsports series that will flesh out what’s currently a very good but very South American-oriented racing sim.